Chapter 20

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Monday soon came for the new teenage couple and the whole school was all ears and eyes after having seen Destiny and Matthew separately looking happy and relaxed.

Destiny received a email late Sunday afternoon telling her to meet Mr. Vega for an early one on one the following morning.

Now she stood in Mr. Vega's classroom looking between Roger, Nadir and Mr. Vega the look on her face was priceless.

Shaking herself out of her own mind she opened her mouth finally after five minutes.

" What do you mean Nadir will be replacing Nate" Destiny almost screeched

" I can drop out if you want Des I don't want you to think I'm doing this to get you back or something" Nadir stated looking indifferent

Destiny cocked her head giving him a look never since she met Nadir has she seen or heard him talk like this not even about his ex's.

" Actually you cant seeing as Nate dropped out of the play claiming he needed to focus on family" Roger stated inserting himself in front between the ex's

Mr. Vega left a few seconds later claiming to take a call even thou no one could hear his phone ring or vibrate.

Roger turned to Destiny holding an stern face the one a parent would put apone there face when talking to there children.

" Destiny your our leading lady you earned this role because of your passion not because of who you were dating. I fought for you to have this role don't make me regret that decision. I don't care about whatever drama is there is with Nadir and Matthew. When it comes to this play all of your crap is pushed to the side . I like you so please don't make me stop and your sitting with us for lunch" Roger replied before walking out of the door leaving behind the stunned exes

Looking at one another from the corner of there eyes both let out a snicker and a smile towards one another.

" He's intense" Destiny said

" Yeah he's been stressed lately don't let him get to you" Nadir stated playfully bumping her shoulder

" Have I ever" she said smiling

" That's why we all love you" Nadir whispered smiling but Destiny heard

Destiny began chewing on her lower lip nervously just looking at him with big wary brown eyes.

" Des I just want us to be friends no hard feelings" he said sighing before turning to also walk out the door

"Wait" she called out " I still want us to be friends also I kind of miss you" she said softly

Nadir smiled walking to her then dragging her into a hug while rubbing her back

Now Destiny stood in front of her opened locker rumming thru the books when a arm snaked around her waist pushing her back to someone's front.

" Umm Matt good morning" Destiny sighed happily while her boyfriend nibbled on her neck

" Now it is where were you this morning " Matthew whispered in her ear huskily

" I had to come in early to meet with Mr. Vega about the play" she answered pushing back against him smiling

She opened her eyes that she couldn't remember closing to look left and spotted half the hallway staring at her and Matthew shocked.

" Matt people are looking" she stated trying to get him to stop

" So what I'm not ashamed of you or being with you" Matthew reasoned "Wait are you ashamed of me" he asked turning her to look at him

" What no it's that people will talk and then ask questions and I don't want that"

" Ignore them I'm yours and you are mine" he said with a grin which she returned and more with a kiss

Pull away she looked behind Matthew to Nadir who stood 5 feet away fuming Destiny tried to call after him but he walked away.

" Hey what's wrong " Matthew asked after noticing quickly how her mood changed

" Nadir just saw us kissing and he didn't look to happy"

" So it's not like your cheating or were going to have anything to do with him" Matthew said his happy mood changing

" Actually we are that's what the meeting was for" she chewed on her lip once again

" What happened" Matthew stressed

" Nadir will be playing opposite of us since Nate dropped out of the play"

" WHAT" Matthew yelled in the crowed hallway