Chapter 7

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I smiled widely when I heard his voice on the other end, "Hey, Edward," I said excitedly yet nervously. Jasper's eyes widened and he sat forward a little to try and hear what Edward was saying. I tried not to laugh as I shoved him away and stood up, "What's up?" I asked with a smile still plastered to my face.

I heard a smile in his voice also, "Hey, Bella, nothing much I just called 'cause I just, um, I kinda wanted to hear your voice." He said shyly and I could practically see his pale face go pink. My smile somehow just got even bigger and Jasper looked like he was going crazy not knowing what Edward was saying.

I smiled and felt my face flush from the comment, "That's really sweet, Edward. I'm glad you called," I said slowly with the blush on my face intensifying. I contemplated asking him to go to the movies with Jasper, Alice, and I on Friday night. I looked at Jasper quickly in question and I knew he could read my eyes; we were always good at reading each other like that. He nodded and I just about squealed but I contained myself, "Hey, Edward, my cousin, best friend, and I are going to the movies on Friday; I was wondering if you wanted to go?" I said in a questioning tone as I paced in the living room in front of Jasper.

His voice got excited when he answered, "Of course, they don't mind do they?" he asked nervously, as if he was afraid I was going to change my mind.

I giggled quietly and shook my head, "No, they don't mind. I would feel like a third wheel with them anyway." I said with a slight chuckle and Jasper stuck his tongue out at me like we were five years old again. I recuperated the action, of course.

He chuckled at that, "Okay then, as long as they don't mind. I have to go. I get out of the hospital in a little bit. Is it okay if I call you tomorrow?" he asked nervously. I smiled largely and threw a thumbs up at Jasper. He just chuckled quietly and rolled his eyes at me.

I giggled, which was very unlike me, "Absolutely, I'll be waiting for your call." I told him happily.

He laughed, "Good, I can't wait to talk again. I'll talk to you soon." He said, although, his voice sounded a little bit sad and I could only hope it was because we wouldn't talk until tomorrow.

I heard the dial tone as he hung up and I followed suit. As soon as the phone was on the coffee table I squealed and hugged Jasper. He chuckled and shook his head, "What has this guy done with my real cousin?" he asked playfully and I pulled away and slapped him playfully on the chest. He suddenly got serious and looked me in the eye, "For real, Bells, why are you so affected by this guy?" he asked seriously.

Jasper has always been protective and I knew that he was worried about me being hurt, "Jasper, I like him. He's nice and he understands what I go through every single day. I can talk to him about it and he actually understands what I hear and how I think. Can you just go easy on him and don't judge him until you actually hang out with him?" I asked innocently as I look at him with puppy dog eyes.

He sighs but nods anyway, "Okay, Bells, you know you're like my little sister, I love you and I don't want to see some idiot hurt you." He said and his eyes told me just how much he meant what he was saying.

My eyes started to burn like I was going to tear up but I pushed them back and wrapped my arms around Jasper's waist, "I know, Jazz, I love you too, and I'm happy you care so much. You've always been like a big brother and I know you worry but you can trust Edward because I do." I told him softly as I laid my head on his shoulder.

I felt him kiss the crown of my head gently before nodding, "I know, Bella, I know," he said with a soft sigh. After a few quiet moments we sat up and he tried to lighten the mood by telling a stupid joke and I laughed just because of the timing and idiocy of it all.

At that moment my phone rang again and I answered without thinking, "Hello," I say politely.

Alice's chipper voice filled the speaker, "Hey, Bells, you mind if I come over tonight." She asked sweetly. I chuckled because I didn't even know why she asked because my house was practically her second house anyway.

I sighed and nodded, "Of course, Alice, come on over." I looked at Jasper slyly, "I have a surprise for you here anyway." I told her mischievously.

She squealed happily, "Great, see you in a few, sis." She said happily before hanging up quickly. I laughed again and shook my head because she was so enthusiastic.

I grinned at Jasper mischievously and he starred at me in shock, "Alice is coming over for the night. I hope you don't mind." I said with a waggle of my eyebrows.

I squealed when he jumped up and started chasing me around the couch, "You better run, Swan!" he exclaimed as I ran from him laughing into the kitchen. I hid behind the island and yelped when Jasper jumped around the corner. As I was going to run again he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me back.

After a lot of squealing and struggling, we gave up and sat with our backs to the island. Then I heard the door open and a high pitch, "Hello, Bella, I'm home." She said loudly.

I grinned at Jasper and put my finger at my lips to signal to be quiet and he glared at me. I just smiled sweetly back and got up. I walked into the living room to find Alice sitting on the couch with all her bags at her feet, "Hey, Ali," I said with an excited smile.

She smiled hugely and jumped off the couch to give me a hug, "Hi, Bells, I thought I'd give you a makeover tonight." She said with her big smile and puppy eyes that she knows I can't resist because I'm a pushover.

It took a lot of power to shake my head, "Ali, I have a surprise," I said cryptically as I looked toward the kitchen, "Come on, before I have to drag you out here." I threatened before I looked back at Alice.

She looked confused until I heard footsteps behind me and I smiled as I moved out of the way so they could see each other. Jasper smiled and waved slowly, "Hey, Ali," he whispered sadly. I knew they had missed each other. They may not be together but they were always really close and I hoped one day they would get what they wanted.

After about a second she ran up and hugged him tightly. I was shocked she didn't try to climb him but he just held her back and closed his eyes. I smiled, albeit a little sadly because I wanted Edward to hug me like that and to kiss me; to just be there with me and for me as I would be for him.

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