Life and fate are completely two different concepts. Life is a cycle in which everything goes in order. Fate is an interruption in that cycle. Even if we don't plan on it. In fact the most extraordinary things happen because of fate. But also the most horrible and indescribable events happen because of fate as well. There's no way on planning on it. There's no way to see ahead of time. It just happens. Before the events that occurred on that fateful day, I didn't know those separate facts. I lived on my life like any other sixteen year old should…but I couldn't help to feel that something was missing.

"Danielle…Ms. Petrelli?" my teacher's voice desperately tried to get my attention away from the window.

I turned my gaze over to him. "Yes, Mr. Jenkins?"

"Since you seem to feel free to pay attention over to what is happening outside instead of listening to me, why don't you tell us what year President Lincoln was assassinated?"

Both Mr. Jenkins and the whole class faced me with inquiring eyes. I gave the best answer my memory would give me.


He took off his glasses. "No. That was the year he was born. Please pay attention, Ms. Petrelli."

"Yes, Sir."

The last bell of the day rang throughout the room. I began gathering my things.

"That's all the time we have, but remember to turn in your history reports tomorrow."

As this statement was being made, I followed my classmates out of the door. I quickly hurried past them in attempt to get to my locker.

"Hey, Danni!" a familiar voice called for me.

I turned around, smiling. "Hey Cole."

Cole rushed over to my side. He gave me an incredulous expression. I didn't have to ask why though. I already knew.

"I cannot believe that you were dazing in class again," he said. "That's like the fifth time this week."

I only shrugged. "What can I say? History isn't exactly my favorite subject."

"But you've been doing it in every class."

"Now that I think about it, maybe it's just school itself."

"So what's in your head that just can't stop day-dreaming about?"

"It's not exactly a day-dream. It's more like a collection of thoughts."

I began to walk down the hall with him by my side.

"What are these collections of thoughts exactly?" he asked curiously.

"I don't exactly know. I guess I've been thinking about how I fit into the picture I'm in right now."

Cole stopped me, putting a hand on my shoulder. "Danni, we've been through this before. Just because your brother is running for Congress, doesn't mean that you're an outcast."

I looked right into his blue eyes. "It's not about the campaign. I mean before that and now. You know how my foster family almost completely ignores me. I'm debating whether or not this family is the right fit for me."

"OK, first of all: that's not really for you to decide. Second: it's a little too late to decide the right fit for you now."

"I know that. And I also know that if I was to jump off of a cliff one day and die, they wouldn't notice until weeks later that I had disappeared. At least Angela and Nathan wouldn't. Peter would though. But who would listen to him when people are more concentrated on Nathan's campaign?"

He stood there, silent. As much as he didn't want to say it, I could see it in his eyes that he agreed with me.

Cole's hand brushed through his blond hair. "Look, if you're not busy tonight, maybe we can hang out for a bit? Like we used to six months ago."

"Sure. I could use a break."

"Great, I'll call you tonight. See ya later."

"See ya."

As usual I walked home from school. It really wasn't that far. It only took a few blocks and taxi, if possible, to get there. Once I finally arrived, I threw my backpack to a nearby couch, flipped the TV on, and sat down to relax myself. The news was on. Oh joy (note the sarcasm). Oh well, it seemed kind of interesting at the time. A suicide bombing in Israel and a train wreckage in Odessa, Texas. Is there ever anything good to report these days? Everything that seemed to come out of people's mouths was bad news. My phone suddenly vibrated in my pocket. I checked the caller ID.

Nathan. Speak of the devil.

"Hey Nate."

"I told you not to call me that," he responded to me sourly.

"And do I listen?"

"No, you don't."

"That was a rhetorical question with a little bit of sarcasm mixed into it," I cornered him. "Keep up with program, Nate."

"Danielle, will you please stop your foolishness and listen to me."

"Fine…you've got five minutes."

"Mom's in jail so in case if you're wondering where she was there she is."

