Pure, utter darkness. Why?

Oh, because my eyes are closed. Right, let's try this again.

Open eyes, and... What the hell? Christmas lights? Tree? Why am I under the tree? I wasn't even drinking...

Something is banging. Oh, the door. Footsteps. Yay! Maybe they will know why I am under the tree.

"Penny, Penny, are you ok? You screamed."

A concerned voice, that is nice. A nice voice. Kind of sweet and sour at the same time...

"Did I?"

Hands, moving branches. Oh what lovely hands, long thin hands, with long thin fingers. Strong fingers, like a musician. Piano maybe. That seems right, long thin fingers on the piano. What is with those blue marks though, and the..

Hmm. The blue marks match the eyes. Not bad! Hellooo, good lookin.

"Penny, are you feeling ok? Are you broken? Why are you under the tree? Where is the stand? Are you concussed?"

Oh a twang! Less sweet n' sour, and more barbecue maybe. Texas style. Yum, i could do with some ribs. My ribs hurt. I wonder why?

Hands touching, ooh nice... Definitely strong hands, but gentle too. Now, why would i have put up a tree without a tree stand? Oh yeah...

"The stand broke, so I was going to hang it from the ceiling like the royals did. Only I think the hook broke."

Stupid hook. Don't make hooks like they used to.

"Probably because it was meant to hold a delicate potted plant, not a six foot Noble Fir. Why did you not get a smaller tree?"

Bigger is better, baby, especially when it comes to trees and Texans. He looks annoyed. I like it. Yum.

"I like six footers." Am I whining? Really?

Tee-hee hee. Six footers. six footers with blue eyes, and a little pouty frown. Why is he frowning?

"A six footer nearly killed you. You are looking at me funny, sit still."

Ooh, more touching. I like the way his fingers feel in my hair. Best massage ever, oh yes.

Damn, that feels nice. Oh wait, no, that hurt.

"As my mother would say, you've got a hell of a goose egg."

"Nothing I haven't had before." Nope nope nope, it only hurts a little, only when I blink, no more blinking.

"We should go to the hospital."

No, we should go to bed...This t-shirt is soft. Nice. I wonder what is under it? Counter clockwise, counter clockwise, round and round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows...


Whoops. Must be shy... Too bad, that is quite the handful.

"Thats it, I am calling Leonard."