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Part 3

Santana and I are about a week into our friendship when I realize quickly that she either doesn't know how to be a friend or is doing everything in her power to make me crack. Now, almost 2 months later the effects of her teasing still haven't disappeared, only gotten stronger. Her stupid lingering looks as she smirks from down the hall, the second-too-long hugs she gives me in the mornings and the 'accidental' touching of my behind are driving me insane. Noah thinks it's hilarious beyond belief.

"Don't even lie, you're totally digging it" Noah says in my ear. My elbow quickly makes contact with his stomach, knocking the air from his body but my eyes stay down the hall, set in a firm glare as I stare at the stupid red cheerio uniform.

"Fuck. I think that's going to leave a bruise" I turn around to glance at Noah because despite the fact the guy's an ass, he's still my best friend and I didn't exactly mean to hurt him seriously. His shirt is pulled up and he's looking at his stomach, rubbing his hand across his abs carefully.

"Are you okay?" I ask, a slight smile on my face ready to tease him when he complains. His mouth opens and he looks up to whine but stops short when he sees my face.

"Fine" he replies quickly, dropping his shirt. I laugh and shake my head then spin back around to my locker. I frown when I realize the Chemistry book I need is on the top shelf. How did it even get up there because I certainly can't reach it. I can hear Noah laughing behind me and I scowl.

"A little help would be nice Noah" I say, standing on my tiptoes and reaching as far as I can. My fingers graze the book but I can't grab it to pull it down.

"No need" is his reply and before I have a chance to ask him what he's even talking about, another arm is grabbing the book and pulling it down. My eyebrows draw together. The arm is too small and too tan to be Noah's. It must be…

"Hey B" its whispered in my ear and I feel my heart drop down to my stomach and shatter. I spin around quickly and Santana's so close I take a reflexive step back, right into my locker. I wince slightly and a look of concern crosses her face, my book clunking somewhere behind my head as she tosses it back into the locker.

"Are you okay?" she asks looking down. I nod and the smirk falls back on her face and she leans forward. Her nose is nearly touching mine.

"H-Hello Santana."

"You okay Rach? You look a little… flush" she says, mirth dripping from her voice. I visibly swallow and turn my head until Noah is in my vision. He's standing behind and slightly to the right (my left) of Santana with an eyebrow raised, licking his lips. Of course the boy would be getting off to this.

"San… Santana. I don't think this is appropriate right now" I try to reason and raise my hands to press on her stomach slightly. I can feel the muscles of her abs twitch under the cheerio's top and she flashes me another wide grin then takes a small step back, giving me a little breathing room.

"What's wr-" she begins but is cut off as someone behind her clears their throat. For a second I'm afraid it's a teacher or worst, Sue and we'll be punished for… whatever we did. Santana scowls and swings around, coming face to face with Quinn who is leaning against Puck's shoulder as if it's a post with an amused smile on her face.

"Geez S, can't keep it in your pants? We get it. You want in those ridiculous animal sweaters but at least have some dignity." The grin never leaves her face. I fight the blush that comes over my face, Puck smirks and Santana rolls her eyes.

"Can it Juno. Rach and I are simply talking. Why don't you go find something to do, like Tae-Bo maybe?" Quinn glares and Santana smirks. Noah looks between them with clear amusement and I do my best to remain invisible. At least Quinn's attention is on Santana and not me, which the latter doesn't seem to mind at all.

"Bitch" Quinn mumbles, spinning around and stalking down the hall, her ponytail bouncing behind her.

"Slut" Santana calls down the hall. Quinn doesn't even acknowledge the insult and it seems neither does anyone else, use to the exchanges between the two head cheerleaders.

"All that pent up anger would make for some awesome sex San. You should ask Quinn-" Santana punches Noah in the gut before he can finish whatever the suggestion was. Ironically it's in the exact same spot my elbow made contact with and for a second I feel sorry for him, then I remember what he was about to say and shake it off. Once again Santana's attention is on me.

