This little drabble is my way of breaking through the absolute WORST writer's block I've ever had. I just wrote the first thing to pop into my head. Here is the result :3

The Fourteenth is, in my opinion, one of the most fascinating characters in D. Gray Man, and I can't wait to hear more about him.

The time in which this takes place is sometime between when Allen runs away and chapter 210. take your pick ;)



Run away, little boy.

(It won't make a difference anyway.)

No matter where you try to run, no matter where you try to hide, it won't matter in the end.

Because I am with you.

(I'm always with you.)

You can cry your empty tears; tell yourself it's all a dream- it makes precious little difference to me.

(Run away. Run away. You're only running in circles.)

This body, this flesh- it all belongs to me. You can cling to it all you want; cry all you want, but crying will not save you.

(Crying didn't save Mana either, did it, Allen?)

Smile your cheerless, broken smile to the waiting, watching crowd. Smile, though your heart lays in a thousand pieces.

(Smile, though you want to cry.)

You can drag your feet through your pitiful life, smile for your friends, smile for the world- but I know you, Allen Walker. I know you better than anyone else.

(I know you better than you know yourself.)

Smile, and when you cry alone in your room at night, I'll be the one to comfort you. You'll feel my arms around your shoulders, and begin to cry harder.

Because you always cry harder when you can no longer deny that I'm here.

(Why do you cry? I'm trying to help.)

But it's alright. Go ahead and cry. Cry your fragile little heart out.

(That fragile heart which is so easy to break. So easy to lose. So simple to destroy. That is the disadvantage to being kind, my dear little boy. When someone hurts you, you feel it worse.)

Cry for your broken heart. Cry for your lost friends. Cry for the hopes and dreams that came crashing to the ground.

You won't be hurting too much longer, boy. I will release you from your pain. I will make this body mine.

(It was really mine to begin with.)

No more worries.

No more fears.

No more sorrow.

No more pain.

Doesn't that sound lovely?

I know how deeply you've been hurt, Allen. Can't you see? I'm doing you a favor by taking your life. I'll put your tired soul to rest…and for you, the rest…

…Is silence.

(Run away. Run away. You can't run from yourself, Allen.

You'll only run in circles.)


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