There may not be a way to describe their love or relationship in a way for people to understand. It's just this feeling that's there that you can't describe. It's getting the last bit of ink out of a pen, or when you're right about to collapse you get that extra surge of energy that just keeps you going, even if just for a little bit more.

But she figures it really doesn't matter. It's between him and her. Always has been, always will be. It may seem messed up, but when you think about, what about life isn't messed up? It's their pattern. They fight, they break up, she curses his name, he smashes pictures and punches walls, they fuck, and yet they come back to each other. Always.

They get tired of each other, but you would too if you had forever to spend with just one person. Caroline thinks people only get married because they know in death they'll have an out. She doesn't have an out with Tyler, not really. The most amount of time they spent apart was two years. Two years, and that was all they could do.

In between every now and then are a few months when they feel the world closing in on them and one of them bails. Sometimes it's him; sometimes it's her.

She went to Thailand just a few months ago. It was beautiful, but when she was ready to come home all that mattered was that he was waiting for her at the airport with that geeky grin on his face, always dressed in red. Before that Tyler went to Australia. They don't talk about what they did while they were in their respective places or time outs as Tyler calls them. It's better that way. That's how it is. After all, they started dating in 2011. It's now 2111. Yes. 2111. They don't need promises of fidelity and as much as it would be nice to hope for, they're realistic.

Besides, meaningless hookups and drinking buddies are just that, meaningless. What they have goes beyond sex. It goes beyond death and life. It's real and it's ingrained in them no matter how hard they try to deny it. And they've tried to deny it too. They have said horrible things to each other. He called her a selfish bitch for breaking up with him those many years ago because of the Klaus thing, and she countered that he was being an asshole, during the Klaus situation and now, as well, for calling her a bitch, and they break away.

But then they come back and they aren't the selfish bitch and the asshole; they're Caroline and Tyler.

She knows when he's thirsty for a real drink, and he knows when she's lying. There's no words for it. He doesn't need to say anything when she's crying. He just holds her. She doesn't need him to tell her when he's in pain. She just sits beside him.

He lets her be Caroline.

She lets him be Tyler.

There's no acting, no pretending. They've bared their souls to each other long ago, so there's nothing left to be ashamed of or afraid of telling the other person.

For now things are calm, but she knows that won't always be the case. They both have urges and desires and sometimes they need to be alone. They are vampires after all. Well, a vampire and a hybrid, to be more accurate.

But when you live forever you learn that the little things don't matter as much as you thought they would. All that matters are the words inscribed on two rings; both gold, both worn on the left hand, ring finger.