"So Coach added another practice after school, something about Tracy's foot a centimeter off the mark or something, but I still want to hang out with you" she says. My back is still to my locker so I just nod. She smiles and the tardy bell rings above us. I realize we're the only three still standing in the hall.

"Shit" Puck curses and takes off. I take barely a millisecond to take pride in he actually cares about being late for once before spinning around to quickly grab my books.

"I can't believe I'm late. I've never EVER had an unexcused tardiness and I just know Mr. Barnes is going to give me trouble. He already hates when I raise my hand in class and looks for absolutely any possible reason to…" I trail off when Santana taps my shoulder and turn around. She's holding out a blue paper and I take it carefully then glance down at it.

"A tardy pass? Signed by principal Figgins? How do you have this?" I ask, shock written all over my face. Santana smiles and shrugs.

"Coach Sylvester gave us each a stack. She got tired of writing them when she decided to have pop-practices during the day. She also refuses to let any of us have detention and miss a mandatory practice." I shake my head at the injustice, grab my final book and close my locker. I turn around fully with a smile.

"Thank you Santana, I really must get to class now though and I advise you to do the same. I'll see you at lunch though?" I ask.

"Sure thing B. Have a good day" she says, leans over to kiss me softly on the cheek then turns and flutters around the corner towards her Biology class. What? I only know her schedule because she walks me to class sometime.


"So what is it with you and Brittany?" the question makes her pause her scrolling. She's sitting at my desk checking her facebook and we've been out of school for nearly 5 hours now. I know the question is random but me being me, I figure the best way to bring the subject up is to lay it all out there.

"What?" she asked, slowly swiveling in the chair to face me. I'm sitting indian style in the middle of my bed, my eyes trained on her.

"I mean… you and her. I thought you two were like… a thing? You two are best friends and there's a rumor going around school about you two being… possibly more than friends as well? I was just wondering where you two stand with each other" I ask, my head tilting slightly as I watch her face. Her brows are drawn together and she's leveling me with a glare. While usually I cower under said glare we've been friends for a while now. I can no longer see the malice undertone behind her eyes. All I see is… affection.

"Britt and I are just friends. Nothing more" she says, turning back around to my laptop. I chew on my bottom lip as I stare at the back of her head. I want to believe her but damn my insecurities. I'm not exactly the most popular or prettiest girl and school and look at Santana, she's gorgeous. In the degrading words of Noah she's basically 'Sex on stick.' Why would she want me when she could have Brittany? Or Quinn? Or any other cheerio?

"it just... seems likes its more than that" I voice, my eyes on my hands which are twitching in my lap. I hear the squeak of the chair again but I don't move or acknowledge it.

"Well you're wrong. Geez Rachel, I said nothing was going on with me and Britt. Will you drop it now?" she snaps and I can't help the flinch. Maybe I'm not as immune to her harsh glares and tones as I thought I was.

"Sorry" I mumble and she lets out a long sigh. My eyes watch her from under my lashes as she stands to her feet, runs a hand through her hair then closes the distance between us. She doesn't sit on the bed but she stands on the side, close enough that I can reach out and touch her without much of an effort.

"Look… I'm sorry okay? It just, once upon a time I was in love with Britt. She was my first everything, I'll spare you the details" she says and I exhale in relief. "But that was a long time ago. She didn't return my feelings, I was hurt but I got over it. She's happy with robo-boy and I'm happy… with you" the last two words are whispered and I finally tear my eyes away from my lap to look up at her. She gives me a small shrug.

"But are you two really over it? At least are you? You and her don't really talk much from what I can tell" I ask. She shrugs again and finally climbs on the bed, her knees pressing against the comforter as she moves past me then settles in front of me, sitting indian-style as well so we're knee-to-knee.

"One has nothing to do with the other. Britt is with Crippleton. She hangs with him the geek squad more. Me and Q are tight. We hang together along with you and Puck. We're still friends and I know I can still call her if I need her it's just.. I haven't needed her" she explains. A small smile finds its way on my lips.

