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Ugh! 200 years and I still hadn't found one with a useful power yet! I grit my teeth, I didn't know how much longer I was able to wait. Those damn nations needed to pay for what they did to me, and they needed to pay soon. I was told I had anger issues, but what the fuck did I care? I needed revenge.

I heard something move behind behind me, and I turned to find a sulking albino man walking from a group of people muttering, "Sooo… Not… Awesome…" Something flickered within him. It was faint, but indeed present. I grinned. Finally. They would pay. After all, no one kills me and gets away with it. No one.

The nation previously known as Prussia stalked away from a group of people having a conversation on goodness-knows-what. "Sooo… Not… Awesome…" he muttered to himself. He hated being a ghost. It was so annoying that no one, not even his brother, could see him anymore. I only someone would at least say…

"Hello," a gentle, almost singsong female voice said behind him. Prussia swung around, startled, to see whom the voice was speaking to. The voice belonged to a woman, and she was looking straight at him.

She wasn't completely woman, by what Prussia could tell, because not a lot of her was visible. She seemed to be albino, like the ghost of Prussia was, judging by her shining showy hair and mischievous scarlet eyes. She smiled, showing pointed, sharp-looking teeth. As Gilbert scanned the young woman, he noticed her hair was tipped by a light brown color. She wore a long dress that would have been beautiful if it wasn't torn, singed and caked in mud and what looked suspiciously like blood. It was made of deep violet silk, it was perfectly fitted and flowy. Black lace covered the entire thing, and her short sleeves were made of lace as well, though one was nearly torn off. On her face, a beautiful, elegant butterfly mask mostly hid what looked like burns and scratches that also adorned her hands, neck and legs.

She grinned at Prussia, scarlet eyes shining brighter than the sun.

"I know what you're thinking, dear. I am dead too." Her voice almost sounded mocking.

"I am Gilbert, formerly known as Prussia, and I am awesome." Something compelled Gilbert to introduce himself.

"I am known to many as the White Witch, but you may call me Envy, spelled N-V." Her tone told Prussia he may not call the White Witch NV, but he will call her NV.

"I have a job for you, Gilbert…"

"I'm going to bed now!" Feliciano, or the nation known as Italy called loudly, though Germany, or Ludwig, was in the same room.

"That's a good idea." Ludwig said, glancing at the time. "I should probably go to bed too."

About half an hour later, the two lay in the darkness.

"Are you asleep, Ludwig?" Italy whispered.


"Oh, okay." Italy replied. He didn't want to sleep, which was unusual for the Italian. He felt like something horrible was going to happen. A few moments later, he heard Germany drift off into real sleep, and he closed his eyes for just a second, unwillingly passing out immediately.

Feliciano opened his eyes. He was chained to a white wall, connected to a white floor and a white ceiling. He looked around. No doors. No windows. No sign of life.

He pulled on the chains until his arms ached. "Ludwig!" he called, his voice echoing. "Germany!" No one answered him. "Kiku?" he tried Japan. "Lovino!" his brother, South Italy. Nothing. Realization hit him like a ton of bricks. He was alone. Alone… Alone… Alone… The word rang in his mind like a bell. Fear spread through him like wildfire. "No! I can't be alone!" hot tears started streaming down his face. "No! No! No, no, no, no!" He chanted, chained back, sobbing hysterically for hours.

Germany woke at 5:30am, like he did every morning. He glanced over at Feliciano, remembering his promise to wake him up at the same time he did. But something was wrong. Italy was shuddering, and tears were streaming down his face. He must've been crying all night with the amount of tears o his pillow.

"Feliciano, wake up!" Ludwig shook his friend, practically yelling. Italy was usually such a happy character. Feli didn't move at all, save for his shaking sibs.

Ludwig grabbed his phone. He'd call Japan, figuring Kiku knew some pretty weird stuff. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Wait, Kiku usually picked up on the fourth ring. Ludwig recognized it was early morning, but Japan had picked up earlier than this. Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Kon'nichiwa." Ludwig sighed with relief. "You have reached Honda Kiku. Please leave a message and I will get back to you if it is urgent."

Ludwig stared at the phone. What was wrong with his friends? A word flashed across his mind, but for now, he ignored it.

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