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Mandy's POV

What the actual FUCK just happened?

Will the ambulance come and scrape up the chunks of Karisa...or what?

She's all over the road...like, waaayyy down the street too!

Is she dead?

Hmmmm...maybe...EW! Is that her...Kidney?

Ugh, I think I'm going to throw up.

Gabe's POV

That bitch got splattered!

Let me recap what just happened.

Me and Mandy had sex, we go back to the hotel, I almost run Ashley over, we're all about to leave until this crazy chick with a gun is about to shoot Princess, then Ashton, then she gets splattered all over the street.

This has been an interesting night.

I look over at my friends.

They don't look particularly happy, considering the fact we just witnessed death, or murder, or hit and run, or something.

Levi was looking very calm, and it was his sister being scraped off of the road.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked him.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine." He responded.

"So, you don't feel sad, or anything?" I wondered aloud.

"It was probably for the best." Levi said.

"WHAT?!" I yelled, drawing attention to us.

"I just mean, Karisa was bipolar, and it was a matter of time before she tried to do something like this." He explained.

"But, that's not a reason to be better off dead." Ashley said.

"Gabe?" Mandy asked.


"Do you have a plan?" She asked.

"Yes, but I hope he remembers me." I say.


The group of Ashton, Princess, Mandy, Levi, Gabe, and Ashley kept on walking.

They walked for what seemed hours. Until they finally stopped in front of a large house.

When I say large, I mean Enormous! There was a twenty foot long pool, at least 10 rooms, and four Garages.

Gabe walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

A butler that looked to be in his 20's opened the door. He was cute.

"Hello." He said.

"Uhm, hi, I'm looking for Jonny?" Gabe said uncertainly.

"Jon is not available." The butler said, "I am James. Come in, if you'd like."

They all stepped inside, slack jawed, except Gabe, who just yelled, "Jonnyyyy!"

The EE sound echoed for a while.

"I assure you, master Jon is not home." James said.

"Where did he go." Gabe asked.

"I was not given that information." James stated.

The rest of the group nervously looked toward the stair, hearing the sounds of footsteps, only to find a cute guy in silk pajamas.

"Oh, uhm, hi." He stated nervously, swiping his dark silky hair to the side of his face.

"JONNY!" Gabe yelled, running to him.

"GABE!" Jonny said jumping off of like, 12 stairs.

They met somewhere near the bottom, hugging each other.

"Whaaaat are you doing," Said a voice.

Gabe and Jonny quickly separated.

"Oh, hey, babe." Jonny said to the guy on top of the stairs.

The rest of the group looked on stunned as Jonny and the boy kissed.

Jonny looked over at them. "What?"

"You're Gay?" Mandy asked.

"Yes, problem?" Jonny asked.

"No." Mandy blushed and looked away.

"Okay, Gabe what brings you here?" Jonny asked.

Gabe stuttered "We have a problem..."


Al done after such a looooooooong tyme,