Welcome to Fantasmic, tonight we have our host, Mickey Mouse-wait..wrong show. Though this fanfic is based on the famous night show from Disneyland, Disney World, and Tokyo DisneySea, that it'll combine there elements for one big story. It's relate to Digimon Fusion Kai and other stories like YuYuGiDigiMoon and Accel Stream involve with it, but the story is non canon because this is for fun. Plus, 2012 will be Disneyland Fantasmic's twentieth anniversary. Starring our heroes, Tai & Agumon, they will set on a world where nothing is like imagination.

Thank the inspiration of Across Dimensions' success!

Let the adventure begin!

Disclaimer: Omega X, Metalla X, Dimitri/Angemon X, Karin Osaka/Sailor Sedna, Burizalor, Virus, and DarkMagimon belong to Kanius. ShenPeacockmon and Alduindramon belong to me, and both are parody characters from Kung Fu Panda 2 and Skyrim respectively. Digimon belongs to Toei Animation. All other cartoons, anime, and whatever belong to their respectful owners.


Nightfall, people went back home to sleep after today's daily life. A certain spiky brunette with googles and an orange, child-like theropod were one of them. They are Taichi Kamiya and Agumon, heroes of both the real and digital worlds alongside his friends. Our heroes fought evil doers like Burizalor, Virus, Paradixalmon, D-Reaper, etc. Now Tai & Agumon need some rest at their house in have some peacetime. In their rooms, they are sleeping, too sleepful. In their minds, a lightspeed carries them to the dream world. Normally they don't mind about dreams besides nightmares. But this dream will be pure imagination.

When Tai and Agumon wake up in their dream world, they realize the landscape looks a little different. Under the hills, the area in distance look like the Great Valley from the Land Before Time, except there aren't any dinosaurs around..

"Whoa, where are we?" Tai wondered.

"This isn't our typical dream." said Agumon.

"Indeed it isn't, digidestined."

A wise voice came from behind Tai and Agumon, as both turned to see a bipedal monkey with white fur and taupe skin. He wears gray pants, small red scarf, black clothing with gold/silver armed bracelets (his tail also has it), skull pads on his shoulders, and black/gray shoes. He carries a light gray staff with golden tips on both ends.

Tai look in amazed "A digimon? Who are you?"

The monkey warrior answered, "I am Gokuwmon, a warrior journey across the Digital World"

"For what it sounds, you do reminded me of Son Goku from the 'Journey of the West' tale." said Tai.


"So what is this place?" said Agumon in curiosity. "This doesn't feel like any normal dream."

Gokuwmon sigh a bit, then answers Agumon's question "This dream world you are in is called Fantasmic. Created by the vivid imaginations of people watching the show of the same name from Disney parks. Care to say that have you remember going to Tokyo Disneyland?"

"Wait, yeah I have!" replied Tai. "They recently put this Fantasmic show thing as a new attraction."

"Seems you are no different like any other humans enjoying their amusement parks." said Gokuwmon. "But this world makes the theme parks nothing...it will make you and Agumon feel realistic experiences of a fantastic adventure. I must warn you that imagination and your thoughts can expand your fears into an overwhelming nightmare."

Tai and Agumon looked in amazement. Who knows what dangers they will face.

"Are you two's imaginations strong enough to have the courage to withstand evil forces that will invade your dreams? Even your Ascendant form, Omega X. That, you heroes have to see for yourself."

"As much as me and Agumon new here, I'm in!" Tai smiled.

"Me too!" said Agumon.

Gokuwmon accepted their decisions and said "Now, I am inviting both...to experience Fantasmic. A world beyond anything you can encounter."

(Imagination - Fantasmic Opening from Tokyo DisneySea plays)

With both Tai and Agumon accepting the monkey warrior's offer, the three walk down the hills to see the landscape. Everything they feel, Tai and Agumon are excited that makes their childhood memories erupt. Along the way, they actually see dinosaurs appearing like poof! Imagination creates these fauna. These dinosaurs are from the Land Before Time franchise. Yes, this place IS the Great Valley.

