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Two Deadly Secrets

Lewis was very protective as we made our way back to my house. The moon shown down on the vast glassy ocean. Although the weather was warm and I had my purple hoodie I couldn't stop shaking and Lewis gave me his jacket. As we neared the mainland I couldn't get the images out of my head, they seemed so real, like I had lived them. I know it sounds crazy, and it probably is and maybe I am a bit crazy, but I really do believe Rikki was trying to tell me what happened that night. I knew from the very beginning that Rikki couldn't have harmed herself, but seeing it, living those moments made me realize something bad happened that night. Whoever this person was had dark secrets, ones that Rikki must have uncovered and in the end it cost her her life. We bounced up and down with the waves as we made our way to the shore and I just looked down at the water seeing my reflection. Lewis hadn't said a word since we left the island, but I knew the twenty questions would be coming soon as he docked his boat along the pier. With a strong grip on his hand he carefully helped me out of his boat and back to my house.

'Cleo wait...'Lewis spoke concern in his voice as we stopped in front of my bedroom window. I turned to look at him and saw the worry on his face. I expected him to yell or to say that it was foolish of me to go off like that but instead he just pulled me close to him and I closed my eyes inhaling his scent.

'I thought I had lost you tonight...' he said as his voice cracked and I pulled away to look him in the eyes,

"But you didn't and everything is ok..."I said in a soft whisper as I pressed my lips to his and hoped I had convinced him as well as myself that everything is ok. I took a deep breath as I turned to my window and climbed through it. I was immediately engulfed in a group hug between Emma and Bella as their concern for me grew.

'What were you thinking going out on a full moon?' Emma asked followed by Bella's question.

'Where did you go?' the two girls questioned me and I just stayed silent and I glanced at Zane who was just sitting with his head down. Lewis stood behind me still watching my every move encase something was to happen.

I pulled away from my two friends and gave them a small smile,"Its been a long night...I think it would be best if I just got some rest," I said in a tired and soft voice. My friends didn't push me to answer their questions they just nodded their heads as they glanced between each other. I crawled upon my bed and closed my eyes growing tired, but the waves of memories seemed to keep me awake and I faked being asleep, keeping my eyes closed as my friends whispered their worries. Silent tears slipped down my cheeks as I covered my face with my comforter, hoping to hide my own fears. Why did this all have to happen? Why did I have to see her memories? Were they even memories or was I truly loosing it? Sleep somehow came to me and I woke up to a soft kiss on my head.

I turned over seeing Lewis staring down at me a smile on his face,'Good morning...'he said his eyes showing concern as he sat on the edge of my bed.

"Morning..."I yawned sitting up thinking that maybe I had dreamt the whole sneaking off thing.

'Zane was already gone when I got up and shortly after that Bella got a text from Will asking her to help him train. I have to go to the lab today, but Emma is downstairs making you breakfast.'Lewis said as he took my hand.

I gave him a smile,"Ok..."I said.

'You sure your ok...?'Lewis asked looking me in the eyes.

"Yeah...yes I'm fine..."I nodded my head.

'Ok, well I will come by later after my research,'he said as he gave me a kiss and then left shutting my door. I looked around my room the sunlight pouring in through my window and I rubbed my eyes. My door opened revealing Emma a tray in her hands and a smile on her face. I sat up in my bed propping my pillows up behind me as my hair fell around my face and I gave her a small smile.

'I saw Lewis leave and he told me you were up so I thought I would bring you some of my mom's secret family recipe yogurt we use to eat as kids and my famous strawberry and peach smoothy. I know its you favorite.' she said as she placed the tray on my lap. She sat across from me in one of her old high school swim t-shirts and flannel blue pajama pants. Her hair was a darker blonde with streaks of lighter blonde highlights which brought out her eyes.

"This is really good, thank you." I said with a smile as I took another spoonful of the creamy yogurt.

'Cleo...are you ok? You know we can talk about anything...' Emma said in a soft serious voice.

I sighed as I looked up at her,"Yeah...everything is fine..."I said giving her a smile, but she knew there was more than that.

'I've known you since we were in kindergarten Cleo, I know there's more than just you wanting to go swimming last night.' Emma said and I sat my spoon down on the tray.

"Its too crazy, you wouldn't believe it..."I said shaking my head no.

'Try me...'Emma said straight forward and I knew there was no getting out of this one.

"I...I don't really know how to say this, but...I think Rikki was trying to tell me what happened the night she died." I said not even really believing anything I said myself, it sounds too crazy.

