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Chapter 15

It's been exactly one week since Grimmjow agreed to take Shiro as his secondary mate. They had stayed for the rest of the scheduled honeymoon, trying to get used to one another as Shiro backed away for that Kido to take a better hold on his aibou. It wasn't too bad; they quickly learned how to handle each other and Ichigo realized this was a better idea than he had first thought. The first couple days of this new relationship were spent with Shiro and Grimmjow fighting and Ichigo sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, though he never rooted for either it was still amusing to watch. Now, the trio is back in their apartment and Grimmjow is still at work.

"I'm bored," Shiro whines.

"Go bother Zangetsu," Ichigo suggests with a shrug.

"Why can' I bother ya?"

"Because I'm not in the mood," he growls out. "Why don't you just go scouting or something?"

"'Cause the Shinigami told me I ain't 'llowed ta! They said I gotta stay on vacation wit ya since ya went an' told 'em they can shove that whole reception idea where the sun don' shine."

"… I didn't think they'd take it so badly," Ichigo smiles sheepishly. "I just don't want a reception. Ever since they planned this whole thing nothing has been in my control, I just want to decide on one thing without them butting in… is that so wrong?"

"No! Dumbass Shinigami had it comin' ta 'em."

Shiro flops down on the couch, laying his head in Ichigo's lap as the other reads a book. He's been aware of Ichigo's worse-than-normal irritability, as well as his twin's wavering health. It's concerned him for the last three days when it began, though Ichigo doesn't seem to be too ill.

"Ya feelin' 'kay, Aibou?" he questions. "I mean… ya look a bit pale an' I can feel a hint a nausea from ya."

"I'm fine," the orangette waves off.

"… Ya been gettin' up in the middle a the night ta puke," the pale copy frowns. "Don' think I don' notice. When ya start ta stir, so do I."

"… It was just something I ate," Ichigo comments uncertainly. "Nothing to worry about."

"We're gettin' a pregnancy test tomorrow," Shiro frowns. "End a story."

"I'm a guy, I can't get pregnant," Ichigo snorts in humor.

"Yer a submissive Visored," the other corrects. "An' ya most certainly can. Fer now, we won' tell Grimm-kitty, 'kay? He'll just overreact an' keep ya locked away from everyone else."

Ichigo sighs in annoyance, wondering why everything always seems to happen to him. Shiro's had more sex with Grimmjow than he has, why isn't his twin knocked up? Without another word, he raises his book to block his face from Shiro's golden gaze. The other lets out an amused snort, rolling his eyes as he relaxes in wait.

Grimmjow should be coming home at any minute now. The club Kisuke was thinking of has turned out to be a huge success, one of the most popular places in all of Karakura, and Grimmjow has been busy keeping up appearances as the owner. When they said Gin would be perfect for getting business, they weren't kidding. The foxish male had visited every bar and club in the area to promote their own in his sly way, putting up fliers, spreading the word through silent whispers that eventually added more glamor to the thought than it started with… got to love the telephone game. While they were on their honeymoon, Kisuke and the others were getting the place together. Of course, they did so in their Arrancar forms so they could lift the heavy objects and go without sleep.

"Do ya think Alpha Pussy's gonna get home soon," Shiro whines in attempt to lighten the mood. "I'm bored an' he promised ta play wit me tonight."

"I'm sure he's on his way now," Ichigo answers positively.

Ichigo isn't allowed to have sex with both Shiro and Grimmjow, only one or the other. The two are far more violent when together and they're afraid they'll accidentally hurt Ichigo, which he has no doubt they might. Ichigo sleeps in the guest room when they feel like playing at night, waking between the two after being moved by Grimmjow. Normally, however, the two tend to that need throughout the day while Ichigo is out doing errands. The orangette has standoffish about having sex with them, which he's just now learned the reason, so he's very eager for this chance to get away.

"Hey, Ichi?" Shiro questions.


"Do ya ever wonder what it's like ta have sex wit both a us?"

"Nope, not at all."

