Title: Mistletoe

Author: Starfleetdream

Series: TOS
Codes: Sa/Am
Rating: [K+]
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't profit
Feedback: Yes, please
Summary: They experience a holiday tradition


December 13, 2229

Amanda smiles bemusedly as she looks around the Linguistics office. It's only 17:00, but the department holiday party is already in full swing. Some joker (Rob, probably) has hung mistletoe in every doorway. As she observes the rum-and-eggnog-fueled revelry going on about her, she has no doubt that any number of regrettable incidents will occur before the evening is over. She, however, has plans to escape: she has promised to show Sarek a variety of holiday traditions from different Earth cultures on display around the city tonight.

She grabs her coat and is saying her good-byes when she notices that he's arrived, standing a bit uncertainly at the office entrance, not sure what to make of the scene within. He sees her, and takes a step inside. Then she realizes where he's standing, underneath one of the innocent-looking green sprigs. Worse, Charlene from reception – who has been patrolling these doorways all afternoon - is making a beeline in his direction.

Amanda doesn't quite run, but she moves quickly enough to head off the predatory Charlene and gently pushes Sarek out the doorway, hands on his chest. He looks down at her, questioning. "Sorry," she says, a little breathlessly. "I didn't want you to be accosted without warning." She points to the mistletoe. "First winter holiday tradition to be explained: Any couple finding themselves underneath a hanging mistletoe is supposed to kiss." He merely lifts a brow.

They are walking out now, and she continues to elaborate. "A kiss underneath the mistletoe is supposed to signify either deep romance or lasting friendship. We think the tradition originated with the ancient Greeks or in Scandinavia. In any case, it was popularized in the mid-18th century in - mmmph!"

She is suddenly silenced as Sarek leans down quickly and kisses her. Her startled eyes widen as she notices they have walked under another mistletoe.

"Was that correct?" he asks, innocently.

She only nods, amazed.

"Excellent. What tradition is next?"

Many come to Amanda's mind, but none have anything to do with Christmas.