notes: A drabble series about how different canon pairings get together. I'm trying a different style... anyway, no idea how long they'll be, but I hope you enjoy them. Remember, I'd love to know what you think!

our dancing days

i. autographs

Draco, whenever he signs autographs, changes his signature.

He laughs at the confusion. He doesn't know why people want his signature anyway - he's not a hero, far from it in fact. So he gets them back and watches them turn against each other.

"Well, you must be lying! It doesn't look the same!"

"I'm not lying; you must be. It's completely different!" It amuses him.

Until he's walking to his desk at work, at the Ministry, his black robes billowing behind him in some twisted version of a hero's cape. He can hear a commotion coming from where his secretary works, just outside his own office. There's a woman towering over the cowering assistant, her hands resting on the desk.

"Well, if he's not there, then I suppose I'll just have to wait, then, won't - oh. Mr Malfoy. Could I have a word with you?"

The woman's words are polite, but her tone is cutting. She's stunningly beautiful, with brown hair in ringlets and bright blue eyes that are darker than his own. She raises a curved eyebrow, leaving no room for him to deny what she wants.

"Of course, Miss..."

"Miss Greengrass." She walks past him, and into his office. Miss Greengrass surveys his office, and he gets the feeling that it's in distaste. "I'm here to enquire about certain... signatures." She pauses, as if daring him to interrupt. He doesn't.

"My little sister came home from Hogwarts yesterday, crying on the platform. Apparently, her friend's autograph was dissimilar from her own. I asked the boy, and apparently, he did in fact get yours personally - as did my sister. He wouldn't lie to me; he's a measly Hufflepuff and absolutely terrified of any and all Slytherins. I therefore drew the conclusion that you change your signatures. Is this correct?" He almost nods, but she holds up a hand to stop him. "I already know it is. It turns out that I am not as dumb or as spineless as other people, it seems."

She leans forward and, although she's quite a good few inches shorter than him, she manages to look intimidating.

"My sister is extremely upset. She's eleven years old, and I am a powerful enough person that you do not want to make me angry. Are we clear, Mr Malfoy?"

"Crystal," he bites out, and she gives him a shark like smile.

"I want that autograph. I want a proper autograph, with your proper signature. If not, I assure you that the entire Wizarding press will know about this by Monday. If you cooperate, I'll keep my findings between myself and my sister."

Any normal person, or Draco Malfoy on a normal day at least, would get her kicked out, get a restraining order or get someone to somehow throw her in Azkaban.

But no; instead Draco holds out a hand for her to shake despite knowing she already knows his name, and says, "Draco Malfoy." He flashes her his most charming smile. "Now, how about that autograph..."

He doesn't give her the time to be shocked, just takes her by the hand as asks, "Coffee?"