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Day One

I young man stood outside the Berry Household. He knew what he was doing, and why he was convinced to do it. But all the same he felt slightly odd about the situation. He rang the doorbell and hoped that it would be Rachel to open the door. He paced back and forth nervously while he awaited someone to answer. His pacing was also his only way to regain the warmth that was slowly escaping his body. He heard the click of the door opening and turned instantly.

"Sam! What are you doing out here?" The brunette rushed him inside. "You must be freezing. How long have you been out there?" she asked while giving him a pout. "And what happened to your key?"

"I forgot it, Mother." He answered. "And don't worry I wasn't out there long." And the truth was he hadn't. "And I'm sorry I had to leave your party early. I had to go out and get these." He handed her a bouquet of Gardenias with a note attached.

"Oh- Uh, Sam- They're beautiful. I'm- I'm flattered, but you know that I-"

"Okay, I going to stop you right there." He motioned with his hand to tell her to breath. "I'm only a messenger boy here. Doing a favor for a friend." Rachel nodded her head in understanding. "So…You going to read the note?" She looked down at the bouquet, having not even noticed the note previously and opened it.

Dear Rachel,

I know that you were probably disappointed with your early Christmas presents from Finn. I could tell from how you were at your party earlier. I'm sorry for that. So I decided to do something extra special for my favorite little star. I also apologize for not doing this myself. I'm kind of nervous you see. But anyways, Happy Birthday Rachel Barbra Berry.

Always Yours,

Your Secret Admirer

"Wait, these weren't from Finn?" she asked, sounding disappointed. She and Finn had a bit of a falling out resulting in another breakup. Sam shook his head. "Well then. I'm sorry, but I can't accept-"

"What did Finn get you?" Sam questioned her knowingly.

Rachel froze. "Well- He was-" she stumbled through her words. "I was so, and he was, and," Sam gave her a stern look. "Nothing," she finally answered.

"Just hang on to them," he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "At least for now. Besides, this is only the beginning." He said the last part with a smirk before heading to the guest room, which had become his bedroom.

"Beginning? Sam, what are you talking about? Sam?"

Day Two

Not fully knowing what to expect, Rachel tentatively opened the door. Outside she found Santana and Brittany. "Took you long enough, hobbit. Here take this so me and Britts and leave and gets our mack on." She handed her the gift and then quickly led Brittany back to the car.

"Hope you like your present from-" the Latina clasped her hand on her girlfriend's mouth before she could let another word out. She then sped up her pace to the car.

Rachel stood at her doorstep, pondering whether or not to open the present. Curiosity got the best of her, as she soon found herself tearing the wrapping paper off. Inside she found yet another note and gardenia. Alongside them was a sweater, similar to the ones she used to wear but this one had a lion on it. She opened the note.

Dear Rachel,

I know people used to make fun of you for wearing these. And to be honest, I may have made fun of you too. But I actually thought you looked cute in them. I'd really like you wear them again, or at the very least wear this one sometimes.

Always Yours,

Your Secret Admirer

Despite her hesitancy in allowing this to continue, the brunette could help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It had been far too long since Finn had made her heart flutter. So long in fact, that she had almost forgotten how good that feeling was.

Day Three

The doorbell rang again the following day, and this time Rachel was less hesitant in answering. Yet another gift was waiting outside. The present in Artie's lap was smaller than the previous one, but Rachel didn't mind. He handed her the gift with another note and Gardenia.

"Artie, who are these from?" she asked pleadingly.

"Sorry, we've all been sworn to secrecy. And even if we weren't, none of us would risk getting killed for spilling the beans."

"So," she took a second, "It's someone you're afraid of?"

"Perhaps I've said too much." He began to roll himself away. "Just enjoy your presents." For a moment Rachel considered stopping Artie, and berating him until he cracked. Yet another side of her enjoyed the romance of a secret admirer. She unwrapped the gift to find a small vegan friendly cookbook. She then turned her attention to the note.

Dear Rachel,

I know you survive mostly on take out, but I thought that learning how to make a few dishes of your own couldn't hurt. Maybe one of these days I can help teach you how to cook, if you're up to it. I've actually tried some of these recipes out myself and they're delicious.

Always Yours,

Your Secret Admirer

Rachel attempted to piece together what small clues she had. Her secret admirer must have been someone in Glee Club, only the Glee kids were at her birthday party. He must have been someone that the others were afraid of, and knew how to cook. Sadly she found that no one fit that description. Hopefully she'd get more clues the following day.

Day Four

It had become such a routine now that Rachel didn't even need to hear the doorbell before she opened the door to reveal Mike and Tina. They had a small box with them. Excitedly Rachel grabbed it from them. The pair watched patiently as the brunette's eyes lit up upon seeing the golden charm bracelet with a single gold star charm attached to it. They gave her moment to slip it on before handing her the second part which she knew full well was coming.