My eyes widened in shock. "Whoa, she's in jail? What'd she do? Rob some poor old man?"

"God, please no. She shoplifted a pair of socks."

"Socks? Really? That woman really needs something to do around this place."

"Why don't you two do some shopping or something?"

"Are you really asking that Nate?"

Nathan gave a heavy sigh. "Alright, now I know you're being sarcastic. You're her daughter, Danielle."

"Foster daughter, Nathan. Just like I'm your foster sister."

"That still shouldn't make a difference."

"No, it shouldn't…but in this case it does. Every time I try talking to her it's like talking to a wall."

"I'll try talking to her for you. Listen, I gotta go. In the meantime, try to stay out of trouble."

"As if that's an option," I replied, although he had already hung up.

As you've seen for yourself, I don't exactly have the greatest relationship with my family. I wasn't lying to Cole when I said that my family ignored me. I knew for myself that the only reason Nathan took the time to call me was because of his stupid campaign. That man would do anything to keep his clean record in the media. As for Angela, she seemed to barely know that I existed. Sure she took care of me as did for her sons, but she usually kept communication up to a minimum. How social services allowed this family to adopt me, I don't know. That's why I was slightly devastated when Peter moved out the mansion. He was the only one that actually treated me as if I was his actual sister. I continued to watch the news, slowly drifting off into a deep sleep.

"Danni…Danni, c'mon it's time to wake-up."

"Mm," I moaned back to the voice.

I soon felt a pair of hands shaking my body. "C'mon Danni, wake up or else I'll have to pour a bucket of water on you."

My eyes fluttered open, but not because of the threat. It was because of the owner of the voice itself.

I smiled to him. "Peter, what are you doing here?"

"What? I can't come to see my little sister without an invitation?" he teased.

"No…you have to make a reservation."

Peter gave a small chuckle. "Being the only child in this house still hasn't changed you. So how have you been?"

"School's boring (as usual), Nathan's head has miraculously grown bigger than the earth itself because of his campaign, and I'm completely dying without you in this house. You could say I'm doing okay."

"C'mon, it's not that bad. You have two more years until you're eighteen and you can do what you want from there."

"One and a half actually," I corrected him.

He playfully rolled his eyes. "I'm not even going to ask."

"So what about you? How are things for you?"

"I don't exactly know. I've been having these weird dreams lately about—never mind it's crazy."

"C'mon Pete, tell me. I promise I won't laugh."

"I'm not worried about people laughing at me, but it's still crazy."

"I promise to put away all of my biases if you tell me," I said to him.

"Okay…lately I've been having dreams of me…flying—through the city I mean. I can't tell if it's just a dream or vision or something. But I keep seeing Nathan in it too…and sometimes he's flying."

I sat there silently, not sure of what to say next. "You had me until you mentioned Nathan."

Peter collapsed onto the couch next to me. "See, I knew you would think I was crazy too."

"I don't think you're crazy," I immediately defended. "Maybe you're just stressed out with Nathan's campaign."

"Maybe…but what if it's not that? What if I can actually fly?"

"Then maybe you are crazy, but don't let this dream convince you that you are."

"I'm not. It's just that…things have been crazy this past six months and I just feel like this is right."

"Not that I'm going to judge you, Peter, but just don't let this dream get to your head okay?"

"I'll try," he suddenly sat up, "wait, I just remembered something."

"What is it?" I asked him eagerly.

"You were in it too—the dream."

"What? What would I be doing in your dream?"

"I'm not sure, but I saw you jump really high and fly for a few short seconds."

Now I knew he was going completely insane. Not once in my life have I ever jumped higher than two feet and have tried to not land on my feet. Before I had the chance to tell him how completely ridiculous the idea was, the doorbell rang.

I smiled guiltily at him. "That must be Cole. I told him he could come over to hang out. You're welcome to stay if you like."

"No thanks, I gotta go home anyway. I'll try to call you soon as I can."

