Lucy and Jami were waiting in Aslan's tomb when they heard people above them. "They're back." Lucy said, smiling before they ran outside.

Jami's eyes widened as she looked at what little troops they had left. "What happened?" she asked, worry in her eyes as she looked from Caspian to Krista to Peter.

"Ask him." Peter said, a bitterness in his voice.

Krista glared at him as Caspian said, "Hey! This was not my fault! If we had just stayed here like I suggested-"

"If you had just followed the plan those soldiers might be alive now." Peter said, turning to walk away.

"And if we had just done as I suggested they definitely would be!" Caspian shouted, walking up to Peter.

"You called on us, remember?"

Caspian glared at him as he said, "My first mistake."

"Whoa, hold on." Krista said, standing in between the two. "A lot went wrong last night. From the plan, to Caspian finding out about his father, to the guards, and to the Narnians getting captured. None of it was good. But you two-"

"Krista, stay out of it!" Caspian shouted at her. "This doesn't concern you. You're just an outsider. The White Witch's daughter." he sneered, his voice filled with anger. Hurt filled Krista's eyes before she glared at him and walked away from the boys, walking inside Aslan's how.

Peter shook his head before saying, "That wasn't your first mistake. Your first mistake was thinking you could lead these people."

He turned to follow Krista as Caspian boiled with anger. "Hey! I am not the one who abandoned Narnia."

Peter turned to him, his eyes like ice as he said, "No, you invaded Narnia. You AND your people! None of you belong here. You, your father, Miraz...Narnia's better off without the lot o' you!"

Caspian shouted in frustration, unsheathing his sword as did Peter, both swords clashing and pointing at their enemy. Jami stepped forward, her hand resting on where the swords met before she pushed them away from each other. "Stop. This is pointless. What's done is done. It can't be changed."

The boys glared at each other before Lucy rushed past them. "Trumpkin!" she shouted, worry in her voice as he was carried forward by a minotaur and Edmund. Peter joined her side as he was set on the ground. No one noticed Caspian head inside the How with Nikibrik not far behind.

Caspian looked at the pictures of the Kings and Queens of Old, an unreadable expression on his face as Nikibrik came closer with a torch in hand. "You want your uncle's blood, right?" he asked, earning the prince's attention. Caspian silently nodded before Nikibrik grinned and said, "Good. So do we. You want your uncle's throne? We can get it for you. Now follow me." He led him where Aslan's stone table was. "You tried one ancient power. It failed. But there is a power greater still. One that even kept Aslan at bay for a hundred years."

Caspian looked at him hesitantly before hearing a low growl and unsheathing his sword. "Who's there?"

A figure in a cloak came out, hunched over. His voice was deep and low, almost like a growl as he said, "I am hunger. I am thirst...I cn fast for a hundred years and not die...I can lie a hundred nights on the ice and not freeze. I can drink a river of blood...and not burst. Show me...YOUR ENEMIES!" The cloak fell to the ground to reveal a werewolf.

Caspian's eyes widened before another voice that belonged to a hag said, "What you will we. No one hates better than us."

Caspian looked at the, hesitancy in his voice as he said, "And you can garantee Miraz's death?"

The hag smiled before bowing and saying, "And more." Caspian slowly sheathed his sword, still watching the two before the hag said, "Let the circle be drawn!" The werewolf showed one claw, drawing a circle around Caspian as the hag started chanting. "Wayli!" she shouted, pulling out Jadis' wand as Caspian's eyes widened. "Wayli! WAYLI!" The wand met the ground in front of the carving of Aslan. Ice formed between the two columns, traveling up as Caspian looked in wonder and a figure appeared in the ice.


"Wait...this isn't what I wanted." Caspian took a few steps back before the werewolf grabbed him holding out his arm as Caspian struggled. Pulling out a knife, the hag slit open Caspian's hand, making him wince as Jadis smiled.

"One drop of Adam's blood and you free me. And then I am king." The werewolf pulled Caspian closer as Jadis reached forward, her pearl white and ice cold hand reaching through the ice for his. Her eyes were alight with an emotion Caspian couldn't place. But her gaze...was hypnotic. That's all he could say. He was drawn to her. It didn't take long before the werewolf released Caspian and he was slowly stepping towards her.

"Stop!" a voice rang out, earning the White Witch's attention. Peter Pevensie. Of course. Following him were Trumpkin, Edmund, Lucy and...Jadis' eyes widened. "Krista..." she whispered before turning her attention back to Caspian. She needed that drop of blood. The werewolf lept onto the stone table and lunged at Peter, claws extracted and teeth ready to kill. Peter quickly ducked out of the way as Edmund brought his sword up, narrowly missing the werewolf as it landed in a crouch and turned to him. Trumpkin payed no attention to the werewolf and hag as he clashed swords with Nikibrik, content with killing the person who had set this all up. Across the room Peter was fighting the hag. And appeared to be winning. Until the hag grabbed his arm and twisted it, ramming it against the stone table as he dropped his sword. The werewolf, teeth still bared, charged at Edmund, grabbing him by the waist and flipping him onto his back, letting out a howl of victory. Nikibrik shoved Trumpkin to the ground, holding his sword up to kill the red dwarf before Lucy came running up. Dagger in hand, she knocked his sword away from him and held the knife at his throat. Nikibrik struggled against her before grabbing her arm and twisting it behind her back, getting ready to break it as Trumpkin watched with wide eyes. Grabbing her knife, Nikibrik tossed Lucy to the side as Peter shoved the hag against a column, knocking her unconscious. Looking up, Peter watched as Jadis reached for Caspian's bleeding hand. Edmund, trying to kill the werewolf, jumped onto a stone and turned abruptly as the werewolf lept at him. His sword slashed the werewolf's face as it let out a cry of death, falling to the ground motionless.