Dear Rachel,

You're my star, you know? And whenever you where this bracelet I want you to remember that. As you can see there's only one charm. And well, I'd like to make a tradition of giving you a new charm each year during the holiday season.

Always Yours,

Your Secret Admirer

"Okay, seriously guys, who is he?" Rachel huffed. "It has to be someone from Glee Club, but all of this doesn't fit. He has to be sweet and that could be anybody, even Noah. Because even though he doesn't show it he's a real softy, but don't let him know I told you that. Though Noah seems to be the most likely candidate. He, Finn, and Rory are the only straight guys that haven't given me a gift so far, but even then Noah doesn't know how to cook, and I doubt he would cook vegan options. And just tell me how he is?"

"Rachel, I'm sorry but we can't."

"Yeah, it's not the right time. She's not ready." Tina clasped a hand to her mouth realizing she made a big mistake. Mike just pinched the bridge of his nose. He had been told to keep his girlfriend quiet, apparently because she would say something wrong.

"What?" Rachel wasn't sure if she heard Tina correctly. She was still in a bit of a daze from how this week was turning out. Mike quickly, but coolly, corrected Tina's mistake and from what he could tell Rachel bought it.

Day Five

Next up was Mercedes. Rachel regarded her friend with a hug before noticing that she didn't seem to have a package of any sort with her. She began to look around the girl with a perplexed look on her face.

"Are the presents all you want?" Mercedes questioned with a chuckle.

"No, of course not." She looked down at her feet. "I've just really enjoyed them."

"Well here." She handed Rachel the note and flower she had grown accustomed to. It was then that Rachel noticed a folded piece of stationary attached to the typical note. She went to open it before Mercedes told her to read the note first.

Dear Rachel,

I've never been able to tell you how I feel, and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to really say everything you mean to me. I've written about it, and I hope this can help show you how important you are you me.

Always Yours,

Your Secret Admirer

She turned the note around retrieving the stationary taped to the back.

There's a gleam in her eye, a light I couldn't see

I try to run away, but I don't want her far from me

She scares me to death, but I'll never admit

I won't say a word, not give a hint, not a one, not a bit

Can't risk getting close, if it'll push you away

I'll just cherish every single day

Shouldn't ask for more than what I already got

Some are worth the time, I'm not

Why even try when you know it'll be hopeless

Just keep your cool, and they won't even notice

If you don't mess up, you know you can't lose

So any chance that you see you just gotta refuse

Its good where it's at, you don't need any more

And these feelings inside, they're better to ignore

You've been doin' good, they ain't got a clue

A clue as to how much she means to you

And when they tease you a bit, you just brush it aside

Though when you do it kills you inside

But now you gotta stop, not even sure how you feel

And if you lose her, that's a wound that won't heal

I won't take that chance 'cause I don't want this to end

I'd like more, but I can't lose you as a friend

Tears fell from the brunette's eyes and she handed Mercedes back the poem for fear it would get wet. Mercedes responded by pulling the tiny diva in for a hug and letting her cry onto her shoulder. Once she regained her composure she pulled away, her brown eyes still glistening from her tears. She retrieved her gift and gave her friend a weak smile.

Day Six

Rachel looked out her window to find Kurt and Blaine. She was feeling hopeful. Kurt was her best friend, and she was getting pretty close to Blaine as well. They had to crack, beside Rachel was certain that this whole thing would end at Christmas and that was only a few days away. It wouldn't be that bad to let know a few days early would it?

And that's exactly how Rachel presented her case to the lovely couple. She had ranted on far longer and had a number of other reasons why they should tell her, but they didn't budge. "What fun would there be in that?" was their reply. Upon seeing her frown they handed her a notebook along with the already expected note and Gardenia.

The brunette flipped through the notebook. It was filled with drawings of her. Some were just cute little doodles. Others were very realistic, almost like a photograph. She flipped through the pages one after another in complete awe. Reaching the end she turned her attention to the note.

Dear Rachel,

I hope I haven't creeped you out yet. I'm pretty sure this notebook won't be helping things. I know it's weird to see all these drawings of you. But let me assure you, I'm not some creepy stalker. I just like to draw things that are beautiful, and you're the best example of beauty. And I know you might not believe me there, but trust me you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Always Yours,

Your Secret Admirer

Her cheeks grew red, and she'd like to blame it on the cold. Slightly embarrassed from her blush she decided to retreat indoors. She gave both Kurt and Blaine a hug, and then quickly brought the notebook upstairs to her room. She knelt down beside her bed and grabbed a box from underneath it. She opened it up to reveal all the gifts she had gotten this week. Carefully she placed the notebook inside before closing it back up and hiding it back under her bed. She then proceeded to jump into her bed with a giant smile on her face. Rachel couldn't quite remember the last time she had felt this happy, and it was only going to get better.

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