'It was probably just your nerves getting to you. We stayed up late and it being a full moon you probably saw what you wanted to see...'Emma said trying to find some logical explanation for all of this. I closed my mouth shut and looked down at my yogurt taking a deep breath nodding my head. Maybe Emma was right and I imagined the whole thing, but it was so real. Things seemed to become more complicated as the seconds passed and I just gave her a smile.

"Your probably right...I just made it up." I said taking a sip of my smoothie. Was I totally convinced it was just a fantasy...no, but for Emma's sake I would agree with her for now.

'Good...'Emma said with a nod of her head. Emma left a short time later saying she was going to see her boyfriend Ash and said that she would be by later, I walked downstairs still dressed in my purple hoodie and shorts from the night before I saw that everyone was out of the hose and I set my dishes in the sink before heading back upstairs. I first made my bed then fed my fish watching them as they scrambled for the bits of food. I then got dressed in a yellow tanktop with white shorts, I brushed my hair getting all the knots and friz out of it as I pulled it back into a ponytail. I put my black famed glasses on, I didn't need to wear them all the time, but they came in handy, My glasses had been sitting on my nightstand next to my bed and I pulled the drawer of my nightstand open taking out the black string with my blue crystal tied around it, holding the necklace up to the light as its blue color shone brightly. I set the necklace down on the edge of the stand and touched Rikki's locket that still hung around my neck. Like I said before, I'm not ruling out the fact that what I saw was real or not, but maybe I should leave the locket at home I thought. I took the locket off and placed it in my drawer putting my crystal around my neck I was about to close the drawer when I saw Rikki's blue crystal and I picked it up. I held it in the palm of my hand before making a fist around it and then I placed it my shorts pocket. I stood up about to leave for a short walk along the beach when I noticed a black jacket hanging over my desk chair, it wasn't Lewis' and the only other boy that had been in here was Zane. I picked up the jacket deciding to swing by the cafe to give it to him. I walked along the sunny side walk to the cafe, it was still early in the morning so not many kids were out yet. A few were out surfing the waves or out on their boats, but I guessed most were still half asleep. I stood infront of the cafe, the building although bought about a year ago was beginning to fade in to a light blue colored paint by the hot sun and salt water. Memories of years ago when this place was once called the JuiceNet cafe filled my head and now it was named after Rikki herself. I remember the day Rikki called me and told me to meet her here along with Lewis and how excited she was when she told me she was half owner with her boyfriend Zane. I walked up to the doorway seeing the door open I figured Zane was inside setting up, but as I walked through the beaded doorway I saw no one. This was the first time I have been in here since this whole mystery began, in fact this was the last place I talked to Rikki. My heart began to sink to the pit of my stomach as that memory arose in my head. I took a shakey breath looking around seeing the formiluar booths in the back, the stage with musical instruments and microphones. The counter with fresh fruit, blenders and stools just awaiting someone to come in and have a seat. I walked behind the counter with the jacket in my hands making my way to Zane's office figuring he would be in there.

"Zane?"I knocked but there was no reply and I turned the knob opening the door slowly seeing the room empty. I closed the door the way it had been and took a look around seeing the blue couch in the corner with the red pillow accenting the matching blue walls. Surfing trophies lined the wall and as I made my way towards Zane's desk I hung his jacket on the handle of the closet door. Zane had a black swivel chair behind his desk. A computer sat upon the desk along with many papers. I picked up the picture of Rikki he had face down on his desk, figuring he couldn't bare to look at it. Rikki was smiling in the photo, she seemed so happy and full of life the way I always wanted to remember her. Setting the photo down on the desk I glanced at the papers cluttering the space. My forehead wrinkled when I saw a letter addressing a bill for $20,000 and another for $30,000. I covered my mouth as my eyes grew bigger, Rikki had told me business was slow, but I never would have thought it was going broke. I heard the sound of laughter and footsteps coming towards the door and I quickly sat the papers back on the desk looking around quickly making a beeline for the closet. I squeezed inside cracking the door slightly wanting to see what all the cackling was about. Soon the door opened and I saw Zane and Sophie as they smiled and then something shocking happened...they kissed me. My breath was swallowed up as my eyes went wide as I saw Sophie push Zane onto the couch and they continued to kiss, it was something I wish I hadn't seen.

'Zane promise me now that everything is done we can start actually going out...in public. I like the whole secrets, but its been months and I want to tell Will,'Sophie said pouting and it made me want to gag watching them. I couldn't believe what I was hearing as I hid in the closet of Zane's office. Does this mean this has been going on for awhile? Before the accident? I couldn't stand watch this any more as I thought of how much I had trusted Zane and the way he had betrayed Rikki. I had to get out of here, but by the way these two were acting I doubted if they would even open the cafe today. I reached my hand in my shorts pocket figuring maybe if I call Zane's cell it could get them out of the room when I felt Rikki's crystal and an even better idea came to mind. I slipped my necklace off and placed Rikki's against mine as energy surged through it and I saw the lights go off in the office. It was pitch black and I knew I could escape.

