*Bivis pov*

It was morning

I woke up and rubbed my eyes

Todays the big day

Its my birthday


My parents are throwing a party

With all my 'family friends'

Yeah Justin biebers gonna be there

I do my morning routine and change into this

A pink shirt

White shorts

Pink converse

And ofcourse

My red bandana

I walked downstairs

Saw my mom

And a bowl of fruits

I sat down to ate it

"Whats up mom?" I asked

"Well I got u a birthday present!" She said Perkily

"What" I said annoyed

Someone came from behind and put there hands around my eyes

"Gues whoo" the voice said

"Ummm ryan?"

He took his hands off "YUP!"

"Yay!" I said hes like one of my only friends

And chaz came out

"Me 2!" he said hugging me

"And there gonna spend the whole day with you"

Chaz said "oh no we cant…"

"Why?" I asked

"We have to visit my stupid cousin" said ryan

"Why's chaz going?" I said

"Cause hes forcing me"

"Then who am I going with?" I said


"Well what?" I said suspiciously

"Well.. Ull be hanging out with" She said

"With who!" I said annoyed

"With Justin Bieber"