Forgive Me Proluge

Deep in the Dragon Realms, a white and black dragon stood alone in the volcano lair of the former Dark Master Malefor. He stared at the crests and rocks hungrily before turning to the center of the lair, where a weird machine was hooked up to the volcano itself.

Red hot lava was streaming from the pit into the machine, which gave off a roaring sound. The dragon himself emerged from the smoke and showed himself clearly for the first time. He was a medium sized dragon, around ten feet long, and his wingspan was a staggering twenty feet. A bunch of weird symbols was plastered on his body. Each of them holding a ancient word. He was no normal dragon.

He was a Time Dragon. A dragon who had the power to alter time itself. Time Dragons were even more rarer then the purple dragon, born every century. His name was Temporal and he was determined to slay the purple dragon known as Spyro. Two dark blue horns spiraled from his head and his eyes were a chilly blue, with sheer malevolence in them. He had endured a incredible amount of pain during his twelve years on the planet, and his first great deed was to kill Spyro and win glory among the criminal gangs strewen around the Dragon Realms. A bitter smile touched his lips. Today would be the death of Spyro the Dragon!