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This story is going to contain: graphic violence, some harsh language, adult content, and talk of child abuse, romance, drama, and a ton of hurt/comfort. I do not condone child abuse, and as a mother I hate to even think about it, but for the sake of this plot and story line, it is going to take place. You have been warned!

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Chapter ONE

The sound of blood thumbing in her ears was defining, the effect of adrenalin still rushing through her system. She could hear nothing else but the pulsating drumming as it echoed, telling her that she was still alive. It was difficult to focus her sight, everything seemed to be one large multi colored blur before her. She could only recognizing the bright light that was flashing over her eyes, everything else faded into the backgrounds as shadows. Panic took hold of her chest, gripping it tight as she fought off the urge to scream, to cry out and demand why she was unable to focus and see clearly.

Struggling with her own mind, Kendal tried to recall everything that had happened to bring her to this point. She felt lost in herself when she was unable to elicit the memories she desperately needed. She probed further, pushing herself to recall something, anything that would clue her in.

Pain surged through her skull as a torrent of images took hold of her mind's eye as if a flood gate had opened. It was too difficult for her to make any scene of what she was seeing, but each and every one held one thing in common, the color red. She could hear screams, what sounded like small children crying, and she wanted nothing more than to make it stop.

Trying with every last bit of strength she had in her, Kendall tried to close her eyes to block out the images. Her eyes stung as she fought to blink to relieve some of the dryness, but they would not close. The terror field screams where ringing in her ears, drowning out the rushing of her pulse, she couldn't make it stop.

Again the light passed over her eyes, the warmth of it burning her retinas. "Dr. Finely, can you hear me?" a male voice asked with a hint of concern. She wanted to answer, she wanted to scream and shout that she wasn't alright, but she wasn't able to take control of her own voice.

"She's in shock," the voice said again, she could tell that he wasn't talking to her, but to someone else. Focusing on what was being said around her she hopped that it would force the images, which she had drudged up, to settle back down in the far corner of her memory.

"I don't blame her, not after what she just survived," another voice replied. "Just get her to the hospital and check her out. I'm going to make a few calls." the voice sounded familiar, something deep inside telling her that she knew that voice and the person it belonged to. For a moment she felt save, but it didn't last long.

She felt a shift and heard the closing of what she assumed was a car door. It wasn't till she felt the vehicle shift gears that she registered that she was laying down. Her head resting on a stiff pillow, warm blankets wrapped around her for comfort, but they did little to ward off the gut twisting fear.

Her mind worked as hard as it could to slowly process everything. Instead of opening the dark red, scream filled memories that she had just pushed back down, she tried to focus on what was going on in the present. The sound of sirens, with the fact that she was lying down, told her that she was in an ambulance, headed to a hospital, but the question was why? Why would she need to be taken to a hospital, she wasn't injured was she?

Fear took hold of her once again as she fought to figure out if she was injured in any way. Fighting to wiggle her toes, she was relieved to know that she could with no pain. Next were her fingers, only noting slight discomfort in her wrist, but other than that she counted all ten of her digits.

"Dr. Finely, can you hear me? My name is Josh, I'm an EMT. We are taking you to the hospital to make sure that you're alright. Do you understand me?" it was the same voice as before.

All Kendall could do was nod her head. She was scared, she wasn't sure why, but the panic and fear that was logged in her chest would not go away. Tears flooded her blurry vision, and she couldn't do anything to stop them as they slipped down her cheeks.

"Dr. Finely, are you in pain?" the EMT asked as a result of her tears. "Can you tell me what hurts?" he asked as he started to press down on different parts of her chest and abdomen.

She was finding it hard to breath, visions of red where flooding her mind once again, the screams following. The fear of not being able to recall what had happened, and having little control over her body, where leading her into a panic attack, and she couldn't do anything to stop it.

"Dr. Finely, you need to calm down. I'm going to give you something to help you relax and start you on some oxygen alright," the paramedic informed her. She felt the pressure of the mask rest on her face, covering her mouth and nose. The cold flow of the oxygen gently passed through her nose and into her lungs, bringing her a momentary clam.

Taking in one large breath after another she tried to calm herself down, knowing that it wouldn't do anything but make matters worse for her. She felt a soft pressure stick her arm and felt warmth take over her whole being. Her eyes grew heavy and she was unable to stop them from closing.

She was only glad that once her lids slowly closed over her eyes, she was greeted with pitch black darkness; there was no red in sight.

Authors Notes: Alright, this was it for the first chapter. Sorry that it's a bit shorter than what I normally write, the next chapters are going to be longer. I do hope that you enjoyed it, and would love to hear what you think so far.