Those of you familiar with my writing may know that I respond well to dares and/or random prompts.

Fics I should be writing I agonize over for weeks. Offhanded comment or pic prompt on twitter? I write in 24 hours.

This is for donnersun, who wanted sweet toe kissing (not foot fetish, just sweet). I lost the link to the picture prompt but there were cute boys and one was kissing the other one's foot. :)

It's super fluffy.

Thanks to Fr333bird for pre-reading!

Riley and Levi are playing dinosaurs on the living room floor.

It's impossibly cute.

"Is all your stuff packed, buddy?" I ask Levi.

"Yeah," he mumbles.

"Everything? Did you remember to put Snuffles in your backpack?" I remind him. He looks across the apartment towards his bedroom, head tilted and eyes squeezed shut in concentration.

"I'm gonna go check," he says, scrambling to his feet. "Riley, you keep Brachiosaurus safe from T-Rex okay?"

"I'll do my best," Riley promises.

My son races down the hallway the same way he runs everywhere these days; he's a five-year-old blur most of the time.

There's a knock at the door just as he disappears, and I glance down at my watch.

"She's early," Riley says, disappointed.

"Just by a few minutes, hon," I tell him, reaching out a hand to pull him to his feet. He hovers in the dining room, straightening the placemats while I answer the door.

"Hey, Em," I greet my ex, stepping aside to let her in.

"Hi, sorry I'm early," she says, smiling tightly.

"No problem. He's just double checking to make sure he has everything," I tell her. "Levi! Your mom's here!"

"You don't feel like making an emergency Snuffles delivery tonight?" she teases, her smile relaxing into something a little more natural.

"Not if I can avoid it." I nudge her arm, grateful for the moments when we can joke together like we used to-before we got knocked up, before we got married too soon, before we broke up, before I came out. The last few years have been tough, but Emily and I are committed to raising a happy kid. We do our best to be gracious and get along.

"Hi, Riley," she says, waving from the doorway.

"Hey," he says, nodding shyly. He opens his mouth to say something else, but he's interrupted by a tornado of little boy energy.

"Mommy!" Levi shouts, dragging his dinosaur backpack into the living room. He drops it and runs to us, flinging his arms around her legs.

"Hey, kiddo," she says, kneeling to hug him properly. "Did you have fun with Dad and Riley?"

"Yeah! We went to the zoo and saw a baby giraffe! But they didn't have any dinosaurs! But they had zebras and bonobos and elephants and-"

"Why don't we get going, honey, and you can tell me in the car, okay?"

"Okay," he says, shrugging his little shoulders. He lets go of Em and turns to me, wrapping his arms around me. "Bye, Daddy!"

"Good behavior all week for Mom, okay?" I remind him, bending to kiss his cheek. I stand up and pull him up with me, swinging him around to make him giggle. "I love you, buddy."

"I love you too, Daddy," he says, breathless with laughter. I set him down and he turns and runs to Riley, throwing himself into another hug.

Riley smiles and crouches down, wrapping his arms around Levi. "Thanks for teaching me about dinosaurs, little man."

"You can keep playing with them while I'm gone," Levi says, quite seriously.

"Thanks." Riley chuckles and squeezes him tighter.

"Love you, Riley," Levi says. My boyfriend's eyes meet mine over Levi's shoulder, and something in my chest clenches tightly. Riley and I have been living together for almost a year, and this is the first time Levi's ever said that to him.

"I love you too, little man," Ri says, his voice hoarse with emotion. If Emily notices the exchange or finds it odd she doesn't comment on it; she just slings Levi's backpack over her shoulder and waits for him to race back over to her.

"Ready to go?" she asks, and Levi nods wildly.

"Bye, Dad and Riley! See you later!" he says, slipping his hand into his mother's.

"Have a good night, guys," Emily says, swinging Levi's hand as they step out the door and down the hallway of my building.

I close the door behind them and lean against it, my eyes immediately seeking out my boyfriend.