"Real dinosaurs!" surprised Tai. "How did they appear?"

"It's simple. Like most dreams, your imagination brought them to life in this world" said Gokuwmon.

"This is incredible!" cried out Tai. "I've created things, but not like this."

Both Tai and Agumon saw Grandpa and Grandma Longnecks eating leaves from a tall tree. Topps, the triceratops (Cera's dad) graze the grasses. A herd of parasaurolophuses take daily walks to exercise. Up in the skies are the fliers, pterosaurs that soar across the Great Valley. Then minutes later, Tai and Agumon watch Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Spike, Petrie, and Chomper playing around as friends. They were happy to see these little dinosaurs play, reminding Tai as a child before his first encounter with digimon, and especially Agumon for he can relate to those six reptiles.

As Tai, Agumon, and Gokuwmon move forward, they stopped at a forest area.

(Imagination - Fantasmic Opening from Tokyo DisneySea ends)

"Why are we stopping?" said Tai.

"I decided to see you and Agumon's power as part of a test." replied Gokuwmon.

"A test? You mean training?" said Tai.

"Yes, this forest will be quiet for us. We do not want these dinosaurs to notice our strength publically, at least not yet till they accept it."

"That means..Agumon can spare with you, Gokuwmon?" inquired Tai.

Gokuwmon responded, "In other words, correct. But I promise you, I will not go easy on you." The monkey warrior readied his stance.

Tai smirks "Let's see what you got. Agumon, digivolve!"

(Mickey the Sorcerer – Fantasmic from Disneyland/Disney World plays)

Agumon Warp Digivolve to-!

In place of Agumon was a humanoid dragon that look like WarGreymon only he looks different. Strapped across his back was a massive sword, heavy enough to pulverize earth, called the Dramon Breaker. The Brave Shield on his back jutted out like gliders, granting him better flight mobility. His mask is aerodynamic as his front horn was longer and sharper. The horns are lengthened out. In fact, his whole armor garb was designed with aerodynamic features to allow quicker flight.


And the two digimon warriors fight by sparing each other. VictoryGreymon tried to attack Gokuwmon with his sword, but the monkey blocks it with his staff. They continue clashing with their weapons, but every time they did leaves many blocks, evades, and sometimes minor injuries. Both digimon put up a good fight, especially Gokuwmon who enjoys being a fighter.

"Get em, VictoryGreymon!" shouted Tai.

"Dramon Breaker!", Shouted VictoryGreymon as he charges his sword to full blazing power.

"Shippu-jinrai Geki!", Gokuwmon cried out his attack as he place his staff to the ground in summoning lightning bolts at VictoryGreymon.

VictoryGreymon dodges the lightning bolts and proceeds to pulverize Gokuwmon with his sword, but Gokuwmon quickly blocks it with his staff, that both energies explodes to create a small crater. Luckily, they kept their power lessened to not interrupt the fauna around the forest.

"That's enough." ordered Gokuwmon.

(Mickey the Sorcerer – Fantasmic from Disneyland/Disney World ends)

VictoryGreymon devolves back to Agumon and runs to Tai.

"That was great back there, Agumon!" said Tai as he patted the small dinosaur's head in congrats.

"You've done well." stoically said Gokuwmon. "This proves that your imaginations are strong enough to face many challenges ahead."

"That 'training match' of yours paid off. For a bit." replied Tai. "What else do we have to see?"

"You will find out, young one. Lets move forward." said Gokuwmon.

(Flowers - Fantasmic from Disneyland/Disney World plays)

The three wanderers continue deeper in the magical forest. The beautiful place has flowers blooming at the grassy ground and tree branches, signifying a new dawn approaches for life. Sunlight came down above the trees. Birds are chirping, squirrels are finding nuts, and a deer walking. The fauna in these woods are doing what's best in nature, bringing peace.

(Flowers - Fantasmic from Disneyland/Disney World ends)


There you have it for starters. First chapter done and another will be next! I still have yet to go to Disney World, but hopefully wanting to go and see this show in person, I'll just have to wait and see.

Tai in this story (along with his friends) bases on his Season 2 outlook btw.