"You and Quinn… I've been meaning to ask you about that. You two are best friends?" I ask, a full grin on my face. I knew Noah and I didn't have the most convenient friendship either with him hitting on me non-stop but Quinn and Santana? I'd never understand that relationship. Santana rolls her eyes.

"Quinn's a bitch. I'm a bitch. I guess we have some weird bitchy, cheerio bond or something. I don't know. Just like Puck shows his affection by hitting on you, Q and I insult each other" she says smirking. "Everyone can't be all mushy like you and besides, the bitch knows if she needs me I'm there… or whatever" she adds another eye-roll and I can't help the giggle that falls from my lips.

"You're so cute when you pretend you don't care" I coo. She arches her eyebrow at me.

"Who says I'm pretending?"

"I do. You can't fool me Santana. I might have been convinced before but I've been friends with you for two months now. I know you're a sheep in wolf's clothing" I say, a grin on my lips. It only gets wider when a frown appears on hers.

"I am not a sheep in wolf's clothing. I'm a wolf. I'm a werewolf actually. There's nothing soft about me" she demands and I giggle again. She's even cuter when she's all flustered.

"So you're saying you're a wolf even with me? Would a wolf confess an attraction to me? Would a wolf's face light up the way yours does when you see me at school? Would a wolf be blushing right now?" I ask, reaching out to touch her cheek that's gotten darker in the past 20 seconds. She scowls at me but there's no malice behind it. Before I can react she's pulling me towards her by my legs and pressing against me at the same time, forcing me to lay back. My hands are braced on her shoulders as she hovers above me.

"Fine, I'm a sheep… but only with you" she says with a nonchalant shrug. I grin and she rolls her eyes but there's a smile on her face. I giggle and look up at her, my eyes finding hers. She stares back at me and I swear she's moving closer. When I realize she is I clench my eyes shut and turn my head. Her lips land on my cheek and she growls against my skin. I squeeze her shoulders in response.

"Raaach…" she stretches the 'a' out in my name as she whines against my cheek then pulls away to look down at me. I turn my head to look at her, my bottom lip clenched between my teeth.

"Not yet San. I like you, I really, really do its just…" I trail off and she frowns.

"Don't say its too soon. It's been 2 months; I can't take being your friend for much longer. Puck's already stopped me from kicking Finn in the nuts twice for leering at you" she admits, her expression hard. I smile affectionately and shake my head.

"No that's not it."

"Well then what is it? Come on B, I've done every single thing I can think of to prove how much I want to be with you, how much I care about you… what else can I do?" she asks, lowing her head until her forehead is pressed against my shoulder.

"It's not that either" I assure her.

"Then be with me. Please? I want to kiss you so bad I think I'm getting blue balls" she mumbles and I laugh outright.

"While that's impossible with you being a female San…" she grunts in reply. "I want to be with you it's just… I have a rule…" I admit. She frowns and raises her head to look at me.

"A rule?"

"3 months. If someone can stick around without leaving me for 3 months I'll consider dating them. I don't have the easiest personality to deal with, as you made obvious for most of high school" I say.

She groans and lowers her head to my shoulder again. I know she hates thinking of the things she's done to me and I reach up to run my hands through her hair in apology.

"1 more month San… for me?" I whisper. I feel her sigh against my skin then a nod before she's looking at me.

"One more month. B I'll wait another year if I have to. That's how serious I am" she assures me then leans forward to kiss my forehead. I give her a warm smile and wrap my arms around her neck, pulling her into a hug.


"So when does it hit 3 months since you and Satan started mackin?" Puck asks leaning against the locker next to mine. I smile and turn to look at him.

"Tomorrow. It'll be exactly 3 months from that day in the parking lot" I say turning back to my locker.

"But today's the last day of school before winter break. You guys plan on hanging out tomorrow?" he asks. I nod as I grab my English book and planner, opening it up to the date.

