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Inspired by uke!Naruto in Konoha fics. Where every guy wants a piece of that golden ass(and honestly, who can blame them?).

Well...every guy but one. The one guy who is never in the competition :(. This story is dedicated to Naruto getting with that one!

The title looks dumb I know but I had a bout of creativity(surprisingly) when I thought of it. Let's just say that by the end of this story, it should make a lot more sense ;).

Told mostly in Sasuke's POV because I wanna torture this arrogant guy some more :D.


It was a normal day. The sun was shining. The grass was green. And Kakashi and Naruto were late.

This didn't sit too well with Sasuke. Especially since it forced him to listen to Sakura go on and on and on about her girl stuff. And especially since Sasuke had gone a full eight hours without seeing his little blond idiot and he was going through a little panicky period.

Kakashi being late wasn't something to be worried about. But Naruto…he could've been held back by anything! Like a certain Hyuuga who activates his byakugan around Naruto often on the pretense that he's "scanning his surroundings" and then keeps his eyes solely on Naruto. Sasuke clenched his fists.

Or maybe a certain Inuzuka got to him. A certain Inuzuka who doesn't know the meaning of "Naruto's personal space". Which means he'll stand so close to Naruto that they would be touching. And then the little cocksucker would ask Naruto what was the soap and shampoo he used to smell so good. Sasuke gritted his teeth.

It's also possible that a certain ex-Root member pulled him aside. Even though this member was still technically a part of Team 7 he almost never came to the meetings. Why? Sasuke didn't know nor did he bother to care. But Sasuke noticed how he always just happen to come by right when training finished, ready to ask Naruto to a "cool-down" "outing" at Ichiraku's. He pays of course. Sasuke's cheeks reddened.

If it wasn't the above three it could also be a certain bug user who's always interested in showing Naruto his collection of bugs and what they could do. Or that fat Akimichi who challenges Naruto nonstop to eating challenges. And let's not forget his best friend the lazy shadow manipulator, who has told Naruto more than once that he was free to watch clouds with him "anytime".

And don't even get Sasuke started on the sparring. Which is also known as, "see how many times I can touch Naruto inappropriately without him noticing" time.

Sasuke bit the inside of his cheek to hold back a growl. All of these men were after HIS Naruto. And that's not even all of it. There were still those outside of the village like that stupid puppet user and his sand-nut brother the Kazekage. "We feel each other's pain so let's go spend some time together" Sasuke's ass.

It was horrible for Sasuke. None of those bastards even deserved a chance with Naruto. Sure Sasuke had made some…mistakes in the past, but it could not be argued that while Kiba and Shikamaru were calling Naruto annoying, Neji didn't consider Naruto worth his time, Kankaro and Gaara didn't even know him, Shino and Choji ignored him, and Sai wasn't even around, it was Sasuke who liked him. He was the one who saw how perfect Naruto was before all of those other copycats did. He just...didn't really get around to expressing those feelings until now. But he liked him before ANY of the others and that was the inarguable fact that proved that Sasuke deserved a chance with Naruto before any of them.

Not to mention it was Sasuke who was missing him this morning. So when Sakura finally paused in her speaking Sasuke quickly suggested they go look for Naruto. Sakura looked a little confused by his suggestion but nonetheless complied.

"Besides, maybe we can see Kuyubi-san too," she pointed out excitedly as she and Sasuke walked towards their blond teammate's now shared apartment. Sasuke nodded but didn't give off the same air of excitement. The truth was, he didn't mind Kuyubi. Kuyubi was luckily enough to be on the Uchiha's 'okay guys' list which was actually very short.

He didn't mind Kakashi. Kakashi was practically his(all of Team 7's actually) surrogate father. And as long as he had his Icha Icha series and a certain Academy teacher to (illegally) stalk, Kakashi was no threat. Sasuke knew he had no worries when it came to him.

Next, he didn't mind Jiraiya. Like Kakashi, Jiraiya was a parental figure to Naruto. Or grandparental. Whatever the man was his godfather! Thus he is not competition. The only problem Sasuke really had with Jiraiya is that Jiraiya keeps dragging Naruto with him to bars and hot springs to look at girls. Naruto, being naive, usually thought Jiraiya was just looking for some teacher-student bonding time and went along with it. Sasuke, liking Naruto and being a lot smarter, usually knew what was really going on and really hated it.

