for lack of a better title.

Identity Crisis

The 'Which One is Hikaru' game was quite amusing at times. Of course, they had gotten a few questions before. "Why isn't it the 'Which One is Kaoru' game?"

Not as though it mattered- the winning rate would still be the same, zero until Haruhi came along. It would make no difference, because the squealing fan girls would still be stumped, would still look at them both with that odd expression, the look that admitted ultimate confusion. Some people asked what the whole point of the game was.

Although both of the boys had mixed feelings on how people could never tell them apart, Kaoru had to say that it wasn't so bad being mistaken for Hikaru. It wasn't as though it was some type of insult. When he was smaller, he had always taken offence, but then he started to realize that all they were saying was that he looked like Hikaru.

And in Kaoru's eyes, that was very beautiful.

He knew that it was a bit selfish, really, to have adoring thoughts of his mirror image, but there were little things that he enjoyed more about Hikaru than he did himself. Kaoru hated his bad habits, such as chewing his lip, or the way his voice sometimes sounded so girly. Hikaru did not chew his lip. Hikaru's voice sounded like a boy. And Hikaru rarely ever let his cheeks get as damned red as Kaoru did.

So why would they want to play the 'Which One is Kaoru' game, and have Hikaru mistaken for his younger twin? The point of the game was to figure out which one was Hikaru. It was simple, and it was another quirk both twins found funny.

And it didn't hurt to be mistaken for someone so lovely.