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Warning: TLH never happens and there are spoilers for TLO so don´t read if you have never read Percy Jackson and the Olympians and if you do read anyways do not come and expect me to explain.

Percy (POV)

The knife went through my back, and as it pierced my skin I felt the worst pain imaginable. My entire being was being pushed into the river styx again I could feel the point in my back slowly dissolving with the rest of my being.

Take all the worst kinds of deaths together and times it by one thousand and you wouldnt even begin to imagine the pain I was feeling like right now.

I felt like I was drowned, staked and drenched in acid at the same time.

Suddenly my heart exelarated and the pain got worse after seconds that seemed like hours I felt my body slacken and my sight go black…


He was just lying there like he was sleeping. He looked peaceful now but just seconds before he had been writhin in pain. Apparently the only way to destroy Kronos/Luke had been to sacrifice himself.

My heart filled with dread as tears streamed down my face, and even though I felt like fainting I crawled over two him and kissed his lips.

I had been wanting to do it ever since we were twelve, and every time I imagined us kissing it was never like this. I thought I had faced every situation imaginable in my head, but this just seemed too surreal. I mean Percy Jackson couldn´t be dead. He was the hero of Olympus, savior of the gods, he was meant to live a long and happy life with me.

Just as the thought crossed my mind I knew it wasn´t true, Percy had the worst prophecy in this millenia put on his shoulders and it said that his soul was supposed to be ripped from his body. The prophecy was right.

All these thoughts went through my head at the feel of Percy´s could charred lips under mine. He had no breath and the light in his eyes had gone. After the kiss I began sobbing into his shirt and armor making him wet, minutes passed and the only thing you could hear and feel was the sound of my broken heart and the pain emanating from the throne room.

When the gods came into the throne room they all looked at me sympathetically. Poseidon just fell to his knees and began crying.

Zeus was the first one to speak "we need a shroud for the son of poseidon" the fates came in and bore him away, I tried to go with them but my mother held me back.

After a few more minutes Thalia came in with Nico by her side, they looked over at me and I nodded once again breaking into tears again. Thalia who I had never seen crying before, had silent tears flowing down her cheeks.

Nico the son of Hades who never showed emotion began punched a wall in frustration, even Ares looked sad and he hated Percy.

"We grant all the heroes of the second Titan war immortality" a static came over my body and I fainted along with the rest of the heroes from the war.

Hours later when I woke up I felt sad Percy would never expirience any of this.

Hades suddenly yelled out "Zeus he isn´t there" what does he mean? I ran into the throne room as fast as I could with my body still half sleeping "Zeus, Percy is not in the underworld" we were all shocked where could he be?...

Percy (POV)

I felt my brain begin working again, and expected seing Charon with his boat but instead of that I found myself in space literally.

As my mind was processing this a hooded figure came over to me and began speaking, "Perseus Jackson hero of Olympus and and saviour of the gods I am Chaos creator of all" as Chaos announced itself it took down the hood, and instead of skin you could see the universe.

The eye sockets screamed for attention as the left was bright pure light and in the right was a darkness that would have made Hades tremble in fear.

Though I should have been scared I wasn´t. Chaos did not seem to radiate an aura that made you think it was going to kill you

( I guess I shouldn´t be worried since technically, I am already dead) Chaos had an aura that made you know that he was not the enemy, but you did not want him on your bad side.

I started to bow but Chaos put a hand on my to stop me " I do not like formalities, do you?" I grinned, and said "call me Percy" he shook with laughter but after a while I asked " I expect there is a reason I am here" he stopped laughing and looked at me with a mischieveious glint in his eyes.

" Percy I would like for you to become my personal assassin" I already knew the answer but had to make precautions before actually sayig it out loud " will it be for good or evil?" instead of answering my question Chaos said " I knew I chose you for a reason" that comment actually made up my mind for me" yes I will become your assassin" I stood there for a while waiting for him to stop examinating me.

"Very well then you just have to know there will be precautions and changes" Chaos spoke in a serious tone "like what?" I asked curiousity seeping into my voice " first of all, you will need a new body and you will be trained by myself personally until you adjust to your new powers".

Wait what! apparently I thought out loud and looked pretty funny doing it because Chaos almost fell over laughing, after he was done Chaos spoke " well what did you expect that I would send my personal assassin out into the worlds unarmed?"

The truth was I didn´t know what to expect, I mean it had all gone so fast from dying and being in endless pain, to getting told I had to get a new body what next I will be the second most powerful being in the universe?

Apparently Chaos noticed my hesitation because it began speaking" you will be the second most powerful being in the universe, and will possess all the powers of the titans,gods primordial and otherwise you will also recieve the powers of gods unknown to your ancestry, such as Shiva, Odin and other mythologies or should I say religions" I was awe struck I mean wouldn´t you be if you just found out you were supposed to become the second most powerful being in the universe?

Of course my super smart comment was to say "Oh" great now I am officially the biggest laughing stock in the universe-s ?

I don´t know but what I do know is that Chaos asked me to take a walk with him and being the gentleman that I am agreed.