'Zane whats going on?' I heard Sophie ask as she clung to Zane.

'I don't know...probably just a fuse from the electricity of the fridges.' Zane said confusion in his voice.

I quickly dashed out if the room holding my breath the whole time. I pulled the two crystals apart once I was outside and I knew I was clear of being scene, I watched as the lights flickered on as I backed away from the cafe, thoughts of dark secrets filled my mind as I walked away.

I walked to the marine park hoping to clear my head or to at least talk to Lewis after his labs. After Lewis came back from his scholarship to America he began working as an intern at the marine park at the marine bio tech lab. I went to the employees only room swiping my work ID card through the slot and it beeped allowing me to enter. I grabbed a pair of gloves and a pale filled with small fish, then proceeded to the dolphin arena. I could see the shape of Ronnie swimming in the water below and as I neared the edge of the tank so did he. Ronnie's round face and shiny eyes greeted me, he gave me a small squeal when he saw the bucket in my left hand. I couldn't help laugh and I took one of the fish in my gloved hand and threw it into Ronnie's waiting mouth. It amazed me how smart he was and after I fed him the rest of the fish I watched as he swam around.

'Ah...Laurie told me he saw you walk in a bit ago.' Lewis said with a smile as he walked towards me. I stood from my kneeling position and ran my hand over my shorts to get any dirt off of them. I gave him a smile and kissed him, but that sinking feeling was starting to grow in my chest and I guess Lewis could tell something was wrong.

'What is it?' Lewis asked as I glanced down at the ground trying to figure out how to say this.

"I think Zane and Sophie has something to do with with Rikki's accident." I said biting down on my lip.

I looked up at Lewis a confused look on his face and I saw him open and close his mouth a few times trying to find the words to speak.

'Why ...why would you think that?' Lewis asked still trying to understand this.

"I saw...I saw them together and...I don't know how but I think they did something to her." I said realizing how crazy this must sound but its what I think. Lewis pulled me close to him like he did last night outside my bedroom and I was confused.

'Its ok...I know your stressed and after what happened last night I wouldn't blame you.'Lewis said comfortingly and I pulled away from him upset.

"Lewis this is real! I'm not stressed or upset or even crazy for that matter this is real!" I said raising my voice as I stood at arms length. Lewis looked out at the water licking his lips before he turned back to me and took my hand,'Cleo...I know you miss Rikki. We all do, but blaming Zane and Sophie is not going to bring her back. It was a terrible terrible accident, but you couldn't have stopped it!'Lewis said trying to get me to understand. I couldn't believe he didn't believe me and I shook my head clenching my jaw closed as I pulled away from him. I turned my back and silence filled the gap between us. I heard Lewis sigh,'Your going to have to snap out if this its not good!'Lewis said a bit more loudly. I didn't say a word,'Look, I have to go back to the lab and after I'm done we can go talk to Zane and Sophie or you and I can just have a calm talk, but whatever you do don't do anything drastic. Ok?' Lewis said and I simply nodded my head just so he would leave me be. I felt Lewis plant a kiss on the back of my head before the sound of his footsteps told me that he was going to the lab. I sighed as anger built up in me, no one could understand what I was going through, No one knew the truth but me and I had to figure this out, but how? I picked up the plastic ball off the dock and threw it as hard as I could into the tank. Ronnie, thinking it was his favorite game of fetch threw the ball back at me. I duck to the side missing me by inches as the wet ball flew by.

'That was really cool...'I heard someone say as they clapped their hands together. I turned in the direction the voice had come from and saw Nate one of Zane's friends. He was tall and awkward had a shirt with shorts on, he was known for trying to act cool only to result in making fun of himself. I was surprised to see him and the tension was a bit awkward, I hadn't seen him since the day of Rikki's funeral and him being the goofy kid I didn't know how to approach this. Nate looked down at the ground before he spoke again,'I know you always see me as this strange kid who is always looking for attention, but there's something I think you should hear. It's important...'he said and I turned away picking up the ball with a towel,"Nate I really don't want to hear-"

'It's about what happened to Rikki.' Nate said quickly cutting in.

"What...what about it?"I asked curious and I watched as he looked around then back at me.

'Not now...tonight. Meet me here at eight o'clock.'Nate said and I just nodded my head as he walked away quickly like nothing was ever spoken.

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