Super Smash Bros vs Capcom!

Disclaimer: Super Smash Bros. is property of Nintendo, while all Capcom games are property of Capcom.

There are many universes, each containing a multitude of worlds. But out of all of those universes, the two closest together are the universes bearing the worlds of Nintendo, and Capcom. These parallel dimensions have co-existed side by side in harmony for ages- Through joyous cooperation at least, and blissful isolation at most.

But something has gone wrong. The boundaries keeping the two realms has become unstable, causing worlds to merge. What is worse, there are there is a dark presence, causing those who would call each other friend to lash out in violence! I feel that this presence and the merging of worlds are connected, and if nothing is done, no one will survive. I have sent my greatest warrior to find the culprit, but he will need the aid of others to solve this dilemma…

-These are the words of Palutena

Cranky Kong: Hmph, what a bunch of pretty words. Almost makes ya think you're about to play somethin' unique and creative, huh? Well, too bad, folks! This is just another fighting game with a stupid back story! I swear, some people will say anything to glorify their crap! You might as well toss in something about how we're all in danger from an invasion of flying cows and killer tomatoes because it won't change anything. Well, if you feel like spending hard-earned money on something you'll only play once, be my guest- you'll be demanding a refund from the cashier shortly.

Here are the ones who will end this conflict…

Cranky: Boy, look at these weirdos. Standards have really fallen if these clowns became stars.

-Name / Universe / origin

1- Mario / Nintendo / Donkey Kong

2- MegaMan / Capcom / MegaMan

3- Link / Nintendo / The Legend of Zelda

4- Ryu / Capcom / Street Fighter

5- Samus Aran / Nintendo / Metroid

6- Morrigan Aensland / Capcom / Darkstalkers: The Night Warrior

7- Donkey Kong / Nintendo / Donkey Kong Country

8- Mike Haggar / Capcom / Final Fight

9- Pikachu / Nintendo / Pokemon Red & Pokemon Blue

10- Viewtiful Joe / Capcom / Viewtiful Joe

11- Princess Peach / Nintendo / Super Mario Bros.

12- Chun-Li / Nintendo / Street Fighter II

13- Bowser / Nintendo / Super Mario Bros.

14- M. Bison / Capcom / Street Fighter II

15- Pit / Nintendo / Kid Icarus

16- Arthur / Capcom / Ghost 'n' Goblins

17- Princess Zelda / Nintendo / The Legend of Zelda

18- Tron Bonne / Capcom / MegaMan Legends

19- Ganondorf Dragmire / Nintendo / The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

20- Albert Wesker / Capcom / Resident Evil

21- Fox McCloud / Nitnendo / StarFox

22- Chris Redfield / Capcom / Resident Evil

23- Captain Falcon / Nintendo / F-Zero

24- MegaMan Volnutt / Capcom / MegaMan Legends

25- Luigi / Nintendo / Mario Bros.

26- Zero / Capcom / MegaMan X

27- Kirby / Nintendo / Kirby's Dream Land

28- Amateratsu / Capcom / Okami

29- Meta Knight / Nintendo / Kirby's Adventure

30- Dante / Capcom / Devil May Cry

31- Ness / Nintendo / Earthbound

32- Strider Hiryu / Capcom / Strider

33- Solid Snake / Konami / Metal Gear Solid

34- Spider-Man / Marvel / Spider-Man