The planet Nagob was always considered a great mystery. Originally, it was a popular vacation sight for tourists from other planets, because of the way things changed, disappeared, or relocated randomly. But now, there is a war raging on across the galaxy and the planet is open for invasion.

Two Jedi Knights and a squad of Clone Troopers are engaged with a swarming mass of combat droids invading the planet. This was Moona Jonstone and Alku Justina's first big assignment since they were raised to the level of Jedi Knights a few months ago. They were assigned to protect Nagob because of the low population level and less pressure of having to save lots of lives. In other words, they are starting out small.

"I hope this war ends soon!" yelled Moona loudly over the screams and explosions of the battle, "We can't keep this up forever!"

Alku cut down a few combat droids with his lightsaber and forced his way toward her through a group of clones.

"I know, but it's only a matter of time." he said confidently, "I mean, we just heard that Grievous was killed recently, and without him the droid armies should fall any time soon."

"I hope you're right." said Moona.

As they slowly advanced forward, Alku took out his comlink to contact the commander of their clone squad.

"What is it, sir?" asked the voice of the commander from the comlink.

"What is the status of the droid army now?"

"Well, they are starting to fall back, but . . ."

Before the clone could finish his sentence, the sound of another signal transmission interrupted him.

"The time has come." said a voice that sounded like Chancellor Palpatine's, "Execute Order 66."

The clone's voice responded "It will be done, my lord." and the signal turned off. Alku and Moona looked at each other.

"Order what?" asked Alku. Moona shrugged, looking equally confused.

Then a clone next to them turned and raised his rifle directly at them. Before the clone could fire, Alku used his lightsaber to cut the rifle in half. The clone turned to his comrades and shouted "Kill them!"

Alku and Moona ran away from them as fast as they could go. The clone squad pursued them, firing as they came. Alku and Moona used their lightsabers to deflect some of the bolts back at the clones as they continued to run. After a few minutes, they reached a forest and ran into its depths. Once hidden in the foliage, they force jumped into one of the trees. As they looked down from the branch they had retreated to, the clones ran past right underneath them and disappeared further into the forest.

As the sound of the clone's footsteps faded away, Alku looked over at Moona and said "What the heck just happened?"

"I don't know. But it's obvious that the clones have rebelled against us." said Moona. "Yeah, I got that part. But wasn't it the chancellor who ordered our execution? Why would he do that?"

"I don't know. Maybe the council was right. Maybe he has turned against and betrayed the Jedi."

"I can't believe that, but nothing else makes sense with what happened either."

They fell silent for a while.

"We're going to have to find someplace to hide from the clones until they give up searching for us." said Moona finally.

"If they give up searching for us." Alku added darkly, "But, hiding aside, what are we going to do?"

Moona just stared ahead, unable to think of anything to say. The only thing she did know was that their lives were about to become much more difficult then they ever could have imagined.