He also didn't mind Konohamaru or Udon. How old were they anyway? Four? Seven? Whatever. They were too young to even look at Naruto or even catch his eye. Besides, all they really seemed to care about was playing and challenging Naruto. Nothing out of the ordinary with that.

And finally, Sasuke didn't mind the new guy, Kuyubi Uzaki, to be with Naruto.

Yes, new guy.

Kuyubi only just came to the village two months ago; right after Naruto's first official S-rank mission. At first Sasuke eyed him with the same distrust and hatred he eyed every guy around Naruto. Aside from the highly unfortunate name(it was similar to the name of the demon fox that attacked Konoha 17 years ago and was sealed inside of Naruto), he also had the misfortune of being the one Naruto greeted at the gates so enthusiastically. Like they were lost friends or something(turns out they were pen-pals. Which was another notch in Sasuke's book. He was supposed to be aware of ALL of Naruto's friends and he didn't know this guy).

And it really didn't get better when Sasuke found out that Kuyubi was going to be living with Naruto because he had nowhere else to go. Naruto had a one-bedroom apartment. And Kuyubi was very good looking. Short and spiky, red hair that was soft to the touch(unbelievably so), golden eyes that seemed to stare straight into your soul, a good looking face with those same whisker marks as Naruto(Kuyubi claimed they were a tribute to their friendship. This made Sasuke even more angry and jealous because he knew that his poor, insecure Naruto was especially sensitive about his whisker marks), and a good-looking body. Fit and in shape, like a regular healthy ninja.

Sasuke hated him.

Until that one day. Apparently, Kuyubi noticed all of the glares Sasuke sent his way because he confronted him about it. It was then that Sasuke heard the words he'd never thought he'd love to hear coming from a boy.

"Cease your pointless jealousy Uchiha. I like girls."

It was heavenly. The one guy who managed to get so close to Naruto, will never feel that way about him. All those times Sasuke had seen them hang out, it wasn't Kuyubi trying to get into Naruto's pants like every other guy; it was completely platonic. The thought that Kuyubi was lying did pass through Sasuke's head once. But it quickly died when he caught Kuyubi flirting with a couple of girls on Tea Street (successfully too. Until a strangely pissed off looking Naruto showed up and dragged him off).

From then on, Sasuke considered Kuyubi 'alright' in his book. But it gets even better. Kuyubi apparently held some platonic protectiveness over Naruto. And it was because of that protectiveness, that Sasuke started liking Kuyubi more and more.

Kuyubi told the Hyuuga that his byakugan wasn't needed since there were already ninjas assigned to scan the perimeters.

Kuyubi made fun of the Inuzuka about his lack of regard for Naruto's personal space, calling it a mutt thing, causing Kiba to get angry and back off.

Kuyubi convinced Sai that if he wanted to take Naruto on a 'cool down outing' then he should take all of Team 7 out on a 'cool down outing'. He even got the Root bastard to pay!

Kuyubi kept Naruto busy(when Sasuke couldn't) so that he didn't spend all of his time looking at Shino's fascinating bugs or eating with Choji or looking at clouds with Shikamaru.

Or fucking 'sparring' with anyone but him.

He kept all of Sasuke's competition away. It was because of this that Sasuke had no problem with Kuyubi showing up to team meetings or going on team missions. Sure it was a little…odd considering Kuyubi had only dabbed into the ninja lifestyle and wasn't anywhere near the level they were on. But it all worked out because as team they've been given a lot of easy missions. Probably to build back up the teamwork lost when Sasuke defected… Sasuke shook his head. The past was the past.

But anyways, it was all fine. Kuyubi didn't get in the way(although he did pull Naruto to the side a lot to ask questions) and so Sasuke felt all was okay. He noticed that Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Kakashi all looked at the boy warily, sometimes angrily, but Sasuke never thought much of it. It has been getting a little tense recently due to Kabuto being out and about along with Madara Uchiha. Kuyubi did sort of come out of nowhere(Sasuke wasn't the only one who didn't know about him. Naruto never actually mentioned him to anyone before he showed up at the gates) and so it was understandable to for them to be a bit distrustful.

