Veer to the left as I steer you out of the way of destruction.

A series of twist and turns,

Impossible feat as they all once said.

When you gather up the wounded.

A part of you, exhausted & maligned.

Suppression similar to the demons in their heads.

It's a feeling most have felt, but have repudiated to acknowledge.

Asphyxiated, tortured and neglected.

They stare at you with blank faces,

Indistinct eyes reading they've been rejected,

Coercion in the form of missiles falling from the sky,

You can't give up,

You won't yield for the antagonist,

When there's a series of explosions calling out your name, the protagonist.

The muffled cries, silent tears

The infected hearts, expressionless and fierce

Pursue & conquer

Take off in a frantic state of mind.

Time's decelerating by the minute as you pick up the pace, your life on the line.

Skeletons are all they're made of,

Supremacy being the perception that scorches like the pride in our souls.

Fighting, the only answer to reach a never-ending goal.

They turn away.

One was all it took…but,

"The war's not over yet."

You whispered.

The wind delivers the message,

You made the assessment and carried on.