Hey Guys! I've decided to start a new story. It's kinda a lost love story with the usual drama.

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Summary: Eli and Clare were best friends….. Until Clare's parents made her go to a stupid boarding school on the other side of the country. While trying to live life, they eventually lost touch. In fact, they practically forgot each other's existence. But, when Eli shows up in New York, there's no telling what will happen.

Inspiration: I'm Sorry by the Jonas Brothers

"I'm sorry for breaking all the promises I wasn't around to keep"

Clare's POV:

November 1st, Los Angles, 6th Grade

I walked down the street to Eli's house. It was a nice sunny day in California, even though it was November. As I walked, I felt tears build up in my eyes. As soon as I reached Eli's house, I walked right in.

"ELI," I said as my voice cracked. Eli came running down the steps with a bat, not realizing it was me.

"Eli," I said, tears streaming down my face, "It's only me."

It wasn't unmoral for me to just walk into his house. We've been best friends since kindergarten, 6 years now.

"Why are you crying Clare?" he asked. I couldn't answer. I just cried.

"Eli… my parents…." I cried even more.

"Clare, what about your parents?" he questioned. I didn't answer for another 3 minutes. I finally stopped crying long enough to tell him.

"Since Darcy got into college full scholarship, my parents are buying a new house in Santa Barbra and..." Eli cut me off.

"It's ok Clare. It's only an hour away! Don't get yourself worked up over it." He tried to comfort me, but it was no use.

"Wait Eli! Let me finish. The house in Santa Barbra was cheap, so my parents are sending me to boarding school in New York City!" I started to cry again, and so did Eli.

August 31, New York, Summer before 10th Grade

I walked in to my dormitory, Benton Hall, with some bags in hand. I looked at the doors, 107… 109….. 111! "It's right here Jake," I said to my 20 year old brother. He always helped me move into my dorm.

This was my 4th year going to Degrassi School for the Gifted in New York.

I walked into my room and noticed a girl with dark skin and jet black hair. "ALLI!" I yelled, dropping all of my things on the floor. She turned around with a HUGE smile on her face. "CLARE!" she yelled. We ran to each other and hugged.

Alli and I had been roommates since 6th grade. It had been us and… "CLARE-BEAR!" That, was Jenna, our other roommate. She had been with Alli and I since 7th grade. "Can you believe it Clare? We FINALLY got a co-ed dorm!" Jenna said.

After getting my stuff on my single bed (it was always this way. Jenna on the top bunk, Alli on the bottom, and me in the single) I made my way to the middle room.

The middle room was pretty nice. I didn't expect it to stay this way, since we had 3 boys living with us.

I made my way to the boys' room. Their bags were on their beds, but no sign of them. I walked over to see if I could find a name. I found a bag red the name. A…

"Gotcha!" I heard someone yell out. Before I could turn around, I was picked up by the stomach, realizing who it was. "ANDREW MICHAEL TORRES! PUT ME DOWN NOW!"

As Drew spun around with me in his arms, I heard giggling. "ADAM! Make Drew put me down!" I said to my friend Adam. Drew finally put me down and I hugged him.

"Have you seen Alli yet?" I said. Drew's eyes widened and he ran out of the room to his girlfriend.

I walked over to Adam giving him a big hug. Adam was my best guy friend.

"So, Adam, who's the other guy I'll be forced to clean up after?" I laughed. That was how Adam and I were. "He's not here yet. I think his names Eli."

For some reason, when Adam said his name, I felt funny inside… Whatever!

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