"Seriously? Why not?"

"I'm content with the way things are now, Shiro," he admits. "I'm not deaf, you know, I can hear you two at night… the whole fucking apartment building can. I'm not one bit eager to jump into the middle of your twisted and violent hate sex, especially not when you're screaming obscenities and Grimmjow is snarling like a wild animal bent of taking down his prey. What the hell did you do to him last time?"

"Uh… I bit 'im," Shiro blushes. "An' dug my nails inta 'im rather badly, tried ta rip off his dick once, punched 'im, an' kicked 'im in the balls."

"… You totally deserved everything he gave you."

Shiro groans at the comment, the reminder of their last night of play only adding to his eagerness for tonight's games. The front door opens and Shiro is over the back of the couch, nearly tackling Grimmjow rather brutally and getting the door in his face for his troubles. Yelping in pain and staggering backward as he holds his nose, he scowls at the door that opens once more to reveal a grinning Grimmjow.

"Grimm!" Ichigo says happily.

Grimmjow opens his arms for the orangette, kissing Ichigo once he's caught within his embrace. Ichigo is always first, the twins know that. Because Ichigo is his main mate, he gets attention before Shiro and the snowy haired male has never minded that. Now that Ichigo has gotten affection, Grimmjow casts one arm out to invite Shiro against his side. He takes that invitation, grinning widely as he burrows into the larger male and slings an arm around Ichigo's waist.

"I been waitin' fer ya!" Shiro states happily.

"I know you want to have sex, Shiro, but I really need a shower," Grimmjow sighs. "I smell like sweat and alcohol, it's disgusting."

"I like it."

"I won't be able to get it up with this stench around me," he huffs. "I won't take long, I promise."

"Can I go wit ya?" he pleads.

"No way!" Ichigo snaps. "Last time you guys tried to have shower sex, I got stuck retiling the damn bathroom! It's not happening again! Shiro, you can just wait!"

"Sorry, babe," Grimmjow grins. "But the bitch has spoken."

He sweeps past the twins, reaching back to grope Ichigo's ass before heading for the shower. Ichigo rubs his bottom, scowling after the other male as Shiro grumbles beside him. Rolling his amber eyes, the smaller male decides to go get ready for a long night of movies and popcorn. He heads off to the next room, rummaging through the closet for some clothes and catching sight of a small box wedged beneath a bench seat. He never would've seen it had it not been peeking out a bit, the other checking to see if Grimmjow is nearby before kneeling to look inside. His face lights up at the sight of the contents, quickly closing the lid before checking for Grimmjow once more. A devilish grin stretches along his lips that could rival Shiro's, said demon joining him curiously after finding him in the closet.

"I thought I felt a wicked aura a deviousness from ya," he comments. "What ya thinkin' 'bout?"

"Look what I found," Ichigo whispers excitedly as he opens the box.

"Fuckin' brilliant!" Shiro cackles quietly. "Ya gonna use it?"

"Hell yeah! This is a great way to get back at him for this damn tramp stamp," Ichigo laughs wickedly. "He won't be doing something like that again when I'm done with him."

"Can I help?"

"Of course," the orangette chuckles evilly. "That's why we're both Grimmjow's mates… to torment the living shit out of him."

"I like the way ya think, Aibou!"

Grimmjow sighs in content as the hot water runs down his body, the spray massaging against his skin. After a long day in the club having to deal with all his closest friends, this is simply heaven. He can't hear his mates wandering around the apartment, which normally means Ichigo fell asleep reading a book and Shiro is absorbed in a horror flick. Thinking nothing of it, he turns off the water and grabs a towel to dry up a bit. As he walks out of the room, however, he's jumped from behind by two very familiar bodies. Shiro is wrapped around his shoulders and Ichigo is tackling his middle, knocking him off balance so he stumbles over to the bed.

"No!" he shouts dominantly. "Ichi, you're not to have sex with us both!"

"Who said we were gonna have sex," Ichigo chuckles mischievously.

