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Well before I start... I'd like to dedicate this entire fic to AlphaWolf13! Happy birthday (Hope you like it) ! And by entire... I do mean all the chapters that will be in this... I honestly can't tell you how many that would be because I haven't decided yet.

And like I said in the summary... This is a series of one-shots based on a four letter word. And because this is for her birthday... the word for this one is Cake... OooooOOOOOooooOOOh!




Mitsukuni was stumped. It was time... The hard thing he has ever decided on. The flavor of his birthday cake. He knew he could have more than one cake, he does every year, but still five flavors is a very hard choice to make!

He could take three of the chef's best made cakes and two of his favorite kinds. He could take Takashi's favorite flavor, Haruhi's, the twins, Tamaki and Kyoya's. But he knew very well that some of them don't eat sweets... He shuddered at the thought. He could take five of his all time favorites. He could take five of his least favorites. He could take all of the same kind!

Honey threw the bakery magazine down with a pout that would have all the fan girls cooing. "Why can't I just get all the flavors?" He crossed his arms over his bunny sweater covered chest and proceeded to give death glares at the table in front of him, hoping the answer would melt out once burnt.

"You could." Honey looked up to across the table to see his taller cousin staring at him with his emotionless-yet-somehow-caring face. The blonde's eyes turned from slits to saucers as he pondered the two words his cousin had said.

"B-but... How?" The childish boy tilted his head to the side with a finger on his lip. And yes, the mysterious pink cherry blossoms were floating around his face. How they got there? Well his cuteness summoned them of course!

Mori picked up the baker's magazine at pointed at a picture of a seven tier cake. "You take five of these. And take a different flavor for each layer." Honey mentally slapped himself. How could he have not thought of that before! Mori passed the magazine to Honey then proceeded to roll up the sleeves red and black plaid shirt he was wearing.

"Thirty. Five. Different. Flavors!" He was mystified. If you thought about it... It wasn't that big a deal. He eats thirty-five cakes in a week or even less. But thirty-five flavors in five cakes... He'd be sure to sample them all.

Mori just added a signature 'hmmmm'. But you could see the vague presents of a smile. I mean, he made his Mitsukuni happy, why wouldn't he be smiling?

" Come on Takashi! Help me pick, help me pick!" The smile on the other boy's face was as wide as he could possibly make it go. "There has to be at least eleven that has something to do with chocolate. And all of them need strawberries so we'll just put a whole bunch on the top! I'm thinking on the bottom of the first on red velvet, then German chocolate, then maybe a vanilla something... Takashi you should be taking notes."


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