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Ashton's POV

I was on a boat with many people and some friends... and my Sister.

It wasn't all bad since my girlfriend, Princess, was there.

I have to go to the bathroom.

Normal POV

As the boat kept pushing forward, one little boy playing with his friend set down his jacket, then ran off.

The boat kept rocking, shifting the jacket on the bench. The jacket fell off the bench, then a strong wind blew the jacket off deck and into the water.

The boat surfed over the jacket. Then, the jacket was caught in the motor, causing the boat to lurch forward.

Two unlucky twins, and Ashton's friends, were in the car in the front, texting. When the boat lurch forward, their car was thrown off deck.

It was floating in the water until the jacket ripped, causing the boat to quickly go forward, crushing the car and the boys.

One girl, Alena was sitting when the boat lurched. She was thrown in front of the moving cars, she managed to stand up. But, when the jacket was freed, she lost her balance again and was crushed by cars.

Another boy, Max was standing near the back when the jacket was freed. He jumped overboard, splashing into the water behind the boat. Some of the crushed car parts were caught in the motor, then propelled very fast backward, impaling into Max.

Mandy, a girl, sitting on the deck was automatically crushed when a car was hurdled into the bench she was sitting on.

Ashton's POV

Levi, Ashley's boyfriend was in the cafe when I got out of the bathroom, when the boat lurched, hundreds of knifes were sent his way, almost all in his head.

I have to find Ashley, when I got downstairs, I was just in time to see my girlfriend get smashed by in between two cars.

Crying, I found Ashley sleeping in her boyfriends car. I opened the door and jumped in, just in time for a car to pass by without crushing me.

We were stuck inside the car, well I was, a car smashed in to the side of the car, hurdling Ashley out of the car.

Then, the car fell into the water. While water was sloshing in, I was losing consciousness.

While I was drowning, the last thing I saw was a car obliterate Ashley.

Then, I was standing at the docks with my friends.

I had to stop them. "STOP!" I yelled.

I started yelling, a guard escorted all 9 of us off the docks.

Standing there we watched as the boat started sinking.

Everybody stood there looking at me.

I loved this movie!