The click of a handcuff has his cyan orbs widening, the Sexta moving his gaze up to find Shiro testing the fuzzy rings restraining his right arm to the headboard. Before he can grab the snowy haired bitch with his left hand, Ichigo's are wrapped around his wrist. That one is restrained as well, the twins grinning triumphantly as Grimmjow attempts to get away.

"Time for your punishment, Alpha Pussy," Shiro cackles.

"What? What punishment?" he growls.

"For my tramp stamp," Ichigo grins. "You know, I did promise to get back at you… and look what I found to help me!"

He holds up the small box of toys, Grimmjow's face paling a bit at the sight of it. Shiro lies beside him, propping his head up with a hand as he watches the reaction. His free hand lazily trails along Grimmjow's chest, down his abs, and straight to his member. Forgetting the fact he's about to be punished, Grimmjow groans in pleasure and closes his eyes. Ichigo kisses him roughly on the lips as Shiro pumps him into full hardness. As he's distracted with Ichigo's lips, the orangette's fingers playing with his nipples, Shiro slips on the cock ring. Grimmjow pulls away at the feeling, growling in anger and fighting against his bonds to strangle the more hostile twin.

"Damn it!" he hisses. "This is not happening; you two let me go right now!"

Ichigo's hand strikes Grimmjow's cheek hard, the sound echoing in the room as Shiro grins wickedly. Grimmjow's eyes almost glow in his anger, but it morphs to pleasure quickly when Shiro licks along his arousal.

"If you speak again," Ichigo states with as much dominance as he can muster, "you'll lie here for ten minutes while Shiro and I go watch a movie. When we return, the game will start over from the beginning. Of course… it won't feel that way for you."

He reaches back from his seat on Grimmjow's chest, running a long finger around the cock ring and drawing a shudder from his alpha. Ichigo leans down and kisses the Sexta's neck as Shiro swallows him, the two enjoying the soft pants that soon pour from Grimmjow's lips. Ichigo leans away to view the hickey he left, smiling happily at the dark shade before returning to his job of tormenting the other. He nibbles on Grimmjow's earlobe as Shiro palms his heavy sac, the dominant male opening his mouth to curse before biting his bottom lip. His body shivers in a phantom release, his cyan orbs trying hard not to give in to the urge to beg the two terrors he calls his mates. Ichigo moves away and pushes Shiro over, the pale twin grumbling in irritation.

"I wanna taste him, too," Ichigo sulks.

"Fine, fine," Shiro huffs. "Yer the bitch, after all."

Ichigo circles the tip of his tongue around the engorged head, Shiro taking a spot on Grimmjow's stomach to keep him from bucking up. When Ichigo takes the other in his mouth, his twin scoots closer to their mate. He licks along the shell of Grimmjow's ear, pinching hard nipples before tugging, and cutting into a bicep with his nails. Ichigo may be the nicer of the two and this may be his revenge, but Shiro can't help being violent with the ex-Espada.

Grimmjow's arousal is painful now, so much so he's about to plead for release. He's had three phantom orgasms as it is, he can't take much more of this torment. He swore he blacked out somewhere along the line of this drawn out torture. Ichigo crawls along his body, Shiro moving to the side to make way for the other male, and stares deep into pained cyan.

"Have you learned your lesson yet?" Ichigo frowns. "You may talk for now."

"Yes," he utters out in a lustful tone.

"Will we be doing things Ichigo doesn't like again?" the orangette chides playfully.

"No, I promise. No more tattoos when you're passed out from alcohol," Grimmjow rushes out.

"Ask nicely and I'll let you cum."

"Please," he utters reluctantly. "Please let me cum, Ichi."

Ichigo looks back and nods at Shiro, the other grinning widely as he takes off the ring and squeezes Grimmjow's sac roughly. The Sexta takes in a sharp breath, eyes closing tightly as his body vibrates with his release. Shiro reaches around Ichigo, slipping a hand into his pants and pumping the orangette's arousal a few times. Ichigo gasps as half lidded and dilated amber orbs watch Grimmjow's face contort, Shiro having already jerked himself to completion before taking care of Ichigo. It takes a moment for them to gather themselves, Grimmjow being the first to speak. He wasn't going to, but the twins have curled up on either side of him… and left him handcuffed.

