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(Sometime in the past, Narrative)

"Lacy!" A voice called out in the distance.

A little seven year old girl with long brown hair looked up from what she was doing. She tried to pinpoint the location of the person who called her name. When she saw who it was, a smile lit up her face.


An eight year old boy came running towards the little girl. He has been looking for her for a while now, after she decided to run off, claiming they were playing hide and go seek. He was worried because his mom told him a blizzard was coming, and he didn't want Lacy to get stuck in the storm.

"Lacy, we have to go." The little boy said.

"But I'm not done." Lacy crouched down, and continued molding the snow into a ball.

"Lacy, you can make another one some other time." The little boy ran a hand through his midnight black hair.

"Pleeeeaaaassseee." Lacy looked up at the boy.

The little boy knew he was in trouble. He could never say no to her tear filled eyes and her lower lip that stuck out. He looked up at the sky, and seeing it was still a clear blue, he sighed.

"Fine, but hurry up." The boy said reluctantly.

"Thanks Lance!" Lacy smiled again, and rolled the snowball around in the snow covered ground.

Lance watched Lacy as she added the second ball of snow on top of the first. He was always amazed at how well she could make a snowman. The snowballs were always so round, the black eyes were always level with each other, and the nose seemed to always be dead center of the head.

"Don't just stand there, Lance. Help me!" Lacy pulled Lance down by his hand.

"Alright." Lance help finish the mouth and looked around where they were sitting for sticks.

There was a forest not too far from where they were, and Lacy desperately wanted to finish her snowman. She never got to add the finishing touches on them because her parents always came to pick her up. She thought it was unfair at how little her time was with Lance. His mom and her mom were best friends, and they helped pick out names for their children, but Lacy's mom seemed distant from her best friend lately.

While Lance was looking in the opposite direction, Lacy got up and ran towards the woods. Just then, snow started to fall, and the wind became stronger. The visibility dropped to nearly zero in an instant. Lance looked up, startled. He didn't expect the storm to hit so fiercely. He turned to where Lacy was sitting a few minutes ago, and found she was not there. Lance stood up, searching the area for the little brunette. When he didn't find her, he started to panic. He looked around, trying to find a clue as to which direction Lacy went. Lance saw a wooded are not too far from where he was, and he decided to look there. The only problem was he couldn't see much in front of him, so how was he going to find Lacy, who was surrounded by trees!


Lance took off towards the woods, determined to find Lacy. He couldn't leave her by herself. She may seem brave and fearless, but she was actually fragile. Lance knew that if he didn't find her soon, she would become terrified, and start bawling her little eyes out. He couldn't have that. He has been protecting her his whole life. Even though his whole life consisted of eight years. But, Lance knew Lacy, and he wanted her to smile, not cry. He wanted to make sure she was always happy, and he would do anything for her.

"Lacy!" Lance called out.

He ran and ran, dodging trees and fallen branches. The snow was starting to pile up, and it was becoming difficult to walk through it. Lance kept running though. He had to find her. He had to make sure she was alright. He just had to.

"Lacy!" Lance called again.

Lance strained to hear something, anything. For a while, all Lance heard was the wind howling, and the soft crunching as he ran over the snow. The wind was blowing stronger, but he could not give up. He would find her. All of a sudden he heard it. Even of it was for a split second, he knew it was her. She was calling out for him. Lance ran in the direction he heard Lacy call his name.

"Lacy!" Lance looked for where Lacy could be hiding.

He couldn't find where she was. Her voice sounded so close, but he couldn't see her. There were only trees.

"Lance!" He could hear the fear in her voice.

"Lacy, where are you!"


Lance turned towards the direction he heard Lacy call his name. Again, the only things there were trees. Lance walked in that direction, looking for clues as to where Lacy was. He saw small footprints that were being filled in with snow. Lance followed them, knowing it would lead him to Lacy. After a few minutes, the path led him to a small clearing. There was a tree in the center that looked to be taller than the rest. Its bark was twisted, and the branches were bare, which was strange. The snow has been falling for a while now, and there was so much that the branches should be covered. Lance walked a few steps forward.


A whispered Lance came from the direction of the strange tree. When Lance looked closer, he could see a small opening at the base of it. He suspected Lacy was hiding there, so he raced forward. When he looked in, he saw a teary eyed Lacy. When she saw him, relief flooded her, and she quickly jumped up and grabbed onto him.

"Hic, I was so, hic, scared," Lacy clutched onto Lance tighter, happy he was here.

"Shh, it's alright. I got you." Lance soothingly rubbed small circles on her back.

Lance led Lacy back into the opening of the tree. There was no way they could make it back to his house in this blizzard. Lance decided it was best to stay put until it was over. When the storm passed, he would try his best to retrace his steps. Even if he couldn't, he knew his mother would come looking for the both of them. But right now, Lance had to make sure Lacy was alright, and to keep her warm.

"How are we going to get back?" Lacy asked Lance.

"I don't know." Lance answered.

There were a few moments of silence before Lacy said, "I'm sorry."

Lance looked down at Lacy. Her head was bent, and she was shivering.

"It's fine." Lance pulled Lacy in tighter.

They sat there, staring out at the snow now gently falling to the ground. The wind calmed down, but the temperature was still below freezing. Lacy laid her head on Lance's shoulder. He could see her eyes slowly closing.



"Thank you." Lacy whispered as she drifted off to sleep.

Yay, I finally finished the flash back. Or maybe it's considered a memory? I'm not going to bother figuring out which one it is. I'm tired and I still have to update my other stories. Tell me what you think of this chapter. I think I repeated sometimes, but I'm not sure. I mostly typed this up at night, and I wasn't really sure what I was typing, so I hope it isn't that bad.