"OK, I guess I'll see you when I see you." I pulled him in for a short hug before walking with him to the front door.

Cole continued to knock at the door as I made my way.

"You have an annoying boyfriend," Peter commented.

I hit him the shoulder. "He's not my boyfriend. Somos amigos."

"Whatever you say."

Peter opened the door, smirking at Cole. "She's all yours."

Once Peter left, Cole gave me a questioning look.

"He still thinks we're dating," was I said in response.

"I see," he nodded his head, understandably. "How long has he been at it?"

"Ever since we started hanging out which is about four years."

Cole let himself in through the open doorway. "Haven't you been telling him?"

"Yes, in both English and Spanish, but none have seemed to work."

"Oh well, that's a battle we can live to fight another day for. Anyway I brought us sunglasses for the eclipse today."

"That's today?"

"Yup, it won't get dark here like it will on the other side of the world so we'll have to wear the sun glasses to see it."

If it hadn't been for Cole's reminder, I would've missed it all together. You could say that junior year in high school is pretty stressful. Even though I wasn't stressed at all about homecoming, I was still stressed about my grades. Grades this year were the most important since colleges looked at those more than the other years of high school. That and Nathan's campaign have made my life complete chaos.

"So where are we going to see the eclipse?" I asked him.

"We can stay here or go to the park nearby."

"We can see it on my roof."

"How are we going to get on your roof?"

"We jump."

He gave me a doubtful look. "Seriously, how are going to get up there if there is no special staircase to take us up there?"

"We'll just climb from my window."

"Now that sounds more like a logical answer."

"C'mon let's go now."

I quickly led him up the spiral staircase and into my room. I usually wasn't conscious about boys entering my room when it was a mess, but it was just Cole. I had known the guy since I first came here to New York four years ago for crying out loud! Trust me; Peter was not the first to comment on our "friendship". Many others have said we are more than friends, but clearly both of us are against their opinions.

Once the window was completely open, my feet stepped onto the window seal.

I looked over at Cole. "Give me boost, will you Cole?"


I had my body completely outside of my room at this point. One step back to result into my first and last free-fall. Cole's arms soon wrapped around my legs, pushing my body up higher enough to able to see the top of the roof top. My hands could now get a hold of the top of the roof.

"Okay you can let me go now," I said to him.

"I don't know…are you sure you can swing up there?"


"If you say so," I felt his arms release my dangling legs.

Using all of my strength, I was able to swing my legs to the top of the roof. That was easier than I thought.

"Alright, Cole, let's get you up here!"

"How exactly is that going to happen?"

Oh, I ever so enjoyed proving that doubtful voice wrong. I looked down to that perking blond head of his.

I held my arms out to him. "Hang on and I'll pull you up."

I couldn't tell if he thought I was being sarcastic or if I was serious, but either way his eyes were wide open. "Since when can you easily carry people?"

"Never; that's why you're gonna use your feet to help you climb up."


Our hands grasped each other's arms firmly as I used all of my strength to pull Cole up. It was quite difficult actually. Even though Cole used his strength as well, it was still the heavy-lifting job. My muscles finally relieved themselves when Cole's feet managed to make it to the roof.

After a few deep breaths he spoke again. "Next time we're going to the park."

"But where's the fun in that?" I remarked at him.

What could I say? I couldn't resist.

Sitting up, Cole took a look at his watch. "We have five more minutes until the eclipse in action."

"How come you're so set on seeing this eclipse? I mean you don't see people at school freaking out about it."

"As you should know by now, I'm not exactly like the other kids at school."

I coughed. "Yeah, drama-geek."

"Hey, don't diss the theater, dancing-girl."

"I wasn't aiming that towards the theater, but go ahead."

He rolled his eyes. "I'm not interested in what other people think. It's what I think that matters."

"I get that…I guess."

"Don't you want to be different?"

"I'm not aiming to be different…I'm aiming to survive."

Before Cole could respond to my statement, a beeping noise came from his watch.

