Matthew and Dani are still dating

Destiny and Dani are best friends

Chapter 1

Destiny Evans stood in front of locker looking at her two best friends going at it once again.

It was there junior year at Llanview High and they already had drama on the third day of school.

Matthew had caught DanI talking to Nate Salinger in the back hallway.

To say Matthew and Nate had bad blood would be an understatement both boys competed for DanI's affection but she stayed with matt out of loyalty.

At one point and time Destiny couldn't stand the Latino girl when ever she saw her she wanted to scratch her eye's out.

Destiny use to be in love with Matthew and told him on New Year's in 2009 but he told her that he only loved her as a friend.

The next thing she knew he's dating Dani and oh so happy.

Looking around the hallway she sighed everyone was paired up and cuddling next to their lockers.

Destiny has never been a girl to pine away on thing or be jealous of anyone but she was envious of all those couples.

She had been in this school for three years and never once has a guy asked her out or approached her.

Destiny was comfortable with the way she use to look until she was on the receiving end of being bullied and never measuring up to someone like Dani or Becca

so she lost weight.

It's not like people sense to notice anyway it was like she was invisible.

The only time people talked to her was when they wanted something from her.

She wanted to change her image tired of the way people perceived her.

Like she was just Matthew and Dani's lap dog that would do what ever they say just to receive some attention.

Slamming her locker close she ran into a hard body and both fell to floor.

The mystery person landed on top of Destiny his hip's straddled her waist with his arm's on each side of her head.

Looking up into the face of Nadir Johnson who had to be the school's hottest guy who happen to be the bad boy.

Hopping up he offered his hand to Destiny who took it once steadying her he had to check her out.

Destiny stood 5'6 wearing a pair of patch super flare stretch jeans that looked painted on with a tight black v neck rolling stones shirt and a purple italaino leather jacket that stopped at her waist paired with of purple and black nike dunk heel.

Her hair has was flowing down her back with a curl at the tip. She wore no makeup except eyeliner and lip-gloss the only jewelry she had on was a pair of gold hoop earrings.

This girl was beautiful how come he hadn't meet her until now. Nadir thought to him self.

While he was check her out Destiny was checking him out Nadir was 6'3 with coco smooth skin and green eyes. He looked a lot like Trey Songz but his body was more like Dwight Howard's. He wore a tight fitting red t-shirt that read talk nerdy to me and a pair of snug slim cut dark blue jeans and black converses.

Looking into each other's eye's Destiny blushed and quickly looked away.

Are you ok asked Nadir concerned

Um yes thank you for helping me off the floor and I'm sorry for knocking you down. Destiny whispered out

You have nothing to be sorry for I wasn't paying attention to were I was going he answered wondering why she wasn't looking at him

It's ok I like your shirt she said giggling a little

I like your whole outfit what your name he asked

Destiny Evan she answered

I'm Nadir

Nice to meet you Nadir she said sticking her hand out and giving a million dollar smile.

Shacking her hand he had to suck in a breath she was even more beautiful when she smiled.

Just then Matthew and Dani broke up there little bubble.

Matthew didn't like that some guy had Destiny's attention.

Dani could only stare at the hot piece of man in front of her how did Destiny out of all people mange to get him to look at her.

It was know around school that Nadir didn't talk to just any girl that threw herself at him he had standers.

Dani knew it was wrong to think it but after seeing his last two girlfriends Destiny didn't have a chance with him.

Matthew looked over and saw his girlfriend making eye's at Nadir he was a little annoyed but it didn't matter.

Turning to the right he could see that Destiny nor Nadir took there eye's off of one another now he was really pissed no one was going to take his Destiny from him.

Grabbing her arm he pulled her away.

Destiny tossed out an apologize to Nadir saying she had to get to class.

Shaking his head Nadir went to turn and leave when a girl grabbed his arm.

Don't hurt her you know what just leave her alone said DanI

Look I don't know you so don't tell me what to do he said shaking her hand off.

I've seen your other girlfriends Destiny doesn't fit the bill so tell her that and leave her alone.

Nadir had to look at this girl again sure she was somewhat pretty but she was loud and annoying him.

Whatever happens between me and Destiny is none of your business shouldn't you be more worried that your boyfriend just dragged her off and left you alone. He stressed out

Matthew and Destiny are best friends I trust both of them she huffed out.

Too bad they cant trust you Nadir said walking away.