Confront Your Boss

Herschel Biggs has been working for Arson a long time. He is almost always distant at everyone as he always works alone. He was never partnered with anyone until his boss, McKelty, has him partnered with Cole Phelps, a detective who has become a disgrace to the LAPD for his affair with Elsa.

At first, he didn't like this arrangement, but he begins to gradually like him because both of them are "social basketcases". He even accepts his idea of investigating Elysian Fields even if it will ruin his career since he is not allowed to.

The night after the investigation, Biggs is working on a report when...

"BIGGS!" yells McKelty in anger. "IN MY OFFICE THIS INSTANT!"

Biggs then puts aside his work and goes to McKelty's office. He sits down and knows what the trouble is about.

"What the hell are you thinking?" asked the captain of Arson in a harsh voice. He's always use this kind of voice when he's upset.

"Of what, Cap?" Biggs seems to be dumbfounded, but he still knows what the trouble is.

"Don't play dumb with me, Biggs." says McKelty in anger. "I just got news from Leland Monroe that you and Phelps are questioning and accusing him of starting the fires."

Biggs knows that he's in trouble for allowing Cole in investigating the company that they're forbidden to. Nevertheless, he accepts the consequences.

"Well, what about it?" Biggs happens to play dumb of this.

"You and Phelps are not allowed to investigate that company and accuse that property developer for being responsible for those fires." McKelty reprimanding Biggs. "Besides, you don't have any idea who else are involved in this."

Biggs gathered his courage and says this to his boss' face. "Oh I got news, Cap. The Mayor and the Chief are involved in this, too, huh?"

McKelty has enough of this argument so he said in an angered tone. "You are stubborn, Biggs. Your investigation to this is over. I'm gonna give you a pension if you disobey this kind of order again. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir." Biggs says in a sarcastic tone.

Biggs then gets up from his chair and leaves McKelty's office.