"More than likely. She mentioned something about a date earlier this week."

"Yeah well you need to hurry up and just let her in your pants because Satan has been being extra bitchy lately. I didn't even think that was possible" I look over as Noah shudders and roll my eyes.

"She has not."

"Not to you. She flipped my tray on the group yesterday when she walked past me just because. I really wanted those fries too" he pouts and I laugh.

"Noah you're being dramatic."

"No you're in denial. Did you see what she did to Finn this morning when he looked at you?" I frown and shake my head.


"Even I couldn't stop her! She walked up to him and…." I frown when he trails off and turn to look at him. He's staring over my head with wide eyes. Confused, I spin around and freeze. Santana's walking towards us and not just walking, stomping. People are literally jumping out of her way and I feel Puck take a few steps back. She looks… upset. Furious actually…

"Santana? What's wro-" I ask when she reaches us and before I can even finish my question her lips are on mine. I whimper in surprise, the force in which she slams into me knocks the books from my hands. I hear them hit the ground but she doesn't relent. Its then that I realize that Santana Lopez is kissing me… finally.

I melt into the kiss as I feel her hands on my hips. My eyes close and my arms raise to wrap around her neck and pull her closer. She's pushing into me, pressing me up against the lockers as she melds her body with mine. I can feel every curve, muscle and dip in her body from her chest down to her thighs. Everything fits perfectly and as I tilt my head, opening my mouth and her tongue touches mine for the first time I feel my knees shake. I'm literally week in the knees and my hands slid up into her hair. That stupid ponytail. Quick maneuvering and her hair is free, her hair tie hanging loosely around my wrist as my fingers curl into the strands and tug. She whimpers and I gasp. I feel my chest tighten and I fight through every chest burn and knee shake until it's impossible and its either breath or die. Although dying this way would be one hell of a way to go, I want more of this, of her so I pull away. Taking in a deep breath. I'm still panting when my eyes finally open and focus on hers. Her eyes are dark with lust and her lips bruised. My right leg is hitched around her thigh and I can't even remember when that even happened. I don't even know what happened at all.

"Oh for fucks sake. Will you please stop defiling Berry in the hallway? Coach wants to see us now. I just lost my appetite… gross. I'm also pretty sure you broke Puck." Quinn's voice pierces the fog in my brain and I tear my eyes from Santana's and glance around her. Quinn is standing behind Santana; arms cross over her chest and a scowl on her face.

Puck is standing next to her, wide eyed and his mouth hanging open as he stares openly at us. I'm too far away but I'm pretty sure there's drool on his chin and his knuckles are white from where they're gripping the strap of his book bag.

I turn back to face Santana and her eyes haven't moved from me the entire time. I take a deep breath and open my mouth to speak, unsure if my voice will even work after that.

"W-What… why…?" I stutter, her lips turn up just a little.

"I couldn't wait. One more day and I'd have gone crazy…" she says softly.

"Seriously? Coach is going to skin us alive if we don't go. We're going to be late" Quinn yells.

"Hnng…" is the only word from Puck who still hasn't moved. I'm not even sure if it could be considered a word at all. Santana rolls her eyes then looks at me, her gaze once again softening.

"I've got to go. I'll call you later to let you know what time I'm taking you out tomorrow. Also… sorry about that" she shrugs with a smile then reaches up to cradle my face. "I couldn't help myself. I promise to not kiss you at all tomorrow to make up for it" she assures me the moves to pull away. Before she can my hand still in her hair is yanking her back to press my lips against hers again. Quinn groans and Puck makes that stupid sound again. Its chaste this time though and I pull away with a smile.

"Don't even think about it" are my words and her face lights up in that smile she seems to reserve for me. She presses one last kiss to my cheek and then she's gone, ignoring a complaining Quinn behind her. I close my eyes and compose myself then reach down to pick up my books. I turn to ask Noah if he's ready to go but he's nowhere in sight. I catch the door to the boy's restroom swinging closed and roll my eyes with a smirk. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.