Chapter Four: Lifeless

He had never expected such a direct move from Suki, oh no. Never in all the years he had known her, all the nights they had spent together, purely for his information gathering and her corporation, the frail girl had never been one to make the first move. From resources and past employers, all they knew was she used others to get to her target.

But this time…

Izaya rearranged the pieces of his chess bored, smirk crawling over his lips. Oh yes. Suki had just made this a very interesting game indeed. Faintly, he was able to catch the soft sound of her breathing from the room over. With a spin in his chair, he stared out the window, staring at the people, morbid faces dragging themselves through life.

"Wouldn't it just be easier… to die…" he commented, throwing his head back.

Oh yes, how he loved humans so.

She hadn't given a time for when they were supposed to meet. Nor did she offer a name or number. Shizuo stared out the window of Russian Sushi impatiently. If he was too be a 'bodyguard', then where the hell was the damn girl he was guarding. This was a waste of his time without a body to follow around. Tom had offered to come, seems he'd taken a liking to the blank girl, "childish cuteness" he had said. Shizuo gave a 'humph' as he lit up a smoke, dangling from his lips lifelessly.

What was the point to any of it really?

Sure, Tom and him had split for the day so he could talk to this girl but if she didn't show, what did that mean? Maybe someone had already gotten her for the flea. Or maybe she had just been pulling his leg. But he shoved aside both possibilities. He would have easily sensed anything Izaya related within his city so that was out. And he highly doubted that girl knew how to laugh let alone play a prank.

Anyways, she'd be stupid to pull such a thing on him. And Shizuo had a hunch she wasn't stupid.

Waiting, he watched as Simon handed out flyers and people ran. The usual in 'Bukero. After another half hour of waiting, and growing extremely impatient (notice the crack in the table) he spotted her, running, chest heaving as she nearly ran out in front of a car. Sighing, Shizuo re-adjusted himself.

She wouldn't claim to be late, and he'd claim to be early.

No point in getting riled up. He was still feeling the toll from yesterday working on him. Sparing one last glance at his new employer before she entered the shop, she was exchanging anything less than friendly conversation with Simon (how could anything she say be kind with that 'bored-as-hell' look on her face). Her hair still lay over her shoulders, carelessly brushed. Her dainty body was covered with a small sundress, ruffled at the bottom around her knees.

If she continued to dress like that, Shizuo was sure she'd have to worry about more than just Izaya chasing after her.

"How's this going to work."

The girl sat across from him, distractedly staring out the window, gazing as the people walked by, exchanging idol chatter with each other. Yet just as soon as he'd caught her side-tracked she was back to staring at him.

Her head rest upon her open palm as she shrugged. She had him here with her now, but they both had boundaries. If she were to advance upon him so soon, so intimately, he'd leave, she knew that much. As she gazed at him it was easy to tell he wasn't use to average "couples contact".

"Just stay with me for as long as you can," she shrugged before laying her arm across the table, palm now facing upwards towards him.

"Give me your phone."

Shizuo, taken back by the demand, just stared at her behind his shades, cigarette ashes landing on the table near her hand. Her eyes darted to the ashes for a moment before back to Shizuo. But he didn't miss how she scooted her hand further away from the fallen ashes. Grudgingly, he stubbed out this smoke and reached into his pocket for his phone.

With a grunt, he placed it in her palm, more than a little worse for wear. She looked at it for a moment before glancing at him through her parted bangs.

"This is really pathetic," she almost smiled before flipping up the screen and pressing some keys. He was sure she was simply just inserting her number but when she halted her fiddling, he noticed a look of familiarity wash over her.

"What's this?" she questioned, displaying a picture of Kasuka. A wave of heat rushed over Shizuo's face and he was sure he was blushing.

"Crush on an idol, huh, I see how it is."

"Shut up," he growled, snatching his phone from her grasp, barely managing to avoid her fingers that were wound around the object. Yet she didn't wince or react in any manner, just shrugged, looking out the window once more.

"I'm not judging."

Shizuo placed the phone back in his pocket with a sigh.

"Brother," he mumbled, knowing he really shouldn't tell just anyone but the girl heard. And nodded. "That's neat." Could she be anymore enthusiastic? No, Shizuo figured, he was working with a robot.

"I'll call you if I need help," she said suddenly after they both had received their drinks.

"My number?" he asked but she just looked back at him as she stood from the seat, fluffing her dress.

"Got it."

Shizuo didn't know how nor did he have time to ask as she gave a small, nonchalant wave. Watching her leave, he went to watching as the ice in her water bobbed around, completely untouched. And she had forgotten to leave money for it… Somehow Shizuo had a feeling that she was going to cost him more than he was ever going to make.

Pulling out his phone to glance at the picture of Kasuka, he found himself wondering her name. Flipping through his (few) contacts, his teeth ground together as he scowled at the screen.

"Your Boss."

Who the hell did this girl think she was?

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