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I couldn't believe the day had finally arrived that Curly and I were leaving the orphanage. It was still beyond believable that Mr. Cullen wanted to take both Curly and I in. I would be forever grateful to him for making it possible for Curly and I to be together always.

On the morning that we were to leave the orphanage, it was a busy and exciting one too. Several boxes arrived for Curly and I; they were filled with beautiful clothes and accessories. There were labels on them; names I'd never heard of before.

In the first box I opened was a beautiful royal blue dress. I pulled it out and held it up to my body. I loved how it looked. It was cut in a 1950's style; it was sleeveless and would end at just above my knees. It had black butterflies all over it and tiny black belt at the next box I opened was shoes; they were black patent leather. They were high heeled and the toe was open. I loved them! I had dainty black pearl jewelry to accessorize with. There was a bracelet; it was made of black pearls, and it had small clusters of diamonds between each pearl. There was a set of earrings. They were tiny diamonds with a small black pearl at the bottom.

I nearly cried, when I had opened everything and put it all on. I had been given all these exquisite treasures and I was feeling overwhelmed from it. Who was I that I deserved so much? After I was dressed, I went to see how Curly was coming along.

When I got to her room, she was already dressed; she looked so adorable. She was wearing a very sweet looking sailor dress; it was white and trimmed out in navy blue satin ribbon. She had a little white beret on her head and navy blue patent leather shoes on her feet. Her jewelry consisted of a white pearl bracelet with blue sapphire stones between each pearl.

"Oh, Bella! Do we really get to have all these lovely things?" she asked me, as she came to hug me.

"Yes, darling, we do. Mrs. Cope tells me we will be living in high society now, and we will always be expected to look and act like high society ladies," I explained to her.

"Oh, but I don't know how to do that; do you, Bella?" she replied.

"Well no, but I'm sure the lady of the house will teach us," I told her.

I was excited, but nervous at the same time.

It was midday, when a limo was sent out to pick Curly and I up. We took time to say our goodbyes to everyone then we were escorted to the limo by the driver. As I waited to enter the limo there was a small truck with a trailer attached to it; that was for the pony and duck. When Mr. Masen had found out that Mrs. Volturi was going to take them away from Curly, he ordered her not to do so. He said that she would most certainly not be taking away the last remaining gifts our parents had left her. Mrs. Volturi was not happy, but she wouldn't defy the wealthiest benefactor the orphanage now had.


I was happy and sad at the same time to leave the orphanage. I had a lot of friends I would miss there, but I was happy to be going to a big beautiful home of my very own too. Uncle Edward had told me I could come back to the orphanage to visit anytime I wanted to; he also said I could invite the other children to see me at our house. I liked that just fine.


The day had finally arrived that my girls were coming to live with me at last. I spent all morning going from room to room to make sure everything was ready for them.

"Edward, dear, if you don't stop that pacing you're going to wear a hole in the floor," Aunt Esme told me.

"I can't seem to help it, Aunt Esme. I am just so excited for them to arrive," I replied.

"I can tell, dear, I can surely tell," she said laughing.

It seemed forever before I heard the car I had sent for them pulling up the driveway.

"Aunt Esme, they're here!" I exclaimed looking out the front window.

I walked swiftly to the door and swung Curly up in my arms. Aunt Esme came to join me.

"Aunt Esme, I want you to meet our new family. Bella, Elizabeth, this is Aunt Esme," I said.

"Well, my dears...I'm so glad to meet you both. Won't you come in?" Esme said as she put an arm around Bella and hugged her.

"Hello, Curly greeted her with a big smile.

"Hello," Esme greeted back while reaching out to tickle Curly's tummy, making her squirm and giggle in my arms.

"Marcus, would see to it that our other guests are taken care of? I asked our butler.

"You mean the uh livestock, sir? he asked.

I had made sure that Curly was able to keep her pony and her duck. I was furious after being informed that the only two gifts that child had left from her parents were going to be sold as punishment.

"Right." I answered as I walked back into the house.

After showing Bella and Curly the house, the four of gathered in the music room to talk for awhile.

"Well, how do you like your new home?" I asked Curly. She had joined me on the piano bench.

"It's wonderful!" she exclaimed.

"Would you like to get changed and do some exploring?" I asked her.

"Mmmhmm, the first thing I want to do is see where Spunky and Betsy are going to sleep," she answered oh so serious.

"Well, certainly," I told her.

"Oh no, Edward; Elizabeth must rest before dinner." Esme spoke up.

"Oh come now, Aunt Esmeā€¦" I was saying.

"Mr. Cullen gave me the strictest orders. He insists that Elizabeth and Isabella have only the very best of care," she told me with a slight smirk on her face.

"Oh...I see. Well, we can't argue with Mr. Cullen," I replied with a nodding of my head.

"That's what I thought," Esme quipped.

"Alright then, Mr. Cullen wins, but I'll see you all at dinner," I told them.

Esme took Curly by the hand and began leading her upstairs with Bella following. I went to my office to look over some paperwork for a case I was working on.