"Let's get everyone into the ship and fly away from here. The fire is what caused this argument, I just know it," Flora sighed. Cornelia nodded and grabbed Irma's hand just before she hit Stella. Then she dragged her to the ship.

Hay Lin shook her head and looked up at Cornelia with curious eyes. "What happened, Cornelia? When did we get here?"

"I'll explain later Hay Lin! We have to get the others out of here!"

Hay Lin had already caught on in time to stop Layla from shouting at Taranee for being too bossy.

After everyone was on the ship, Cornelia began explaining what was going on. She told them about everything that had happened, what they were going to do now and how it had to be done.

"We're going to trick Will," Taranee exclaimed.

"I agree with Taranee," Tecna continued, "Even if we got her to open a portal, it could be a trap."

"It's the only chance we've got. Plus, there's no way they would miss their chance at destroying Candracar," Cornelia replied.

"You're joking," Irma shouted.

"What's Candracar," Musa asked.

"It's only the place that separates evil from earth. It's also the place where our powers come from," Taranee answered angrily.

"That sounds serious," Sky said without taking his eyes from the sky in front of him.

"It is," Matt replied, "and you want to bring Will and Bloom there?"

"None of you think that the Oracle or any of the counsel can help? And maybe the reason we're all friends will help Will come back," Cornelia added a small smile. The Winx girls looked near to or completely confused. The rest of the guardians were in deep thought. Cornelia was right; this could help bring Will back, but what about Bloom?

"Corny, you look really upset," Irma observed.

Cornelia took a deep breath, and then turned to look out the window as she spoke. "I know," She sighed, "I just really want all this to be over. I'm scared that if we fail-"

"Which isn't going to happen," Irma exclaimed. She jumped off her seat and ran over to Cornelia. "If you're worried about Will… just look at us! We have other powers than just guardian powers. We're going to save her and even if you don't think so, nothing is going to stop me!"

"That sounds really-"

"Yeah I know," Irma interrupted. A metal string grew across her chest. It twirled into a rain drop shape and a small blue jewel appeared at its point. After a small blue flash the object disappeared.

Flora clapped her hands together and Cornelia gasped. Layla jumped up and shouted, "Congratulations Irma! You earned your Charmix!"

"I earned my what now," Irma questioned.

"Your Charmix," Tecna answered, "it's the next level of Winx, Irma. Weren't you listening when Mrs. Faragonda explained this earlier?"

Irma slowly shook her head. "I was in the air with Corny, Hay Lin and Taranee," she replied.

Taranee laughed. "Okay," she said, "even I heard what Mrs. Faragonda was saying and I was the furthest from her."

"Well you know how little attention I pay… or something… Anyways, my point is I just barely passed high school and I hadn't gotten a chance to stretch out in a while-"

"We flew here didn't we," Hay Lin giggled.

Irma crossed her arms, "You know what I mean."

"No we don't," Stella declared, "If you wouldn't mind informing us a little?"

"Everyone jump," Timmy shouted. At first the girls were a little confused, they had forgotten that the boys were there, but then they all did what they were told and jumped out the side of the ship.

"Brace yourself for an hard impact," Sky shouted. He went to jump from the ship, but Matt stopped him.

He smiled, "Don't worry about jumping. I can carry two people and I'm pretty sure that the Winx girls can catch their boyfriends."

Matt grabbed Sky and Caleb's hand then jumped. Halfway to the forest grounds, two black and feathered wings ripped out from his back. A golden mask appeared on his face and his arms became more muscular. Matt even had a black tail.

He landed on the ground with ease. Caleb already knew what Matt was capable of, but Sky however was petrified. "What are you," he gasped.

Matt had changed back and sat down on a log. He looked up at Sky and replied, "That was Narissa's sick imagination. She changed me into Shagon a while back and he completely took control of my body. Once Will saved me from Shagon, I thought he was gone completely, but it turned out that Cornelia's younger sister, Lillian was the Heart of Earth. She had a lot of power, but she didn't know about it and instead of trying to teach Lillian about Meridian and the evil out there, we got her to give me her power. I would keep it safe until she was old enough to understand that there's more danger out there than just a monster under her bed."

"Well that sure is a mouthful," Sky replied.

Matt laughed, "Just a bit."

"So you really have no idea what Meridian is," Caleb asked Sky.

"No, I've never heard of it until now."

There was a huge explosion above the three boy's heads. They looked up just in time to see the ship being burnt by black fire and the girls coming back with the rest of the team.

"Is everyone alright," Tecna asked once she landed with Timmy.

Taranee whipped the ash off of her glasses, "Yup. I think we're all here safe and sound."

"I wouldn't say safe," Will chuckled. She stood on a tree branch with black lighting forming in her hand. She smiled widely and she launched it towards Musa.

Riven turned his attention to the pig tailed girl. He kicked hard from the ground and launched himself in front of Musa. She blinked in shock as Riven hit the ground and rolled over to her. He was unconscious. Will stood on the branch laughing. She jumped to the ground just as Musa screamed.