"That is your badge, right?", Abby asked innocently. Gibbs smiled softly in her hair, but didn't answer.


"Nop", he answered with his soft sexy voice that made Abby melt.

"GIBBS!", she screamed and stepped away from him, a horrified look in her green eyes. This was not her Gibbs, the Gibbs that kissed her on the cheek and brought her Caf-Pows, the very hot but rule #12 never-crossing-the-line Gibbs, her silver haired fox. This one was more like her dream-Gibbs, but this was not a dream, this was reality. Until a few minutes ago she didn't know he was back and she had been daydreaming, waiting for results to show up on her computer screen. Daydreaming about Gibbs, her boss, who saw her as a daughter, at least so she thought. Since she came to work for NCIS she felt connected to him in a way she never connected with anybody before. It was bigger that love and they were friends, both very protective of each other, but during all these years Abby never thought it would come to anything more. No signs showing that way. Abby knew Gibbs still loved Shannon and Kelly. Although married 3 times after they were killed, Gibbs never let another woman get close to him again, except maybe for Jenny, but she died too. And no matter how many women he had been with, he never loved any of them like he loved Shannon. And his choise of women made Abby pretty sure she wasn't his type. Nop, defenitely not a 40-something strong redred. But she could daydream that he liked a nerdy goth with black pigtails and different taste of music and clothes who was very much into forensics, hugs and hippo's.

Gibbs took a step forward and took her hand.

"It's OK, Abbs", he whispered and leaned in to kiss her cheek.

"No, it's not OK, Gibbs. This only happens in my dreams".


The hand covering mouth as she realized that she said it out loud couldn't hide the rest of her face as it turned red as she avoided to look in his eyes.

Gibbs smirked and his heart beated so loud, he was sure she could hear it. For a change he had a break through in the lab. Abbs dreamt about him? A new wave of deep love and passion almost swept him off his feet. Could it really be that Abby, his Abbs, wanted him? Loved him? More important, was he sure that he loved her so much that he was ready to show it, stop the game and start the real life? He had just returned from a mission and the urge to see Abby was almost too much. He was anxious to see her, to say the least. The elevatorride seem to take forever and he rushed in to her lab, but before he could say anything the image in front of him made him stop and gasp for air. Abby was leaning over her desk, fishing for whatever she had dropped behind it. As usual, she was wearing a very short skirt and the view was priceless. Gibbs felt a sting in his groin, telling him there were still parts of his body acting very young. He had to swallow a few times and focus on something else before walking further into her lab, greeting her with a warm smile and receiving a big welcome back hug in return.

"Nah, not only in your dreams, in mine too", he whispered and kissed her softly on the lips. He pulled back to see her reaction, doubting for a moment that he was doing the right thing, but Abby slipped her hand behind the back of his head pulling him closer, kissing him, demanding his full attention as her lips parted and her tongue started exploring his mouth. Gibbs took over the lead, one hand behind her head, the other on the small of her back, pulling her so tight that their body's almost melted together.

"Nop, definitely not your badge", she finally said when they had to break it off to get some air.