This is just a little reaction drabble based on the newest pictures of Darren and Mia on Tumblr.

This is a work of fiction. I own no one and nothing, besides an 11 year old 4-door Ford and a ginger tabby.

Chris didn't wait for the person on the other end of the line to greet him, he just started right into his tirade. "Couldn't you have at least waited until I left the state Darren? My god..."

"Well good morning to you too, Christopher. And how are you this fine day. And what the fuck are you talking about?"

"You know."

"And I assure you, I don't."

But Chris could hear the smile in Darren's voice. "I know you know. And I know you know I know stop denying it."

"What did you hear? What did you see?"

"Well Ashley felt compelled to send me every picture she could of you and Mia together last night. I was also privy to some less than stellar commentary and remarks on your 'relationship'." Chris made air quotes when he said relationship even though he was by himself and Darren couldn't see him over the phone.

"You made air quotes when you said relationship didn't you? Never mind.. I know you too well..."

"If you know me 'too well', and yes I made air quotes again shut up, you would know I'm kinda freaked out about the whole thing."

"Well, I asked you out last night and you said 'No'." Darren sounded liked a kicked puppy, but Chris didn't take much notice, Darren's pout and puppy dog eyes had stopped working on him long ago.

"Was she still going to be there?"

"Yes!" Chris rolled his eyes at Darren's answer.

"Well it wouldn't have worked; three's a crowd Darren!"

"You're only here for a couple more days and I wanted to see you." My god, Darren knew how to pull at his heart strings.

"Darren , Mia is a sweet girl..."

"But she ain't no Chris Colfer" Darren interjected then laughed.

"And yeah ...we have yet to discuss that little adlib. What's wrong with you? Can't you forget my name for just one performance - you forget your lyrics easy enough!"

"Ooooo low blow, babe. I forget my lyrics because I'm thinking about you... and your lips... and your eyes ...and you ass."

"Well it is a great ass... I can't help if it pulls focus." Chris deadpanned. "But back to Mia, you know she wouldn't be doing this for us if she still wasn't a little bit in love with you. How much hate do you think that girl's gonna take before she cracks - or worse gives an interview?"

"Let me worry about Mia... you worry about getting into my suite unnoticed."

"Oh the Broadway star staying in tonight? No plans for a check presentation or benefit concert, or to build a hospital?" Chris envied how comfortable Darren was in front of the camera and behind the mike, but the boy had to learn to say no sometimes.

"Not at the moment, but if my boyfriend keeps on being a smart ass, I should be able to find something to do."

"No, no.. I think you should stay in. 'Get some sleep Darren' is threatening to trend again on Twitter. An early night will show the fans you care."

"It seems like such a waste - to have an early night in the city that never sleeps" Darren sighed.

"Oh Honey, don't worry... you won't be getting any sleep tonight."