The Beach at Daylight

A Kingdom Hearts drabble

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Kingdom Hearts characters belong to Square Enix and Disney, not me. So. It had to happen as some point, me writing my 1st KH fic… -.- This fic is a Christmas present for my best friend, nicolemanimefan. You write the best moving pieces of poetry around, girl! For everyone else: read, review, and enjoy! I'm operating on the self-prompts of fire, wind, and aggravation. :]


The weather was pleasant. It was more so than Kairi's thoughts, and so the girl grumbled to herself under her breath.

Sora… He'd come and gone just like that, and it bothered Kairi. She knew he had a duty, he had a job that only he could do. But there were others with a Keyblade. There were others with powers like Sora's, right? So after all their time apart, couldn't Sora just…stay a while with Kairi?

"You've gone again," Kairi thought aloud. Though she was alone on the beach on Destiny Islands, she still felt the need to voice her displeasure.

The waves lapped at the edge of the sand and she stuck her bare foot in—and quickly withdrew it from the ice cold water.

Kairi sighed and stared at the sunset. "You've gone again," she repeated. "And I get the feeling that this time you'll be gone for even longer." She shook her head. "And I know…I know I'm not much help. Even when Riku let me borrow his Keyblade, I couldn't keep up with the fight like you two can. I—I'm not strong enough."

The girl dropped her violet-blue eyes to the ground and pushed a lock of mahogany hair out of her face. She frowned. She hated this feeling of worthlessness. What good did it do Sora to simply be his rock, grounded in Destiny Islands? She wanted to be by his side, to fight, to be able to look into his eyes every morning, day, and night and—

"You don't know how hard it is to tell you as much," she breathed. "My heart's not supposed to have a hint of darkness, right? Right, Sora? But what about when you're not here?" She glared angrily at the sky. "What about the times when, even in the bright daylight, I feel like I'm trapped in a sea of all the monsters you've ever fought? Simply because you're not here to protect me."

Kairi paused, and some of her irritation ebbed. She couldn't believe how…how needy she sounded. And she was just complaining about not being strong enough? Yeah, she definitely wasn't strong enough if she still thought she needed protection. And as the word rolled around on the tip of her tongue, a flame ignited in her and burned away her aggravation.

"Oh. I—I think I get it now. Why you had to leave… Why you heeded the King's summons in that letter…" Kairi watched the clouds roll by. "You want to protect me, just like I want to protect you."

As though in answer, a breeze gently passed through. It kissed her hair and held her in its arms, and Kairi had a feeling that it wasn't any simple wind.

She grinned. "Yeah… I miss you, too, Sora. But when you come home, I'll show you that I can protect you, too. I promise."

Kairi turned and continued down the rest of the beach, the soft wind walking with her for the rest of the way.


:] This actually came out better than I thought. I always thought Kairi was overrated. As someone who hates the weak, Aeris/Aerith type (couldn't stand her in FFVII or in KH), I always tried thinking of Kairi as someone who could grow out of that mindset. And yes, the wind personification is a play on the meaning of Sora's name—which is Japanese for "sky," in case someone doesn't know that already. XD

Merry Christmas, N! Hope you loved this…especially since I had to paused writing Harry Potter fics for a moment to sit down and really work on this! XDDD *lol*

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