"Did you hear-" he says, tears shining in his eyes.

"Yeah, I heard," I tell him, striding across the room to him. I pull him into my arms and kiss his forehead, his cheeks, his jaw.

"I do, Sam. I love him so much," he whispers.

"I know," I tell him, clearing my throat. "I love that you love him. That you're so good with him."

"I miss him when he's not here," Riley admits, pulling away with a sigh.

"Me, too."

Riley makes dinner and we break our rule about turning on the television while we eat. Sunday nights are just so quiet without Levi.

After dinner we watch a movie, some action thing with Gerard Butler that Riley picks out. I sit on one end of the couch and Riley lays across it, his feet on my lap.

I find myself missing Levi like I always do on Sundays, but it feels a bit lighter tonight. I always love seeing the way he interacts with Riley, but hearing him say "I love you" with no prompting, no encouragement, made me realize just how close they are. All I can think about is that I want more. More time with both of them, more family, more love.

"Ri?" I ask, squeezing his foot to get his attention.

"Hmm?" he says, tearing his eyes away from Gerard Butler.

"I want to talk to you about something."

He reaches for the remote and hits pause.

"It's about Levi," I add.

Riley presses another button and the TV shuts off completely. He puts down the remote, signalling that I have his full attention.

"When Emily and I split up, I was... I was fucking terrified. I didn't know how to take care of him on my own, you know?" I admit, tracing my thumb over the deep arch of Riley's foot. He nods and folds one arm under his head, just listening.

"She offered to share custody, fifty-fifty, but I wasn't sure I could handle him so much on my own. I only had him every other weekend when he was little, and every weekend for the last two years. But lately I feel like it's not enough, I guess." Riley is staring up at me, eyes wide, but he's smiling.

"I was thinking about asking her if we could re-evaluate the custody agreement. If maybe we could keep him every other week for a whole week, instead of just on the weekends. Or even extend the weekends a little, maybe keep him Thursday night too? I just... I need more time." I'm tentative, not sure if Riley will want to give up the freedom we usually enjoy, but his smile quickly spread into a grin.

"You mean he'd be here all week? We could take him to school and stuff?" he asks, sitting up excitedly.

"Well, yeah. I mean, we'd have to figure out something in the afternoons, cause I don't get off until five-"

"I can do it! I can work from home in the afternoons. I can work anywhere I have a computer!" He's so excited about the idea, but quickly reels himself in. "I mean, if you'd be comfortable with that?"

"That's the other thing we'd need to talk about," I tell him, tugging him closer. He pulls his feet away and tucks them under his body, kneeling at my side. "Are you comfortable with the idea of being more of... a parent? Disciplining him, cleaning up after him when he pukes, saying no to candy and video games and all that?"

"Of course I am," he says. "I love that kid. I'd do anything for him. Really, Sam, I just don't do a lot of that stuff now because I don't know what the boundaries are. What you're comfortable with."

"I think it would be great," I tell him quietly. "To have him around more. To feel more like a family."

"Me too," Riley says, dropping his head down to my shoulder. He laces his fingers through mine and drags his thumb over my wrist. "Did you ever think about having more kids?"

"I never did," I tell him honestly. He lifts his head from my shoulder and nods sadly, sinking back into the couch a little. "Until I met you, babe. Until I saw how amazing you are with Levi."

"Yeah?" he croaks.

"Yeah. Do you think about it?" I ask, grinning because I already know the answer.

"Sometimes," he says. "Okay, a lot. I'm so jealous when he calls you Dad. I want to be a Dad, too!"

I laugh at his expression, his beautiful pouty lips, and suddenly I want to-no, I have to kiss him.

"C'mere," I tell him, leaning closer. He wraps his arms around my neck and flutters his eyelashes against my cheek, his breath warm on my neck.

"Kiss me," he breathes.

