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Chapter 1: A Not-So Perfect Beginning

"We didn't have the perfect beginning to our love story. It was quite imperfect. But imperfections are beautiful."

Violet McSue

At first, it's awkward. Uncomfortable. You can cut the tension in the room with a knife. She's staring at him. He knows it. She doesn't know he knows it. Damon glances over at her, who quickly snaps her gaze away. Then, it's as if they've switched places. He's staring at her. She knows it. He doesn't know she knows it. Confusing? You know it.

Minutes and minutes of silence pass by. It feels like it's the longest amount of time where no one has spoken. Bonnie heaves a sigh. Damon finishes off his fifth glass of bourbon. How much alcohol does it take to make a vampire drunk? A lot? Even Damon doesn't know the answer to it because by that time, he's too hammered every time to count back. Plus, math has never been one of his strengths. Duh. He's not his brother, St. Stefan. Damon and Bonnie can hardly ever have a civil conversation without bringing up the words 'Klaus', 'originals', and 'Elena'. It doesn't even make any sense.

Finally, Bonnie takes a glimpse at her cell phone to see what time it is.

"Saw that, Judgey," Damon says monotonously with very little interest. It's the first time anybody's spoken in approximately half an hour.

"Saw what?" she asks, perplexed.

"You know. You were checking the time," he explains, still too vague for Bonnie to comprehend what was so wrong about her recent action.

"Because checking the time is against the law…" Bonnie mumbles, dripping vocal icicles. Which, Damon clearly doesn't appreciate. Being sarcastic is his thing. Without sarcasm, what is Damon Salvatore? An 'eternal stud'? Bonnie wonders in her mind, about to scoff when she realizes the eternal stud's still in the room.

"Well, I'm not having the time of my life either but you don't see me looking at the clock, making it obvious that I don't want you here," Damon mutters back, lifting himself up and walking over to the minibar to fix himself yet another drink.

"Whatever," Bonnie replies quickly, not bothering to come up with a snarky comeback to throw back at him. She is looking down at her Converse sneakers and fidgeting with her fingers, debating with herself whether or not to tell Damon the truth.

"You okay?" he questions after a moment or two. Damon knits his eyebrows together, waiting for her response. Bonnie shifts uncomfortably in her seat, in a poor attempt to pretend like she didn't hear his I-Don't-Really-Care-But-I'll-Ask-In-The-Sake-Of-Trying-To-Be-Nice question. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"You okay?" he repeats, not bothering to hide his impatience. She lifts a shoulder. "You look a little…bleh. What happened?" Bonnie rolls her mossy green eyes at his blunt language.


Bonnie was getting ready to meet Elena at the Salvatore boarding house to head to the mall with her. She was already dressed in light-washed skinny jeans and a floral-print peasant blouse. (Caroline and Elena weren't kidding when they said Bonnie always wore earth tones!) It was right then. She was in the middle of straightening her hair when she saw someone in the reflection of the mirror.

She dropped her flat-iron on the surface of her vanity.

"Klaus," she finally managed to choke out.

He was supposed to be gone. They had taken his family and it had led Klaus to a point where he couldn't handle it, tolerate it anymore. They had chased him right to his own breaking point and he had left Mystic Falls. No one had the slightest clue where he went. But why was he back and standing behind Bonnie?

A smirk curved up on his red lips that looked permanently stained from all the blood he had drank throughout the years. Bonnie, her body shaking, turned around.

He bared his razor-sharp, canine teeth at her as the veins around his now-red eyes darkened. Klaus darted over to her and pinned her to the ground and she screamed for help. Bonnie was powerless. Her aneurysms didn't have an effect on him. Neither did her powers. She was as weak as a regular human now. She struggled to get out of his hold but her strength was nothing compared to his.

Failing her last attempt at using her magic, she gave up and waited for him to drill his fangs into the side of her neck viciously. But that moment never came. She opened her eyes to see what was going on. No one was there.

Klaus was gone. Was it all just her imagination playing little tricks on her? Emily coming back to tell her something? How did he get in without being invited? What the hell was going on?

~End Flashback~

"Nothing happened," she insists firmly, trying to keep a steady voice.

"Suit yourself," he replies, taking yet another swig of his signature drink, bourbon whiskey.

"Klaus happened," she blurts out without further thinking.

Damon stops in his place, his hand that's clutching the glass freezing in mid-air. It's literally like he's displayed on a television screen and the viewer pressed 'pause'. Bonnie instantly wishes she could go back in time, just a couple seconds, to stop herself from saying those very two words.

"Did you just say…" his unsure voice trails off.

"Yes, Damon. Klaus is back. I-I saw him…he was in my room before I came here. He…he pushed me down and was about to bite me when he disappeared. I don't know what's going on." But I don't like it, she wants to add but doesn't because Damon already looks too much in shock.

"He's back?" This doesn't sound like a question as much as it does a statement. Bonnie slowly nods, drawing in a sharp breath. "Ah, shit." Bonnie raises an eyebrow, wondering how that could be reaction out of all the reactions in the world. Then again, he is Damon Salvatore. "We took his family! He couldn't handle it! He left for good. Why is he back?"

"Do you seriously expect me to know why?" Bonnie asks in disbelief.

