This isn't a new chapter and for that I apologize. I never really thought I would be doing this kind of thing lol.

But there is a point to this and that point is, if you want to read more about this world so to speak, then please, please, please, please check out cody rosi's own version of Technically I Never Lied. It's the entire story AND more from Naruto's/Kyuubi's POV :).

It's way more than what I have written for chapter 12 and I love it already haha :D. So please check it out if you are interested!

Obligatory link:

h tee tee pea : / ww w . fanfiction dot net /s / 8494347 / 1 / Technically-I-Never-Lied

Rid the spaces and don't write out the dot or the h teatea pea :P.