But, Sasuke shook his head, in the end it doesn't matter. Kuyubi was a friend not an enemy in Sasuke's eyes. Now if only he wasn't such a late sleeper. Naruto complained on and on that Kuyubi wouldn't get up early unless he really needed to. But Sasuke needed him to get up early in order to prevent certain others from getting close to Naruto on his way to the meeting spot!

Right now, Sasuke can only hope that for once Naruto slept in too.

"Here we are!" Sakura exclaimed as they reach Naruto's apartment building. Sasuke only grunted in reply and hurried up the stairs while using every ounce of his skill to look like he was not hurrying. Judging by Sakura's odd looks, he was failing. But she didn't ask questions so hopefully she assumed that he was just annoyed and not worried or dying to see the blond.

Finally they reached the top level and Naruto's door. Sasuke wasted no time in knocking. He was a bit nervous so he knocked harder than he meant to. He discovered that when Sakura grabbed his wrist and forced it down screaming, "what are you trying to do break the door down?"

Sasuke only grunted. But he perked up when he heard shuffling from the inside and footsteps coming towards the door. Please be Naruto. Please be Naruto. Please be Naruto. Please be Naruto.

They heard the clicking of the door unlocking and heard the creaking as it was slowly opened.

Please be Naruto. Please be Naruto. Please be Naruto.

Sasuke opened his eyes. It was a bittersweet moment.

Sweet because it was Naruto standing at the door and with his bed-head hair and half-lidded eyes, Naruto looked adorable. Bitter because he was naked. And he looked like he just rolled out of bed.

And Sasuke was not as naïve as Naruto. He knew what that meant.

It was hard to keep tract of the emotions he felt at that moment of realization. Shock(how could this have happened? Naruto never noticed those things!), hurt(how could this have happened? He loved Naruto damn it!), jealousy(how could this have happened? Sasuke was supposed to be the one Naruto slept with damn it!). And then anger. Anger, anger so much anger! Whoever did this to Naruto obviously took advantage of him.

Next to him, Sakura gaped and blushed, "oh my…" She turned away and rubbed at her nose. "Put some clothes on!"

"Wha?" Naruto said tiredly rubbing his eye. Shock registered on his face as if he finally realized what was going on. But then he gained a completely innocent look meaning he probably really didn't get what was going on.

"Sasuke, Sakura. What're you two doing here?" He asked leaning on the doorway. He made no attempt to hide his shame and it hurt because usually such a sight would send Sasuke's mind to farther heights. But with his mind being weighed down by the intense emotions that Naruto waking up and answering the door naked elicited, Sasuke could only feel himself getting more distressed. Enough that when he opened his mouth to answer, he couldn't speak.

What could he say anyway? An answer to the stupid question? Or demand answers for his questions? But like always, Sakura was there to diffuse. When she peeked back and saw Naruto still wasn't dressed, her angry side came out.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE'? We have a team meeting remember? Put your clothes on and get Kuyubi-san!" She had turned away again and wiped at her nose more furiously. "Why are you naked anyway?"

Sasuke's mouth dried up. That was the question he wanted to ask but couldn't. But now it was the moment of truth. Time to figure out who it was he was going to kill. Because even though Naruto smiled at the question, which struck Sasuke's heart in more ways than one, he couldn't let whoever laid in Naruto's bed get away with it. He could already feel chakra start to crawl up to his eyes and hands.

"Oh," Naruto smiled. "It was Kuyubi's idea."


"What? Kuyubi-san?" Sakura turned to Naruto momentarily forgetting that Naruto was naked. Naruto nodded and Sasuke had never felt more confused.

"He said at one of the villages he stayed in; there was a community of nudists! You know, people who walk around," Naruto's eyes widened and he cupped his hand around his mouth as if he was telling a secret, "in the nude," he whispered. Sasuke's eye twitched and Sakura rolled her eyes at her teammate's immaturity. Naruto straightened up and smiled.

