Chapter 5: Light Victorious

As Whitefury and Raze brutally fought, shockwaves from their furious clashing was shaking the battlefield, shaking both the moles and their Dark Seeker opponents. Spyro and Cynder were facing down a small group of Dark Seekers, led by a massive troll. Spyro distracted the troll by slowing it down with a ice storm, before he whipped aside as the beast smashed a massive fist onto the ground, narrowly missing him.

Cynder opened her maw and blasted out three, crimson shrieking orbs, which whipped forward and slammed into the troll, exploding and stunning it with fear energy. Spyro followed it up by viciously smashing the troll with the earth flail, before curling up into a boulder and smashing into the beast's chest, propelling it backward. Cynder then blasted the remainder of their opponents with a powerful burst of corrosive poison, which dissolved the remaining Dark Seekers.

Spyro then uncurled from the boulder before closing his eyes and concentrating. Intense energy radiated outward from him as his purple scales glowed a bright lavender. His eyes then snapped open, revealing no pupils. Only pure Convexity energy filled his eyes. Spyro opened his maw and roared as he tapped into the vast store of Convexity energy within him, empowering him to a godlike monster.

Opening his maw, he blasted the troll with a massive beam of Convexity energy, instantly vaporizing it, before turning his wrath on the other scattered groups of Dark Seekers fighting against their mole allies. Cynder growled as she followed her mate back into combat.

Whitefury roared as he whipped his massive tail at Raze, the huge blade at the end glinting. Raze ducked, but the blade still managed to cut a groove through his left throat. Bellowing in rage and agony, Raze whipped forth his right and middle heads and latched their powerful jaws onto the white dragon's tail. before he crunched down hard.

Snarling in pain, Whitefury grappled Raze's heads with his muscular forearms before he grabbed the hydra in a wrestler's grip, trapping the hydra. They looked strange indeed, the dark hydra's massive jaws locked around Whitefury's tail, while the white dragon had his powerful forearms locked around Raze's throats.

Raze then bellowed as he opened his jaws, freeing Whitefury, before striking the deity in the side with a powerful swipe of his mace-like tail, loosening his vicious grip. Raze then struck him again, propelling him away, before opening all three of his maws. Instantly dark energy started charging in each one, before Raze fired.

This time however, three thin beams blasted outwards from each mouth, before combining into a single massive black fireball. Whitefury noticed this, and spread his paws to either side. Intense light energy instantly formed in each, forming two white energy spheres. The dragon god then smashed his paws together, causing the two energy spheres to merge into a single large one.

Raze bellowed out the name of his attack as he fired, as did Whitefury.



Whitefury thrust his cupped paws forward, expelling a massive beam of powerful light energy. Raze shot the massive fireball forward in a awesome display of dark power. The two massively powerful energy attacks slammed into each other with a powerful crack, and the two deities struggled to overcome the other.

"Everyone! Give me your energy!" Whitefury roared. Spyro and Cynder heard this, and instantly rallied their allies. The moles held up their hands, causing white sparkles of energy to float off their bodies, which was instantly absorbed into Whitefury's body, causing his body to flare a bright white. The Dark Seekers charged forth to intercept them, but Whitefury expelled a wave of energy from his body, pushing the dark warriors back.

Whitefury then transferred all of the obtained energy into the Holy Devastator, further increasing its power. With a whirling boom, the beam sliced clean through the Hell Buster and slammed into Raze, slowly burning him alive.


He bellowed as the holy light ate away at the darkness which composed his body. Whitefury pushed more power into the beam, and with a shattering boom, the beam completely obliterated Raze in a spectacular display of holy power.

The Dark Seekers, seeing their leader fall, instantly threw down their weapons and fled. The moles cheered as they saw their vanquished enemies running away. Spyro and Cynder then smiled at each other, before winging their way to the exhausted Whitefury.

"Whitefury, I and my mate will like to thank you fo-" Whitefury raised a paw, still panting heavily, but he had a grin on his face. "Its fine Spyro. The gods have a plan for you and your mate, thats why I came." Spyro cocked his head in confusion.

"What do they need me for?" He asked. Whitefury opened his mouth to answer but suddenly there came a massive flash of light from the heavens. Whitefury shook his head, before turning back to Spyro and Cynder.

"You'll find out Spyro. The Chronicler wants us to come to him. Prehaps you'll recognize him."

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