"Lucy!" he shouted as Lucy looked up at Nikibrik with fear in her eyes. A gleam entered his eyes as he was about to strike her dead before a gasp escaped him and he looked to the sky, blood appearing on his lips. Trumpkin pulled his knife out of the black dwarf, watching him fall dead.

"Come on..." Jadis muttered, trying to reach for Caspian before Peter knocked him to the ground.

"Get away from him." Peter ordered, holding his sword out as Jadis retreated into the ice.

"Peter, dear," she said, her voice as sweet as honey and smooth as velvet. "I've missed you." She held out her hand again, her eyes holding secrets and her lips in a smile. "Come, just one drop. You know you can't do this alone." she said as Caspian looked at Peter. Peter met her gaze as he lowered his sword and started reaching out to Jadis. "That's it..." she whispered, smiling as a gleam entered her eyes.


"What?" Jadis looked down at herself to see a crack spreading across the ice. "No...No!" she shouted before looking at Peter as Caspian stood. She then raised her gaze to the sky as the ice continued to crack and then...the ice shattered. Peter and Caspian flinched slightly before looking at who had cracked the ice. Edmund stood there with his sword were the crack had started. Beside him was Krista with her own sword in the ice.

Peter looked at his brother as Edmund sheathed his sword and said, "I had it sorted." Edmund then shook his head and walked past the boys and out the doorway, not letting his brother say anything.

Peter looked at the ground as Caspian looked at Krista as she held the sword's hilt in her hand. "Krista-"

She shook her head and sheathed her sword before she said, "I'm the White Witch's daughter and even I could say no to her." She then stormed past him as he watched her leave. Both boys shared a look before looking at the Aslan picture. What would he say?

Later that evening Edmund was sitting on the ledge of the How, watching the sky as Jami came outside. "Hey...Are you alright?"

Edmund looked up before she sat beside him. "I...I don't know. Peter...he always was the High King. I never thought he'd fall under the White Witch's spell..."

"No one is strong enough to ignore it, Edmund. We're lucky you and Krista were there to stop it." she said while meeting his gaze.

Edmund shrugged and smiled slightly. "We had to do something." he said, leaning closer.

"And you did. You saved my brother and your own." she said, smiling slightly. Edmund watched as she leaned closer and an urge to kiss her appeared as he raised his hand to tuck her hair behind her ear, his hand resting on her cheek. "Edmund?" she whispered.


"Don't go back to England."

"I won't."

Edmund pressed his lips against hers in a small kiss before a voice said, "Boom! Magic kiss!"

The two quickly separated to see Pattertwig standing there with an acorn in his hands as Reepicheep whacked him upside the head. "Stupid squirrel. I apologize, your highness. We were sent to get you. The others are planning their next move."

Edmund cleared his throat, nodding. "Alright, we'll be there in a minute."

Reepicheep nodded before running off with Pattertwig as Jami blushed and looked at Edmund, "I...I am sorry, Edmund, I shouldn't have-" She was cut off by Edmund kissing her again, cupping her head in his hands.

"Don't apologize. I wanted it as much as you did." he said when he broke the kiss.

Inside Aslan's How was a rather interesting conversation going much differently than Edmund's and Jami's. "Are you insane? Is that what we're resulting to? Sending a little girl into the forest alone?" Trumpkin asked, looking at Peter and Caspian.

Krista looked up from her spot on the stone table. "Trumpkin, she won't be alone. I'll be with her."

"What?" Caspian asked, looking at her before she nodded.

"Yes, I'll be with her." she said as Jami and Edmund walked into the room.

"Krista, it's far to dangerous for someone who doesn't know the land." Caspian argued.

"Actually," Edmund said, "It'd probably be best if she did go rather than Susan or one of the others. The Telmarines don't know of her so they won't know her strengths and weaknesses. If they did catch the two, Krista would have the best chance of winning."

Caspian glared at him while Trumpkin hurried to Lucy and asked, "Lucy, do we really need to take the chance on losing anyone else?"

"Trumpkin, Nikibrik was my friend too." Trufflehunter said, "But he lost hope. Lucy hasn't yet. And Krista has opened herself to hope and possibility. We need to take the chance."

Lucy smiled at Trumpkin and said, "Don't worry. I trust Krista to protect me."

"But we need to give Lucy time to find Aslan." Peter pointed out, "How can we do that?"

Everyone was silent before Caspian looked up and said, "Miraz is still King. He needs to honor the Telmarine ways. So...why not bring up one he can't refuse?"