"And last night, Kuyubi told me ALLLLLL about them and about how nice they were and how friendly and how sweet and kind and happy and free and independent and-"

"Okay we get it Naruto!" Sakura shouted. "And you said nice about four times," she muttered under her breath.

"So anyway, I thought it sounded fun and I wanted to try it!" Naruto chirped. Sasuke didn't know what to think. It didn't sound like Naruto knew what he was doing(as usual). But did that mean he wasn't taken advantage of? What was Kuyubi doing telling Naruto something like that? He should've known the lovable idiot would've wanted to do something like this. Was he trying to see Naruto naked? Was he...?

Sasuke broke away from his thoughts to hear Sakura lecturing Naruto and Naruto trying to defend his pseudo-bachelor ways. Sasuke cut in anyway.

"Was Kuyubi there? When you got naked? Did he try to coerce you into this?" Sasuke asked frantically. If it turned out that Kuyubi liked Naruto then Sasuke would...Sasuke would...Naruto blinked confusedly.

"Co-erce?" He asked. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Did he manipulate you into doing this?" Naruto smiled widely and closed his eyes.

"Oh manipulate!" He then frowned and shrugged. "No he didn't manipulate me into this. In fact he was kind of against it..." Naruto blushed and scratched his chin in a shy manner. Sasuke heaved a loud sigh in relief.

"So he didn't see you naked."

"No he did."

"HUH?" Sasuke exclaimed.

"WHAT!" Sakura shouted right after. A small smile formed on her face and Sasuke could only imagine what dirty thoughts were running through her mind...if he had noticed the smile that is.

"He saw me naked cause I got undressed in front of him before he could go to sleep." Naruto blushed hugely and brought his fist to his mouth in a cute manner. "It was kind of embarrassing though. I didn't realize the nudists he knew were only nude around other nudists." Naruto buried his face in his hands. "Poor Kuyubi freaked out!"

Sasuke's jaw dropped. Relief was flowing throughout his body. So Kuyubi saw Naruto naked, but he didn't want to. He obviously told Naruto about this because he thought Naruto would like to hear something interesting. But it still didn't change the fact that Kuyubi is now the first, official boy to see Naruto naked(even if it was Naruto's fault).

A title that should've belonged to Sasuke.

He had half a mind to go find Kuyubi and tell him this but he distracted by suddenly realizing that Naruto was standing naked in front of him. His glorious, smooth, tan naked body that was not tainted by another man's hands. A body that looked so delicious that Sasuke wanted to run his tongue all over it. He wanted to rub every part of Naruto's skin with his own pale skin; to have him arch into chest moaning his name loudly. His...oh wow he was that big? He's bigger than-!

Sasuke was forced to stop admiring when Sakura jumped in front of his vision.

"Well regardless of how this whole thing started, it ends right now. Go put some clothes on Naruto and don't answer the door naked ever again! Understand me?" She scolded. Sasuke gritted his teeth. No Sakura! Bad Sakura! Naruto is allowed to open the door naked!...At least when it's Sasuke at the door and no other male.

Naruto pouted. "Okay Sakura-chan," he instantly perked up. "But it is kind of fun though! You guys should try it sometime on your own! Maybe you can get funny reactions too!" Naruto exclaimed closing the door.

"Like K…bi's," Sasuke heard Naruto mumble. Did he say Kyuubi or Kuyubi? But the door closed before he could say anything. Oh well, he shrugged. That was another side to his Naruto. As kind-hearted as he is, his sweet, little fox was also a cute, little prankster at heart. It was given that he would find some enjoyment out of freaking out Kuyubi.

"Soooo I guess we wait right here?" Sakura asked. Sasuke shrugged and leaned casually against the wall to make it seem like he didn't care either way. In truth, of COURSE he was staying there. No way was he about to let Naruto walk to the training grounds alone(he didn't sense Kuyubi in the apartment. Strange. He must've left after Naruto got naked). The blond might get molested or something.

Sakura shrugged and went to go stand by him. She was a lot closer than she needed to be much to Sasuke's discomfort. And to make things worse, she started to talk.

"So about Ino's party, I was thinking..."

Sasuke tuned her out. Naruto had better hurry.

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