This is supposed to be like those clips at the end of a DC episode. Nothing else to say except...enjoy!

Later that night the dark haired teenage from earlier that afternoon sat typing quietly on his computer. That little boy this afternoon...he pondered, he's no average first grader, anyone could see that if they took the time to observe him. On the search bar he typed in the name Conan besides the British, author he pulled up some Japanese news articles. So his name is Conan Edogawa? That's a coincidence. It says here he calls himself a detective, something here is definitely odd. It also says he's living with the Moris and ever since his arrival Kogoro Mori's business has been flourishing because he falls into what the public calls 'Sleeping Kogoro'? He made a search for Conan Edogawa and found many connections to Mori's case solving and even some to Shinchi Kudo.

Shinchi Kudo? Who could that be? He scrolled down the page and found some newspaper articles. A high school detective? He goes to Teitan, best friend Ran Mori...Ran? That's the one who Conan is living with...wait, here it says Shinchi Kudo disappeared and here it says the first time police saw Conan...that was only a short while after! This is definitely fishy. Conan, who bears a striking resemblance to a young version of Shinchi with glasses, appears around the same time Shinchi disappears. Time to compare medical records.

The great majority of the night the teen researched these two curious people and found out a lot about both through various sources. However the strangest occurrence of all was that family relationship. It appeared that Kyoya's father who had siblings, one of which was names Yusaku, was married and changed his last name to Kudo so that he could break away from the medical profession and start a writing career. Though the Ootori family didn't shun him they very rarely share contact with them.

Yusaku became a very successful mystery writer and is married to Yukiko Kudo, a retired American actress. The two only had one son, the infamous Shinchi Kudo. So overall they were a home-made famous family. They gained fame through their own works and not a family name.

That seems like it would be a nice situation. Being an only son who doesn't have to live in the shadow of his father and live up to a family knowing as much as I do, I might as well lend a hand in this whole 'secret project' situation. Will this benefit me in any way? I can't think of too many ways right now but, no matter. He's a cousin of mine and he's in a tight situation...he might be the first cousin I've run into, at least for a while. Let's send him and e-mail...

-At the Mori Residence-

Conan yawned and stretched, scratching his head he turned and grabbed his phone, expecting to see some message. Nothing on Conan's phone...Shinchi's e-mail? He slid his glasses onto his face and read:

Shinchi Kudo:

We met yesterday while solving the case of my kidnapped friend. I know about your identity as Conan Edogawa, however as your cousin I feel responsible for keeping your secret. No information will come from me lest you allow it to come from yourself, I am the only one who knows of your identity in my family. If you are ever in need of medical service don't be afraid to contact me or my family. We are known for our medical expertise. Also if any research is needed to finding a cure to your shrunken state let me know, we have ways of procuring information for your two doctors.

Best Regards,


I don't know whether to be worried or grateful. Who is this K.O. anyway? Wait, if we met yesterday and there were two people with 'K's in their name., Kaoru and Kyoya, but Kaoru's last name is Hitachiin so that leaves Kyoya. Hmm, I wonder who he is? He was a bit weird yesterday...

"Conan! Breakfast is ready!"

"Be right there!" It's obvious he knows a lot about who I am so I guess I just have to trust another person with my secret. He said he'd keep it so what can I do? Conan closed his phone then headed out for a normal, delicious breakfast made by Ran.