"Hey! Unlock these damn things!" he snaps. "Shiro! Ichigo! I'm not fucking kidding! You had your fun, let me go!"

Their breathing evens out as they fall asleep, Grimmjow growling in irritation as he realizes he won't be getting free until morning. When they do let him out, however, Shiro's not going to be able to walk for a month! Ichigo is too fragile in his eyes to take his anger out on, so Shiro normally gets the worst of his rage… but he enjoys the rough stuff and Grimmjow never feels guilty about using him that way. With a quiet growl, he closes his eyes and falls asleep.

Ichigo wakes early the next morning, hurrying into the bathroom to throw up. Shiro stirs as well, glancing at Grimmjow flatly before ignoring the fact he's still locked up. He crawls out of bed and joins Ichigo in the bathroom, starting some bathwater before kneeling next to his double to rub his back.

"I'll go ta the store an' get ya that test," he comments quietly. "Alpha Pussy should stay sleepin' fer a few more hours… it won' take me that long."

Ichigo nods and Shiro heads out, grabbing Ichigo's wallet on the way past the kitchen. He can't help but admit he's worried about the other, he never expected Ichigo to get pregnant before he had the chance to educate him on those matters. He swallows the feeling of guilt overwhelming him, concentrating on the task at hand. It should only take him a few minutes to get what he needs and get back the more submissive twin.

Ichigo exits the bathroom after Shiro leaves, moving over to the bed and unlocking the handcuffs from Grimmjow's wrists. There're angry red marks around his wrists, drawing a frown from the orangette as he puts everything away. He'll throw the little box of toys out so there won't be any worry of retribution from the alpha, but right now he just wants to cuddle against the larger male's side. Grimmjow mumbles in his sleep and wraps Ichigo in his arms, stirring at the weight against him.

"You okay, Ichi?" he murmurs.

"… Fine. Go back to sleep."

Grimmjow hums to himself, yawning before falling back under. Not five minutes later, Shiro returns and the more docile twin leaves the Sexta's side. He takes the box from Shiro and locks the bathroom door behind him so he won't be bothered, reading the directions on the test before applying them.

"What's going on, Shiro?" Grimmjow wonders curiously as he rubs sleep from his eyes.

"… Ichigo might be preggers," the snowy haired male sighs.

"… Pregnant? Ichigo? And you were planning on telling me when?" he shouts. "He could've been hurt! You know how bad his luck is…"

"This is why I didn' wanna tell ya!" Shiro snaps. "Yer makin' too big a deal outta it! We don' even know yet!"

The door opens and both males on the bed turn to look at Ichigo, curiosity and nervousness in their eyes. All the orangette has to do is give off a slight nod, confirming the fact he is indeed pregnant, and both men are on their feet to hold him.

"Ichigo, are you okay with this?" Grimmjow wonders.

"I… I don't know," he admits. "I'm… sort of scared."

"Don' worry, Aibou, we'll take care a everythin'," Shiro grins. "We promise!"

The orangette sighs within the embrace of his more dominant mates, uncertainty heavy upon his brow. He knows the other two will take care of him, they always do, but he's not so sure this is a good idea. Granted there're a lot of things that can happen between now and the delivery date, yet he's never had very good luck and he's afraid something will make this take a fairly bad turn. What if he ends up dying? Will he remember everything? Will it affect Shiro? Will he still be bound to Grimmjow? What if the baby is a Hollow type? So many questions and no answers… he's just now ready for this. Yet his mates seem so excited for this, he just can't take it away from them. With a reluctant smile, he nestles into their arms and lets all his worries melt away. This is a good thing, there's nothing more to worry about for now. He's married after all; this is why he has Grimmjow… to share his worries and burdens.

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