Short Continuation of my Sesshy/Harry fic.

Harry shook his head. He couldn't believe it, he just couldn't. Didn't this girl have any sense at all?

When Sesshoumaru tried to tell Harry about Kagome Higurashi he didn't want to believe it. A girl who traveled through time? So, it's been done. She can control his half-brother with one word? So could Harry it was called imperio. A girl with a skirt so short that a man a mile away would run to see the sight? Nope, he didn't believe it. Not one bit.

I mean, the girl really couldn't be that stupid. If she regularly traveled through time shouldn't she know that her outfit was inappropriate for this era? Shouldn't she know that longer skirts or even pants were more appropriate?

Apparently not.

Harry finally met 'The Kagome Higurashi' for himself and called her a harlot.

To her face.

Really. It wasn't his fault! The skirt was so bloody short Harry was sure that he could see her underwear. He was sure that she was a whore and he didn't want Rin to be around someone like that. Such a bad influence. He wouldn't let his Rin grow up to be some loose wench.

So, the moment they stepped in the clearing to confront Sesshoumaru's brother and 'his wench' Harry turned right back around and ushered Rin away. Well, at least he tried to.

"Oi! Where are you going? Afraid!" Harry couldn't believe that this was Sesshoumaru's brother. He was so uncouth. Sesshoumaru must have hogged all of the good genes. Not that Harry was complaining. He liked Sesshoumaru the way he was just fine, but Inuyasha…well maybe he could have just stayed in the womb. If you know what I mean.

"Sorry, I can't have Rin around women like that." Harry smiled apologetically at the half demon.

"What are you talking about?" the demon slayer asked holding up her boomerang threatening. Harry looked at her surprised. Oh. She must have thought that he was talking about her. He shook his head and smiled at her.

"Not you honorable slayer. I'm talking about the wench. I can't have Rin around such women. I will not have her pick up such bad habits." Harry smiled at her and saw the stunned amusement on her face.

The harlot's face went red.

"Who are you calling wench? I have you know that I am a miko and Rin wouldn't pick up any bad habits from me!" Kagome yelled at Harry.

Harry scowled at her.

"Was I amiss in assuming that you were a harlot? Your attire is not appropriate around any company. For a miko you dress like a whore."

Kagome gasped. "I AM NOT A WHORE!"

Harry grimaced at her high pitched scream and rubbed his ears.

"Me think the lady doth protest too much. Come Rin, miko or not this woman is not suitable company." Harry turned and grabbed Rin's hand walking away from the clearing.

Kagome's screams of denial rang through the forest.