"It's time," he said handing me a pair of sunglasses from his jacket pocket.

I slid the sunglasses over my eyes as Cole did and looked up at the sky. Nevertheless to say, I was completely amazed. I had only seen an eclipse in a textbook for science in sixth grade and that was the closest I had ever gotten to it. But now as I looked up at the sky I admired the artwork being made in the sky. The dark moon glided perfectly over the bright burning sun. A creeping chill came over me. I didn't know why, but I had this feeling like something was coming. I didn't know what it was though. Feeling that it was nothing I threw the idea away. I wasn't going to chase intuition like Peter was.

Hours seemed to have gone by when the sun and the moon finally separated. My time in salvation was gone.

"Wow…that was…"

"Amazing?" Cole finished for me.

"Yeah, it was beautiful," I nodded.

"Sure was."

I then heard a car door slam.

My eyes widened in recognition. "Oh shoot!"

I got to my feet heading towards the edge of the roof.

"What's wrong?" Cole asked.

"Angela's here!"

Just like that, Cole got to his feet as well. A little something I forgot to mention: I'm not supposed to be on the roof. I know that seems like an obvious rule, but to me the roof was a place for me to get away from the problems I had. Unfortunately the Petrelli family didn't take that too lightly. Nathan had pulled me down once himself when I was only thirteen.

Cole and I looked over the edge. An idea suddenly popped into mind.

"Let's hang over the edge and swing inside the window."

"Seriously. You need to warn me whether you're being realistic or sarcastic."

"I was serious. Besides it shouldn't be as hard as getting up."

"I'll take your word for it," he took one step back, "Ladies first."

Oh how I hated it when the rule was used against women. I went ahead regardless. I went down to my knees and slowly wobbled backwards towards the edge. With my grasp on the roof, I began to let my legs dangle off of the edge. So far so good, I chanted to myself. Unfortunately I spoke too soon. My fingers lost their grasp on the tiles of the roof and slipped. My body began to fall freely to the ground. I let out a small scream before an angel came and saved me from my death.

Cole grabbed a hold of my arms. "Hang on," he struggled to say.

I grabbed onto his arms. "I'm trying."

My worst fear came to life. With his lack of strength my weight had pulled him down as well. Maybe I should have listened to Nathan when he pulled me down from the roof that one day. The wind whipped around us as gravity took us to our rightful place: the ground. I never even thought to let go of Cole. He seemed to have the same thought. Our hands wrapped tightly around each other's arms as if it would do anything to save us. It seemed as though hours had passed until we finally stopped. Wait, stopped? Why not crashed to the ground? I expected bone breaking and blackouts, but never an abrupt stop. Realizing I had my eyes closed the whole time, I opened them. My eyes widened at the sight.

Cole and I still had our arms locked with each other but with one huge difference…we were hovering only two feet above the ground. Before Cole could get more than a two second glance at the sight we landed to the ground with a thump! We only stared at each other with awed expressions.

Cole's words barely came out as a whisper. "Did you…?"


There were no words to describe this so I kept my mouth shut.

"What are you two doing out here?" an all too familiar voice came.

I looked up at Angela Petrelli with an unsure glance. How would I answer the old woman? "We fell down from the roof and survived it without getting a scratch on us. What else does it look like?" was what I would say to be sarcastic, but there was no way of throwing any sarcastic comments now.

"We were looking at the eclipse from here, Mrs. Petrelli," Cole answered for me.

"I heard that was happening today. I'm pretty sure it was eventful."

"Sure was," I muttered.

"Well, I better attend to some business then."

Silence was left behind as Angela walked into the Petrelli Mansion. I didn't know what to say and Cole did either so as you can guess it was pretty quiet.

"So do you want to work on that history report now?" I finally said.

I couldn't stand it to be quiet between us.

He looked at me incredulously. "Did you not see what happened?"

"I did, but I'd rather forget it."