Taking a deep yoga breath, Bonnie stands up and crosses over to where the minibar that Damon is leaning against. Thoughts and ideas are swimming through her mind at rapid fire speed. What can they do? How can they fight back? How can they stop Klaus before he stopped them? There are too many questions and so little time. Because if they've learned anything so far, it's that Klaus is always one step ahead…Klaus is unpredictable. Klaus is fearless.

"Of course not," he murmurs to himself.

"What's that supposed to mean? What do you see me as?" she inquires through her gritted teeth. She tries to hide the anger and offense in her tone but she fails miserably.

Does Damon have that little respect for her? Bonnie thought they called it truce after a while—after her risking it all to save Elena's life and almost dying. After they came up with the plot to trick Klaus into thinking that she did die. Where was all that respect now? Did it just fall down the drain?

"Enough with the twenty questions. You're so touchy. What is it, your time of month or something?"

"DAMON!" Bonnie shrieks, as Damon grumbles. After Bonnie recovers from Damon's last comment.

"Okay, okay. I say Vampire Barbie, Stefan, and I compel some people into being bait for Klaus. But we spike their drinks with vervain so that Klaus when he drinks, he'll dot-dot-dot," Damon explains as Bonnie knits her eyebrows together, digesting his plot.

"What about the innocent people Klaus drains?"

"Eh, so I'll give 'em some blood."

"How much have you had to drink, Damon?" Bonnie scowls, slapping her forehead with the palm of her hand. He is so stupid sometimes, Bonnie thinks but doesn't dare say it out loud. The last thing she needs is two vampires almost-attacking her in one day. "Klaus is weakened by vervain but he's an original. He heals quicker than you. He can…sense…when someone has vervain." The way she utters the words is harsh and critical. She doesn't mean to sound like that but it really is all Damon's fault for throwing out all his information about the originals the second Klaus fled town. But that's just the kind of person he is. Impulsive.

"It's always the negative with you," Damon mumbles below his breath.

"We'll wait for Klaus to come to us. When he does, I'll handle it. Just like I did back at the decade dance," Bonnie replies, crossing her arms in front of her chest. She says those words with more confidence in her voice than she feels on the inside. And that's a lie. She has no confidence inside of her. It all washed out when she saw the reflection of Klaus standing behind her with that malicious, homicidal face of his through her vanity mirror.

"Sure you can handle it, witchy?"

"Wow, careful Damon. I really am starting to think you care," Bonnie chides, unfolding her arms.

"We wouldn't want that," he repeats the very words he said to her that night at the '60s decade dance while they were dancing to the cheesy, upbeat music. Bonnie bites her lower lip to stop from smiling. He remembered.

Standing there, Bonnie can't seem to find the words to thank him for finally finding some sense and agreeing with her. Face it. She's tired. She's in absolutely no position to play morality police with him. Bonnie smiles halfheartedly and that's as close to a thank-you as Damon's gonna get. Klaus-related drama is just so yesterday.

Bonnie's cell phone vibrates and it turns out to be a text message from Elena.



Tossing her cell back into her purse, Bonnie gathers her hair and pulls it back into a sleek ponytail. She's tightening the hair tie when Damon grabs a hold of her. What the hell does he think he's doin'?But before Bonnie can yell at him to get his hands off her, Damon decides to speak up.

"I thought Klaus disappeared before he attacked you," he comments softly, his eyes staring intently at the side of her neck.

"He did," Bonnie clarifies.

"Then how does that explain the bite marks?"

Bonnie's eyes widen and her hand automatically flies up to see what he's talking about. Sure enough, there are two small marks made. No blood. What happened? Did he bite and compel her? Impossible…then again, he got into her house without invitation. Dad might've invited him before, Bonnie considers. Did Klaus literally attack and compel? Isn't that what the old, homicidal Damon would do to half the town of Mystic Falls?

"…Scarf," Damon says after a second or two.


"I'll go get you a scarf. Elena can't know about Klaus's little visit," he explains further on. Using his vampire-speed (which never fails to impress Bonnie), he returns in a blink of an eye with a floral print scarf that one of his one-night-stands must have left around.

As he delicately drapes it around her neck so that it covers up the marks well without it being a crystal-clear giveaway (like it was with Caroline), his eyes lock gazes with hers. What comes over him, who knows? But before Damon has any idea just what the hell he is doing, his lips are pressed gently up against hers.

The kiss is…new and exciting. Electrifying. Like looking into someone's eyes for the first time on a sparkling night and immediately falling for a second, Damon forgets all about the drama on the outside. Katherine? I'm sorry. I've never met her in my life. I don't believe I'm familiar with a certain 'Klaus'. Elena who?To Bonnie's own added surprise, she's not forcing him off. She's kissing back. Her lips are moving in perfect sync with his. The clocks have stopped spinning. Time is frozen, it stands still. Damon and Bonnie are off in their own little world and there's no one else there and no other drama. Just them.

When their lips part, they're both left silent. Damn, not the silence again! The doorbell rings and echoes through the walls of the Salvatore mansion. Talk about being saved by the bell.

"That's Elena. Uh, I'll catch you later," Bonnie mutters.

But Damon isn't even listening to her. They're both lost. So very ,very lost.

Did that just really happen?