Alright, this is my very first Narnia Fic. I'm just reaching all kinds of stories to write, aren't I? LoL. Anyway, this is a story based on Narnia: Prince Caspian. I'm sure alot of it is off from the original story, but if I copied that'd be plagerism! (Or however you spell that.) So I'm sticking with this. We got two pairings in this. EdmundXOC (Let's see if you can figure out who it is.) And then CaspianXOC. (Again, it's a guessing game!) Anyway, if you want to give me your own opinions on the pairings, I can always add new OCs as well. SO TELL ME OPINIONS! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! Anyway, here is my Prince Caspian Story. I do not know the title yet. LoL! Anyway...READ!

Caspian: *whispered to Peter and Edmund* I think we have ourselves a loon here.

Me: Oh, shut it. I'm in charge of you in this book. Just remember that!


Caspian looked at Susan's horn. If he blew it...would they all come back? Or was his professor a loon? Jami watched her brother as they sat in front of the fire. "Why don't you just blow it?" she asked, resting her elbows on her knees. "After hearing what Cornelius said, wouldn't it be best to look for all the help we can get?" she said as he sighed and tossed his hair out of his eyes.

"It would be best, but he said only when we needed help the most. Right now, we seem pretty safe." he said before hearing a small noise. It was subtle. And almost unheard. But it was there.

Galloping horses.

Hurrying to his feet, Caspian tossed water onto the fire and mounted his horse. "Come on, Jami." he said, grasping her hand and helping her up. Not far away, he could see the black figures of the Telmarine soldiers. Kicking the horse's sides, he hurried deeper into the forest, maneuvering his horse through the trees. He had to keep Jami safe. Completely safe. Unharmed and alive. "Hyah!" he shouted, galloping away as Jami tightened her grasp on her brother. And for a while, they were safe. They were keeping a good distance. And then... The horse let out a neigh of pain as he tripped over a log and fell to the ground, the siblings rolling to the side.

"Caspian!" Jami shouted, looking up quickly before seeing Telmarine soldiers surround them. Her eyes widened in fright before Caspian sat up.

"You there, who are you?" a voice said before Caspian saw what looked to be two dwarfs and a badger.

"Caspian, do something!" Jami shouted, looking around fervently with panic in her eyes. Caspian grasped the only thing he could. A horn. Bringing it to his lips, the sound rang through the forest, leaving its mark on the forest and everyone in it.

~ In England ~

Edmund and Lucy manuevered through the crowd before seeing what was going on in the center. A fight. And, of course, Peter was in it. "Peter!" Susan shouted, coming up behind her younger siblings. "Peter, stop!"

"Peter!" Lucy shouted before Edmund groaned and elbowed his way through the crowd. Right as he did, another person joined his side. A girl. She smiled mischievously before they hurried to the fight.

"Stop it, Peter." Edmund said, moving to pull him off as the girl punched the other student in the face. That was when all Hell broke loose.

"What is going on here?" a voice shouted, causing everyone to freeze and look up, seeing the headmaster there. Peter and Edmund shared a look, knowing this wouldn't end well. A half hour later, the Pevensie children were sitting on a train bench, sitting in silence.

"I hate this. In Narnia, I was a king." Peter said, pacing.

Susan scoffed before saying, "But we aren't in Narnia anymore. We're in England. And here we're normal English children."

"Being normal isn't fun." a female voice said. The four siblings turned to see the girl from earlier standing there. She looked to be about Susan's age, had red hair, bright blue eyes, and pale skin. The girl smiled when they looked at her before she said, "Sorry. I couldn't help but find your talk about Narnia interesting."

"You don't find it crazy like everyone else here does?" Edmund asked, raising an eyebrow as she chuckled.

"Of course not. Why would I? I'd much prefer being in a place like Narnia than bloody England. England's boring. And, from what Peter said, it sounds better there anyway. Maybe I could come with you next time?"

"No." Edmund said, looking at the trains passing.

She frowned before asking, "Why not?"

Lucy looked at her, sadness in her eyes as she said, "None of us know how to get back. I'm sorry."

"What is your name? You seem familiar." Susan said, standing.

"I'm Krista. I was in your class last year." the red head explained before looking back at the trains as they whizzed past. "Well, looks like your train just left, boys." she said as another train exited the station. Groaning, the boys stood before automatically being rooted to the ground.

"What-What's going on?" Edmund asked, looking at them, panic in his voice as Krista looked at them with a raised eyebrow.

"Excuse me? Nothing's going on, Lucy." Krista said before Lucy grasped her hand. Krista immediately felt like she was being pulled at by the feet.

"Wh-Susan, care to explain?" she asked, confusion etched in her voice.

"I wish I could." Susan said before Lucy spoke up.

"Don't you see? It's magic. Hold hands. It will pass." she said, grasping Edmund's hand with her free one before Edmund, Susan, and Peter grasped hands. Krista, to say the least, was extremely confused.

"Magic? Magic isn't real!" Krista argued before looking at the train station as it slowly changed. The wall opposite of them changed to the ocean and a beach and the sound around them, rather than being a train whistling, changed to the waves crashing. The smell of students with poor hygiene and train smoke was replaced with salty sea air. And the train that was passing in front of them vanished. "Oh my..."

"It...where are we?" Lucy asked, confused.

"We must be in Narnia. Where? I don't know." Peter said, looking around.

"We...This is Narnia?" Krista asked, looking around as a small smile formed on her face. "It...It's beautiful."