"Well I can't forget it. Something stopped us from hitting the ground tragically and I want to find out what."

I groaned. "You really need to lay off the comic books."

"Hey! 9th Wonders is beast okay. We've already settled this a very long time ago," he argued.

"The author is a heroin addict!"

"That does not affect the writing obviously. Now as for the events before I really think we should look into it."

"No," I got to my feet, "If it's not you, it's Peter. We are not going to look into it because it eventually leads to an ugly truth that I don't want to see."

"Well unlike you I actually want to know the truth and not be trapped in a perfect façade."

He had crossed the line. I only turned away and headed back into the house.

"Danni, wait!" Cole called after me. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that!"

I continued to walk until Cole came up in front of me, holding both of my shoulders.

"Look. I didn't mean that—it's just that…you need to…"

"Need to what, Cole?" I shouted furiously at him. "Grow up? I've already done that thank you very much!"

"No, you need to get in touch with reality."

"Me? Get in touch with reality? You the one suggesting to use a comic book to figure out what happened for God's sake!"

"At least it was something to figure out what happened. I'm not gonna lie around and pretend that it was just a coincidence that we came out of that fall without a scratch."

"Guess what, Cole. Reality is accepting the way things work in this world. I've already done that…and I had to learn that on my own. Do you think that I enjoy being here? I wanna be out of here as soon as I can. But I have to wait two years until I can move out. That's the truth that I have accepted since I was twelve years old…since my mom died."

The memory of my mother brought tears to my eyes. Cole pulled me into a hug, cradling me in his arms.

"I'm sorry if I made you bring that up," he whispered. "I'll never mention it again if it really bothers you that much, but can I ask why?"

"I don't know. I just have a plan set up in my mind and I don't want anything interfering with it. You understand, right?"

"I respect your decisions if that's what you mean."

"That's all I ask."

We pulled away from our hug.

"So, how about that history assignment?" I rubbed my eyes of the dried tears that rested on my cheeks.

He gave a weak smile. "Sure, I'll help you on that."

As much as I tried to ignore it, the event that happened the day before couldn't climb out of my head. It even haunted my dreams. Needless to say, I was scared. If anyone found out what happened, Cole and I would wind up in some mental facility for sure. My goal for today was to find some way to forget what happened. There was no way I was telling anyone of my experience. I wasn't going to make the same mistake as Peter did. Most likely half of the people he told of his dream thought he was developing some mental disease.

But today I was going start off fresh. No eclipses, no flying, and certainly no jumping off of buildings. So that's what I did. I carried on my usual morning routine: get up, get ready, get dressed, and eat breakfast. After I had finished eating breakfast, I headed for the door to carry on to my daily walk to school.

Unfortunately right when I opened the door, I saw an undesirable face.

Nathan grinned at me. "Good morning, Danielle."

I gave him the same cheap grin as he did to me. "Good morning, Senator Smiles-A-Lot."

"Are you ready to go?"

"If you mean ready to walk to school on my own, then yes. Would you move out of the door way, please?"

"I was actually going to offer you a ride to school."

"Ha-ha, very funny. Look Nate, I really need to go to school. So could you please step aside?"

"Fine. Since you want to play games, I'll be straightforward with you. I need to have a private chat with you and I'd figured since we both had places to go this morning that I could offer you a ride."

"Now that sounds like the Nathan I know," I said. "Fine, I'll go with you since I have nothing else to do."


I followed Nathan to the cab parked to the side of the curb. A cab, really? I could've walked like I usually did. I slid in after him as told the cab driver where to go.

He spoke again as soon as we were on the road. "I know we haven't spoken much since you became a part of this family…"

You just noticed that? Wow, talk about clueless.

"…but I need a favor to ask from you. I've been looking through the polls and I've noticed a difference in them every time you walk onto the scene."

I mindlessly looked at my nails. "If you want me out of the media's eyes then you can just tell me. No need to worry about my feelings."

"No actually, it's quite the contrary. You bring on some kind of energy to the camera."

