"No! I won't murder Asuka!"

"Then you'll die." The words are severe, commanding. But the young boy to whom they are addressed shakes his head in denial, even as the phantom claws of his foe tighten around his neck.

"Fine! I'd rather die than kill her!" He choked, and the commanding person appears to come to a decision.

"Cut all synchronization between the pilot and Unit 01." The commander raises his head a little as he issues the command, his second in command, Fuyutski, turning with a shocked expression on his weathered face.

"Cut them?" he queried, and Commander Ikari repeats his words; directing them at the one who has the ability to execute his decision.

"Switch control over to the Dummy System." Maya turns, her eyebrows pushed together with concern.

"But, there are still many problems with the Dummy System, and without Dr. Akagi's directions, I…" She trails off at the determined expression on her superior's face.

"It'll be more use than the current pilot. Do it!" She shuts her eyes, but turns back to the monitor.

"Yes sir."

Miles away, inside the entry plug of Unit 01, all stimulation cuts off suddenly, the interior of the plug darkening to dull, dead green. The boy is released from the grip of the monster, and his taunt body slackens, his breath suddenly coming easily through his now unrestricted throat. He breathes a sigh of faint relief, but looks up in confusion when the light surrounding him switches to a blood red. A strange device uncurls from the back of his 'throne', and two clamps circle around his seat and secure themselves around his hands, where they rest upon the hand controls of the Eva unit.

"Wh…What is this?" The boy gasps as a screen descends over his eyes, lit with the glaringly bright green words; 'DMYSYS' and then in smaller print beneath 'Golgotha Base Built'.

"What's happening? What are you doing, father? What is this!" He exclaims, as a generator begins to hum as it lurches into action, the red interior of the plug beginning to move.

Suddenly, the plug interior changes to a soothing, bright turquoise light, which bathes him with an almost surreally kind touch.

"What…" He trails off, and then a voice speaks.

"Hello, Ikari Shinji-kun. I am Dummy System CV01, Hatsune Miku! Nice to meet you!"