"Everywhere," I promise. My lips touch his softly, sweetly, and he scratches the back of my neck gently. He tries to deepen the kiss, but I keep it light and teasing. Riley is passionate, desperate, always so turned on as soon as I lay a finger on him. I love it, but sometimes I need to take things slow. I need to show him how I feel.

"Mmm," he hums, falling back onto the couch and pulling me with him. I drag my lips down his jaw and nip at his stubbled chin, earning a giggle.

"You like that?" I ask, biting him lightly again.

"It tickles."

"Mmm, I love your laugh," I whisper, kissing down his neck. I scrape my teeth over his Adam's apple and brush barely-there kisses all over his throat, teasing and tasting every familiar inch. When I suck hard just above his collarbone, he whimpers and wiggles beneath me. "I love that sound, too, baby."

I pull myself away from him long enough to lift him gently and tug his t-shirt off over his head. His tight, pink nipples are waiting for me-begging to be bitten, sucked, licked-but I skip over them for now. Instead I press a kiss in the center of his chest, over his heart.

"Sam," he whines, threading his fingers through my hair and trying to pull me back up to his mouth.

"Let me."

"More, please," he says. "Need you so much."

"You have me, always. Let me take my time," I tease, kissing down his flat stomach. I know he wants me to go for the drawstring on his pajama pants, but if I do that it will all be over. One taste of Riley's cock and I won't be able to stop until he cums.

I sit up abruptly, interrupting my trail of kisses, and he huffs in displeasure. Sitting back on my heels, I grin down at my sweet, impatient boyfriend. His face and his neck are flushed from my kisses and a tiny hickey is starting to form over his collarbone. I slide both hands up the loose leg of his pajama pants and massage his calf, pressing my thumbs into the muscle and smoothing them down towards his foot.

"Oh fuck me," Riley says, moaning as I make another pass over his calf muscle. "That feels so good, Sam."

"I love your legs," I tell him, dropping the first one down to the couch so I can massage the second.

"I have skinny chicken legs," Riley pouts.

"I love your skinny chicken legs," I counter. I massage his calf just as thoroughly before turning my attention to his foot. He moans loudly when I press both thumbs into his arch, stretching and massaging the muscles in the bottom of his foot. I kiss the ball of his foot and swipe my tongue out to tease the space between his first two toes.

"Foot fetish," Riley teases, giggling as I drop soft kisses over his feet.

"Riley fetish," I correct him. "I love taking care of you." His eyes are burning into mine now, no longer teasing, but desperate to connect. "Other foot," I tell him, setting his right leg back down.

He doesn't protest this time, but he doesn't take his eyes off of mine, either. He lets me massage him and kiss each perfect toe, down the top of his foot and up his ankle. When the fabric of his pants stops me from going any further I finally relent, straightening up and tugging at the fabric so I can pull them off.

His pale cock springs free, half hard and deepening in color as it grows. I kiss up the insides of his legs, stopping to tickle behind his knee and brush my lips against the scar he got from falling off his bike when he was eight. When I reach his thighs he starts trembling.

"Sam, please," he moans, wrapping his hand around my neck.

"Shhh, I'll take care of you," I whisper. I wrap my fingers around his dick while I kiss closer and closer, dragging my lips against his thighs and his tummy. He twitches in my hand while I lick his balls, sucking each one gently into my mouth in turn.

Slowly, slowly, when I'm satisfied that I've worshipped him enough, I start to kiss up his shaft. He cries out in relief when I wrap my lips around his head and swirl my tongue around it, humming happily around him.

"Yeah," he sighs, relieved. "Feels so good. Suck it, please, baby."

I start off slow, but he's pumping his hips up into my mouth right away, looking for more, harder, faster. Shifting to his right side, I reach between his legs with my left hand and cup his balls, rolling them carefully between my fingers.

"I can feel you, Sam," he says. "I can feel your dick. You're so hard, aren't you? Always so fucking hard," he groans.

I don't answer, just hum around his dick and thrust against his leg.

