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"You've had a close shave, but your baby's fine." The woman smiled before leaving them alone.

"I'm not letting you go through this pregnancy on your own. Your staying with us."

"No way." She whispered, picking up the vortex minipulator from her bedside table.

8 months later...

She was ready to pop. River was hardly around at StormCage anymore and everytime she was there, Mai had been wearing special camoflauge clothing Jem had got for her.

She layed along the bed, hand covering her bump. River was off with The Doctor, and StormCage was being hit with a solar storm. She sat up and shuffled forwards, holding onto the bars when Jem came running along.

"Mai, you could hurt yourself here, get out of here."

"Jem, I'll be fine, it's only a little solar storm." She said, breathing clearly to keep herself calm.


"Urgh, ok." She muttered, typing coordinates into her vortex minipulator, teleporting off. "Shit." She muttered under her breath as she wrapped her coat around her tightly. She realised instead of hiding in Luke's room she'd teleported into the attic. She hadn't seen or spoken to Melody or Luke, or any of the others since the crash.

"Who are you?" A little voice came from behind her.

"Mels, who are you talking to?" Sarah-Jane asked as her, Rani, Clyde, Sky, Luke, The Doctor and River walked in.

"MAI!" The Doctor snapped. Mai cursed uner her breath, wrapping the coat around her tightly and slowly turning round, Luke giving her a look of panic. "Where the bloody hell have you been?"

"Daddy." Mels said quietly, running up to Luke, holding onto his leg.

"Where have you been?" Sky asked.

"It can't have been time lines, because River's seen you." Rani spat.

"You lied Mai, you said you'd been here." River said.

"Well where have you been?" They all said, apart from Luke. They all blabbed on at her, repeatedly asking her where she had been, talking over each other. Mai stood bravely, trying not to break down in front of them.

"CHRIST SAKE LEAVE HER ALONE!" Luke shouted, everyone looking at him in silence.

"Sarah-Jane, there has been a massive energy spike from Canary Wharf."

"You stay here." The Doctor said, pointing a finger at Mai. "We'll take The TARDIS." He said, Rani picking up Melody and everyone walking out apart from Luke.

"You said you were staying away." He whispered.

"StormCage was going through a solar storm, Jem forced me out. I was meant to teleport in your room, I knew I'd be safe there, I didn't have my camoflauge gear on so I couldn't go anywhere else, but I was a bit out."

"Luckily that coat hides it." He grinned, kissing Mai on the forehead, walking towards the door.

"Do you think it's her?" Mai asked, Luke stopping in his tracks in the doorway.

"If it is." He said, not turning round. "I won't let her near you, I promise."

"I love you." Finally. Rani, Clyde, Sadie and Charlie were gonna have a party. He turned round, picking her up as she sobbed into his shoulders. He put her down, pressing his lips against hers. "She'll find me, you know she will. She's dead but I can just tell, she survived."

"I will not let her near you, I promise." He said, placing his hand on her bump through the coat.

"You can't stop her."

"We can try." He said.

"LUKE, COME ON!" Clyde shouted up. He kissed her on the head once more before quickly walking out of the room and heading downstairs.

Mai listened to the engines of The TARDIS fade away, smiling to herself before flinging her coat off, leaving it on the side. She sat in silence for a few minutes, not knowing really what to do.

"Alert." Mr Smith said, red flashing lights and words appearing on the screen. "The walls of the universes are collapsing."

"Mr Smith!" Mai jumped up. "Can you stabilise it?"

"I can until The Doctor can do it from The TARDIS permanently." He replied. "But I am too far away. There are two levers." He said, a diagram of the old ghost shift levers on the screen. "If I can get to them, I can hold it."

"So it has to be either side?" She asked, taking her sonic out of her pocket and putting it on the shelf coming out of Mr Smith. She looked over to see The Doctor's jacket laying next to hers, running over and rummaging through it to find his sonic. "Typical." She muttered, putting it next to hers on the shelf. "Will these do?"

"You only have a few minutes."

"Don't you worry." She muttered, picking up the sonics, entering the coordinates for Canary Wharf. She picked up her jacket, slipping it over her arms, before teleporting off. "DAD!" She shouted, throwing him his sonic. He caught it, staring at her in shock as the others were taken back by the shaking as the walls started to collapse.


"Mr Smith can hold it back til you do it properly in The TARDIS, he's channeling the power through the sonic!" She shouted. They each ran over to the levers, sticking the sonic into the side of them, the wind blowing everywhere. The walls shut off as Mai held on to the lever before rolling onto the floor, everyone sighing as it stopped. Luke ran over, rolling Mai over and she threw her arms around him as he squeezed her tight.

"Are you ok? What about the baby?"

"BABY?" Everyone spluttered.


"It's all waiting for you." The Doctor nodded, him and River standing outside The TARDIS on the drive.

"Luke, can you just give me a sec?" Mai mumbled as he followed everyone else inside. "Your going, aren't you?" She said to them, remembering how similar it was when Rory and Amy left, when The Doctor gave them their house.

"You've got your own life now." River said. "Your all grown up, you don't need us anymore."

"I'm 17 years old, I'm 9 months pregnant and have a 2 year old daughter. I still have no clue what's happening with Luke and my parents are leaving me, again. Some life." She scoffed, tears welling up in her eyes.

"You won't have to see us again, we ruined your life, and now were leaving it. We can now prove to StormCage it wasn't you, so you don't have to go back."

"Guess I should finally give this back to you then." Mai said, ripping off the vortex minipulator and throwing it to River. "I'll keep my sonic if that's ok, my last memory of you."

"Look after that baby, ok?"

"Will do." She sighed. The Doctor lept forwards, pulling her and River into a group hug before smiling weakly, as they both retreated into The TARDIS. The breeze blew her hair everywhere and she listened to the engines as The TARDIS materialized away, leaving her alone.

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