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"A test… We are really having another test?" complained Hikaru Hitachiin while making his way to the host club. "Seriously, we just had one a week ago! I'd love to see things from her point of view but I just can't seem to get my head that far up my-"

"Hikaru, you shouldn't talk about teachers in that way…." Said the short brunette girl walking next to him.

"But still! It's pointless to give teenagers this much work! Especially in Social Studies, who honestly wants to spend valuable time doing that?" The boy talking before shot a look of disgust toward the future studying he'd have to do. "Kaoru you think this is stupid, right?"

"Well," The other auburn haired twin spoke up from the opposite side of Haruhi. "At least it's not a project." There was a loud uncalled for groan.

"THAT would be torture! I'm not sure if I can even think of her giving us another one of those evil things!"

"HIkaru how is Mrs. Hokkaido going to give us a final grade if she doesn't give us tests?" Haruhi came back. Her unimpressed face showing she didn't want to deal with the whining Hitachiin.

"Give us a very big project at the beginning of the term that counts for our whole grade that is only due at the end of the year." The ranting twin supplied look very pleased with his idea.

"Then you'd blow a whole years work off until the last month." His brother gave a raised eyebrow look at him, one that said I know you.

"Not a chance! I'd blow it off until the last two months! Three if I'm feeling productive!" Hikaru spoke loudly trying to back himself up on this, but not helping his situation as much as he liked.

"In that case is there is going to be force involved with trying to get you to study for the test?" Kaoru questioned playfully.

"Oh no way! I will prove to you AND Mrs. Hokkaido that I can and will ace a test without anyone telling me when or how to study! No help at all, I am in 1-A I've got myself this far." Hikaru announced determinedly. The two people accompanying him rolled their eyes and let out some kind of sigh wondering how they let the oldest boy talk himself into some crazy uncalled for idea.

Those three Ouran students had that discussion around a week. This very day was when the test was going to be done. This very period was when the test was started. Haruhi was printing her answers on her page looking nowhere near as nervous as some other people. Her eyes lighting up every time she answered a question. To Haruhi's right was Kaoru sighing to show he was not happy with having to think that hard on a question, but finally jolting something down on the page.

And then there was Hikaru who had no sweet clue what he was doing. This was his second time rereading the test looking for at least another question he could answer….. So far he had one and a half. He tried his best to look calm and confident, but the clenched teeth showed otherwise. He gave a disapproving look to question five as he guessed the response. The sad thing about this whole thing is that he actually did study! Just not according to the review they were given and only for three days.

The boy let his head drop into the palms of his hands as he let out a small hmmph in frustration. He spread his fingers and looked towards his page. After three seconds of staring his eyes lit up and he swiped his pencil and scribbled franticly onto the page. A devious smile painted on his face at all times.

The bell rang suddenly and the students passed their tests in, some complained and worried about their marks and the questions they missed. While a minimum amount of the group looked like they were expecting a high percentage by the time they received them back.

"Glad that's over with" Kaoru stated walking out the door with the girl in a daze and the smug boy. The three of them stopped at the doorway. "Haruhi?" He asked while flatting the girl's nose with his finger. She was let out of her day dream with a barely noticeable gasp.

"Hey, what did you guys get on question eight?" the cross-dressed girl asked, not wasting anytime.

"Oh I didn't answer that one." The first born twin shrugged it off.

"So the studying didn't go well I guess." His younger brother grinned.

"Mehh." His hand motioned a 'in the middle' gesture.

"Why so confident?" Haruhi finally stopped worried about question eight and join the conversation.

"Because I so aced it!" The other two were silent as the other fist pumped.

"How do you suppose you did that?" He twin played along for his sake.

"The ninjas I drew soooo won't let her grade my paper under an eighty!"

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