I have long brown hair

Im tall

long arms

long legs

I always wear a red bandana

My Name Is Biscane

But People Just Call Me Bivi

Im Called That Because My Parents Met In Biscane Bay

I Came To This World 1994 December 28th

Im 17

Now You Might See Me

Think "Hey Shes Probably One Of Those Fun, Crazy, Random Girls Who Love To Party

Well Your Wrong

You See I've Never Been To A Big Party

Only Small Ones With Family

My Parents Are Rich

Now Again You Might Think "Hey This Girl Gets Everything!"

Once Again You Are Wrong

I Have To Live Up To High Standards

Eat Only Fruits And Vegegtables

Be Proper

I Do What I Am Told

And Do Not Speak Unless Spoken Too

Near My Parents

Near My Friends Im Normal

I Live In Atlanta

Family Friends With: Chaz Somers, Ryan Buttler, Caitlin Beadles, Christian Beadles, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber

Real Friends With: All Of The Above EXCEPT Caitlin (Sorry If I Spell Her Name Wrong),Selena, And Stupid Justin Bieber

Im Home Schooled

I Have Never:

Eaten Something Fried

Kissed A Guy

Gone To A Party

Liked Justin Bieber

Had A Boyfriend

Been On Youtube

Riden A Horse

Gotten A Tattoo

Dyed My Hair


Ok I Think It Would Be Faster To Tell You Things I Have Done

Lets Just Put It This Way

I Haven't Done A Lot