Séance glanced around the unfamiliar room blankly. How drab. Hadn't these people ever heard of color? The faded white paint was peeling from the walls in tiny rivets, cracks cascading like miniature interpretations of waterfalls. It fit him, he supposed. It seemed like a suitable metaphor for his family.

A knock on the door broke the silence that threatened to deafen him. Ah, good. Medicine time. One of the nurses, this one a middle aged Caucasian who might have been pretty once, walked towards his bed. He eyed the tiny cup in her hands hopefully. Would they give him the blue pill today? He hoped they would; it induced the most wonderful hallucinations.

"And how are we feeling today, Klaus?" That was the thing about this place. They always spoke in the third person. He tilted his head, trying to see into the paper cup.

"That depends. What have you got for me?" The nurse set the cup on the bedside table, leaning forward to undo the top half of his restraints.

"The doctor prescribed you a new antidepressant as well as a mood stabilizer." Klaus nodded absently throughout her little speech.

"Yes, but what about that blue one?" The nurse looked up at him in surprise.

"The relaxant? Oh no, dear, that's only given until you are deemed no longer a threat." Klaus sat up as much as he could with his arms still half tied to the bed, taking the little cup of drugs from her. He tossed them back dutifully, accepting the offered water bottle. When he was done he laid down, letting her strap him back in.

"So these are just for fun?" He asked, wiggling his toes, which were the only part of him that he really could move.

The nurse flushed, gathering up all the evidence that proved she was ever here. Séance almost suggested that she ought to wipe the place down for fingerprints while she was at it.

"Those will be removed when the doctor believes that you are ready. Until then, you will have to make do." She started towards the door, only pausing to add, "One of the orderlies will be by in an hour to escort you to the bathroom." The door shut tightly behind her.

Séance sighed, staring up at the ceiling as he waited for the drugs to kick in. He took to counting the dark specs on its surface to pass the time.