"If your mouth didn't feel so fucking good I'd beg you to fuck me," he says, gasping as I tickle the skin beneath his balls with my finger. "But God, I don't want you to ever stop sucking me. I want to cum in your mouth, baby."

His voice is raspy, and I know he's getting close when he starts talking dirty like this. I rub circles into his skin and suck hard on his cock, fighting to control the rhythm as Riley starts to thrash and arch beneath me.

"Sam, Sam," he whines. "Sam, I'm gonna cum. Oh God!"

I latch on to him and take his dick deep into my throat, swallowing around him as he cums. He moans through his orgasm, a chorus of Sam, please, yes, fuck.

He's so sensitive after he cums that I don't keep him in my mouth for long. I let his cock fall against his stomach and lick him gently, wiping away the last traces of cum. He hisses when I press a kiss to the head and I chuckle, turning my attention to his stomach instead.

"Wow," he sighs, scratching my head affectionately. "That was amazing."

"Thanks." I kiss up his stomach to his chest, pausing to suck on his nipple while I grind against his thigh.

"So, I guess I'll just turn the movie back on," Riley says, reaching for the remote control. I bat it out of his hand and he laughs. "Oh, did you want to do something else?"

"Well, I have this problem," I tell him, lacing my fingers through his. I push his hand up against the couch cushion, next to his head, and nuzzle into his neck. I press my dick against his hip and whisper, "You feel it? Right there?"

"This problem?" he asks, snaking his free hand down between our bodies. He squeezes my dick and I groan against his skin. I'm painfully hard now, so turned on from his taste, his scent, his hot skin against mine. "What do you want me to do about it?"

"I want your mouth," I tell him, nipping his earlobe. He laughs, slaps my ass playfully, and pushes at my chest.

"Sit up," he says, wiggling out from underneath me. I sit back against the couch and Riley drops down to his knees in front of me. "You sure you don't want to watch Gerard Butler while I do this?"

"No," I tell him honestly, smoothing his hair back from his face. "I just want to watch you."

He tugs at my shorts and I lift my hips to let him slide them down. He pulls them off and over my feet, tosses them aside, and then tugs at my knees until my ass is closer to the edge of the couch. I lay back and watch Riley stroke my cock, licking his lips.

"You just gonna stare at it?" I tease.

He smirks, dips his head, and licks me from base to tip.

"Fuck, Ri," I moan, fighting to keep my eyes open as he wraps his beautiful lips around me. He doesn't bother with teasing kisses or soft touches, he knows I'm too far gone for that. His mouth is wet, hot, and perfect, slipping over my dick at a rapid pace.

I cup the back of his neck, pulling him against me to the rhythm he set, squeezing just a little harder when I want him to speed up. I'm so worked up that it only takes minutes before I'm ready to explode.

"Baby, I need to cum," I warn him, my fingers brushing against his cheek. He lifts his head up and turns to capture my fingers in his mouth, sucking them hard as he wraps his hand around my cock.

Riley moans against my fingers and tugs hard against my cock, all slick from his spit, and I don't even try to hold on. My cum spurts out over my stomach and my chest and then onto Riley's hand, adding more lubrication as he strokes me through my orgasm.

He ducks his head and wraps his lips around me as I come down, licking me clean. He makes a show of cleaning his fingers off one by one before licking up the length of my dick again.

"It's so hot when you do that," I tell him, gripping his neck to pull him closer. He licks a path over my abs and my chest, catching every drop of cum on his way up my body. When he reaches my lips he kisses me softly, chastely, and swallows hard. "Jesus," I breathe.

"I love you," he says, kissing the tip of my nose.

"Mmm, love you too, babe," I tell him, slumping back into the couch. "Too tired to move now."

"Just stay here, we'll watch my other boyfriend," Riley says, grinning as he reaches for the remote to turn the movie back on.

This is just a sweet little fluffy one-shot, I probably won't write any more of them.

But then, I guess I always say that, and all my one-shots turn into two-shots. Would you want more? IDK.

We'll see.