"Are you sure you're not talking about your sons?"

"I'm not talking about that energy. I'm talking about bringing in some kind of energy to young voters."

"I'm sixteen."

"I mean the ones who recently registered to vote. The voters like to see a fresh face and you can bring that."

"So basically, you want to use me to get a few points higher up in the polls?"

Nathan nodded. "Think of it as helping a family member out."

"I'm not even blood related to you."

"That shouldn't make a difference—and that's another reason why the voters seem to like you. You're one of the few foster children who got adopted."

"Well I feel special," I grumbled.

"Just think about it."

His phone suddenly began to ring. Must be another one of his agents.

"Nathan Petrelli," he answered. "Peter...What the hell are you rambling about? —All right—fine, I'll go with this for a little while as long as you have something logical to say…Yeah, she's here with me, but she has to get to school. Fine, I'll write her a note then. See ya, Pete."

"What was that about?" I questioned him.

"Peter wants to show us something. Hopefully it's not as foolish as the dream he told me about."

I held my tongue to the back of my mouth. Nathan seemed quiet annoyed at the moment and I didn't want to anger him anymore with the news of Peter sharing his dream with me as well. Nathan gave the cab driver new directions and remained quiet for the rest of drive. What did Peter so desperately want to show us?

We soon arrived at an abandoned alleyway where we exited the cab. I looked around for Peter, but he was nowhere to be found. Nathan seemed to get back on his phone to fix that problem.

"All right, we're here," he said. "Now what do you want?"

Crash! I jumped at the sound. I looked down to find Peter's cell phone shattered to the ground. The logical answer for me was to look up to the source.

A figure spoke from on top of the roof. "I've been up here all night! Thinking about this! Thinking about my destiny!"

I gasped when I realized that it was Peter on the roof. "Peter, what the heck are you doing up there?"

"What'cha doing, Pete?" Nathan asked with a hint of nervousness.

"It's my turn to be somebody now, Nathan!" was Peter's only response.

The dream had really gotten to him. Now here I was hoping he wasn't going to do something stupid.

Nathan shouted back at him. "C'mon, Peter quit screwing around!"

The command didn't seem to cross him. Peter stood up there for a few moments before deciding on any action. The action he decided unfortunately contemplated mine. From the distance I saw his foot step off of the edge of the roof and just like that gravity overtook him.

"PETER!" I screamed.

I dropped my messenger bag along with my books in shock.

I turned to Nathan. "C'mon don't just stand there do…something."

Nathan was gone. My heart began to pound when I looked up again. Nathan flew up to Peter! Flew up as in physically flying up to him with no wings provided! I was still awestruck by the sight. Nathan caught Peter which ended up having them swirl in the sky. I didn't care how Peter was saved—as long as he didn't die. Unluckily my relief would soon leave me. Peter slipped from Nathan's grasp and continued to fall.

I couldn't let Peter fall—I couldn't let him die! As if it would do anything to make a difference, I jumped in the direction he was falling. It turned out I was closer to him than I thought. I caught him within seconds of the jump. I held him in my arms.

"Danni, how are you doing that?" he demanded.

"What are you talking about? I just saved you from hitting your head!"

"No…we're still up in the sky."

I dared to look down. He was right. We were floating, but how was that possible? All I did was jump and…now this.

I gasped. "Oh my—"

I felt gravity's force all over me again. Now I was in Peter's place, falling to my death. Again. So much for a normal day.

Peter wrapped his arms around me. "Hold on, Danni. I'm gonna try to get us out of here."

Before I was able to answer, my head hit something hard and everything went black.

And this is exactly where my story begins.

And I'm back! I hope this first chapter wasn't too rough. This is my first Heroes fanfic that I've been planning for a year and a half now and also the first story in general that I've written in first person. This will follow the show's timeline, but in DANNI'S POV so I'm not just repeating the script throughout. Follow me on twitter if you want any updates on the for reading!