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"Your pregnant!" And his day was officially ruined.

It all started with a simple injury. He had gotten it from his last mission. A gash on his innocence arm. He really didn't want to go to Komui, but he had to. When he got there, Komui was very excited to get to work. After much time and pain his arm was fixed. He was about to wobble out of the room, when Komui pointed out how pale he was before his mission and wanted to talk to him.

After much pleading and threatening of not getting any Miterashi dango, Allen told him his symptoms. Which were that he was tired all the time and that he threw up in the mornings. And that's when Komui took some of his blood and told him to come back tomorrow.

The next day after breakfast, Allen went up to Komui's office and sat down. Komui was ├╝ber happy. And he hadn't even see Lenalee yet. This scared Allen tremendously.

"K-Komui? What is it? Am I fine?" Allen asked nervously, inching toward the door, while still on the couch.

"Oh your better then fine! You're both very healthy!"

"Um...Both? But there's only one of me."

"Oh! I haven't told you yet! My apologies."

"Uhhh...Okay...So what's wrong with me?" He was close to bolting out the door now.

"Your pregnant!" Komui exclaimed happily.

"Ehahaha. Very funny Komui. Now please be serious." The older man pouted.

"I'm always serious!"

"Right right. Then I'm leaving." He got up and started to walk to the door.

"Allen, I'm serious," Komui said in a grave voice. Allen paused, but didn't turn around. "I would never joke about something like this Allen...Allen?" Komui walked up to the white-haired boy and poked him. And Allen promptly fainted.

"Allen! Oh my god, I killed him! Noooooo! What will my precious Lenalee think of me now? Allen! Wake up! Nooooooooo! Don't die!" Just then the door opened.

"Nii-san? What's wrong? Why are you screaming?"

"Noooooo! Don't come in my precious Lenalee!"

"Nii-san what are you doing this ti- Oh my god, Allen! What did you do?"

"Uh...um...I didn't do anything! It was all his fault!" He pointed to the unconscious teen that was now on the couch.

"Nii-san." Lenalee growled.

"No! It's true! He's the one that-Mmph!" A hand had slapped itself onto Komui's mouth.

"It was my fault Lenalee. I accidentally tripped and hit my head pretty hard." Allen's strained voice said next to Komui's head. Lenalee's brows knitted in worry.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine! I'm fine! But can you go get me some medicine from the head nurse? Please?" He gave her one of his best puppy dog eyes. No one can resist. Not even Kanda.

"Well alright. Here's your coffee brother." She handed the mug to her older sibling and walked out of the room. Both males gave a relieved sigh.

"Komui! You were about to tell her I was pregnant, weren't you?"

"Well what else could I do? If I didn't she would have hated me forever! Lenaleeee! Oh my precious sister!" He burst into tears while Allen just sighed again.

"Komui!" That got his attention.


"How the hell is this possible?"

"Well when two people really love each other-"

"Not that!" Allen shouted with a red tinge on his usually pale cheeks. "I"m a male! I can't have babies!"

"Oh well now you can!"

"I got that part. But how?" Komui puffed up with pride.

"I gave you my newest experiment~!" The crazy man smiled widely, while Allen's eye started twitching repeatedly.

"And what was that?" His fists clenched tightly, turning white.

"I gave you a pill!"

"Can you reverse it?" Komui's expression suddenly turned grim.

"No I can't. But I can get rid of it, if you really don't want it." Allen stiffened.

"That would mean killing it." Komui nodded. "No. I won't do that! I don't want to kill an innocent life." The scientist smiled at that.

"That's good. I knew you wouldn't. Now could you tell me who the father is?"

"Ummmm...I would rather not."

"Are you going to tell him?"

"Yes. I'll tell him tonight."

"Are you sure you don't want to tell me who the father is?"

"No. I'll tell him tonight. I promise."

"If anything goes wrong. Like he gets angry and tries to hurt you, go to Lavi or Kanda's room. Alright?" Fortunately, Komui didn't notice when Allen visibly flinched at the names.

"Komui, I'm an exorcist! I can take care of myself you know!"

"I know, but still. Promise?" Allen sighed.

"Yes I promise."

"Well then come back tomorrow with that person. Now go get some rest. Shoo! Out!"

"Alright alright!" And so Allen went to his room.

Hope ya liked it! Hopefully I'll a little more writing done cause it's Christmas break, but unfortunately I can make no promises. I never get anything done.